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10 Upcycling Furniture ideas for a Living Room

Don’t human growth hormone legal be hurry hunting for new favorite furniture to renew your living room because you can use discarded furniture that are usually abandoned at the corner of your backyard. Harness your creativity by transforming them into a brand-new one.
Upcycled furniture project is good for the environment and also could save your money. Here are 10 upcycling furniture ideas for a living room which are very eye pleasing and challenging to replicate. These ideas are great ways to improve your décor interior too.

With a little paint, sandpaper, and some rolled-up sleeves, you can spice up your living room!
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10. Ladder Shelves
10. Ladder Shelves via SimphomeAn old ladder is quite versatile. Instead of leaving it abandoned in the corner of your storage room, you can turn it into something more useful that can give you additional storage solutions like a pot rack in your kitchen or some shelves in your living room to display your treasures.
To make these shelves, you only need to get an old ladder and cut some of the rungs. To make it more stable, try framing the shelves with some old wood, and enhancing its rustic look with some ropes.
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9. a Unique Bookshelf upcycling idea
9. Unique Bookshelf via SimphomeA thrift store is the place where you can find anything you need to upgrade your home on the cheap. If you can find an old grand piano that doesn’t work well anymore, go grab it. You’re not going to play it, though. You will just transform it into a unique bookshelf.
All you need to do is just removing the top and internal sections, and install some boards to create the shelves. This piano shelving would be a striking decorative item for your living room.
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8. Transform a Bathtub into a Couch
8. Transform a Bathtub into a Couch via SimphomeIf you are doing a bathroom makeover project and decide to replace your tired bathtub with a new one, don’t throw your old bathtub away because you will turn it into a coach.
You will just need to cut one side of the bathtub and sand the edges to smoothen it and make it less harmful when you touch it. Then, you can apply a couple coats of paint to renew its look. After that, add sponge wrapped with your favorite fabric to create the seat cushion.
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7. A Multipurpose Spool Coffee Table idea
7. Multipurpose Spool Coffee Table via SimphomeFor you avid reader, a single bookcase might not enough to host all of your favorite books. But, purchasing another bookcase will be too much. Therefore, the best solution that will not drain your cash is by making one yourself.

This bookcase would be a perfect fit for your limited budget and space. You just need to get a small cable spool, wooden dowels, 4 casters, paint, screws, and moulding glue. The best thing of this bookcase is it does a double duty. Besides hosting your books and magazines, it can be a perfect coffee table that helps you set down snacks and beverages when you are watching TV in the living room.
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6.A Mini Suitcase Chair idea
6. Mini Suitcase Chair via Simphome

Upcycling means turning something into something completely different. Like this one, a mini chair that made out of an old suitcase. You’ll need a vintage suitcase, 4 legs and 4 screw on leg attachments, 1 piece of thin plywood cut to fit inside your suitcase, foam or pillows, and white fabric. Start by spray paint the 4 legs. For the cushions, you have to figure out how much pillow or foam that will fit the suitcase size. Cover the pillows/foam with your fabric and tuft them.
Put the piece of plywood in the bottom of the suitcase to make it sturdier. Screw in your dried legs. Finally, put a layer of good glue in the top of your suitcase and push your top cushion down. Do the same thing for bottom cushion and put the mini suitcase chair in the corner of your living room.
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5.a Low-Level Wood Pallet Sofa idea
5. Low Level Wood Pallet Sofa via SimphomeSofa is a crucial thing for a living room. If you ever wanted to make your own sofa out a re-purposed wood pallet, then this is the right DIY idea. The wood pallet sofa is made low level so it takes only a small number of pallets. You need some woods 12 square wood pallets in the same size and 1 larger pallet for the side table. Stack up every 2 wood pallets forming an L letter. Strengthen them by nail and screws. Then make 6 cushions that fit the size of the pallet. If possible, add some pillows to make the sofa more comfortable. For the side table, you can paint the surface and add casters under the crates.

4. Suitcase Coffee Table
4. Suitcase Coffee Table via SimphomeDo you happen to have an old leather suitcase you no longer use? Do not throw it away yet because you can turn it into a coffee table for your living room. But you have to thoroughly cleaned the suitcase before you place it in your living room first. Then you can either pile several suitcases one upon another, or build a small structure made of wood and it put the suitcase. There you go – your custom coffee table unit is ready.

3. A Transparent Coffee Table idea
3. Transparent Coffee Table via SimphomeThis is a fine example of a truly upscale upcycled furniture. A reclaimed cupboard doors or windows that made of glass can be turned into a gorgeous coffee table. A transparent coffee table that can be open so you can put your half-read books, notes, or pens and see them easily. Cut the glass door into a size you desired. Make a square wood box and nail the glass door onto it. Last, add legs to the bottom of the table. Voila! The transparent coffee table ready to strike your living room.
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2.A Comfortable Tire Chair idea
2. Comfortable Tire Chair via SimphomeAn old tire usually ends up being a swing in the backyard. If you bring it to a thrift store, it’ll cost a penny. In fact, there are so many great upcycling ideas to put it to good use. One of the ideas is to change an old tire into a comfy seat, it will do for both indoor and out. To bring a new look, paint it in the color of your choice, or wrap the tire with big rope. Then add the legs for the tire chair. Metal legs are suggested. Last, stretch a woven rope seat topper on the center of the tire and that’s it! It’s a quirky option for the living room.

Lastly number 1 an Old Car Sofa upcycling idea
1.Old Car Sofa via SimphomeIt probably will require a little help from a professional for this old car sofa. This creative upcycle is a ticket for a real retro vibe to your living room. To start, you need to find yourself an old car bonnet then consult with a blacksmith to solder it into shape. Clean it up and affix some legs. Just add a recycled wood board and embellish with rustic spray paint for a vintage finish and done. The front of an old car has been transformed into a statement sofa.

So Now, you know that updating your living room does not have to cost you a fortune. With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can transform waste into treasures that can beef your living room up.
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