40 Easy DIY Projects for a Small Living Room

Is it possible to have easy DIY projects for your small living room? On the contrary to what our prehistoric ancestor believed, there are tons makeover options you can choose to improve comfort and coziness of your living room from the inter-webs. Next projects require mostly used stuffs – OR – even if you have to buy additional supplies, it won’t be costly. Combine your creativity, time, skills, a link inside source area, and you should be able to craft one or some unique DIY décor products that will differentiate your living room from a family room next door.

Next, this is 10 Easy DIY Project for a Small Living Room that won’t cost you a huge Fortune by With a relevant video and extra ideas, probably lots of them

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10. Entertainment Center from Wood Pallet

10 Entertainment Center from Wood Pallet Simphome com
If you have tons of unused wood pallets, try this idea. If you don’t, you can always buy the wood pallets anyway. After all, they are cheap and from them you can get a new wood decoration with vintage finish. They look natural and I assume the total cost won’t break your heart. The great thing about this idea is their flexibility. You can turn them into anything you want – some of the example are a coffee table, a TV stand, an entertainment center console, and much more. Additionally, you have option to let them in their natural skin or paint them. Source.
Continue your pick with this DIY Ideas How to Make Indoor Pallet sofa and Outdoor

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9. The Cabinet Console

9 Cabinet Console part Simphome com
This is basically a type of a TV stand which comes with extra slots consoles. When you have a TV, it is more often than not you will connect it with other external media, accessories, or consoles. Instead of letting them scattered here and there, transformed your new or old unused woods to get a cabinet console like this. By having this unique TV stand, you’ll have one slot or shelf for every single console. Helping you managing your entertainment electronics and give you a neater and better organization system. Source

8. The Outdoor Sofa Project

8 Outdoor Sofa Simphome com
Again, in this project, you will need woods or to be specific unused wood. If you can get yourself enough wooden planks, you can use it to craft a base and back support for your next new furniture. One thing to remember, make sure you already have cutting plan and assembling before you buy and collect all material and supplies needed. Once you are done with the mainframe, add a handmade or a non-handmade plush cushions and seating pads to finish it. That’s it! Now you have a unique outdoor sofa with rustic element feel and look. The great thing about this project is it comes with a DIY link that I already pasted inside the source. Source

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7. A Sofa Table Idea

7 Sofa Table part Simphome com
Basically, you can add a new sofa table – which is an additional table that is placed along with the sofa – every single new season without busting your budget. You can choose a regular table type, which is low and rectangular that is usually placed on each end of the sofa. And, the long one, that will help you give new space for your accessories, behind your sofa. Different from the regular one, this long narrow table should be placed on the back of your sofa, a little bit concealed from your eyes. If you have enough wood and time, you can try both types of this DIY. As usual, I already pasted a DIY link inside the description that you can check and examine. Before you decide to take this option, consider this idea as a long-term project. You don’t have to complete it in one go. Start by reading the tutorial link I provide, managing your time, a few sketches, some fruit juices, and nice jazz music. Have Fun. Source

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6. Coffee Table with Hairpin Leg

6 Coffee Table with Hairpin Leg Simphome com

This is a regular coffee table that comes with an extra hairpin leg made from metal. In short, after you read the complete tutorial I pasted, continue with materials needed that you can get from any home improvement stores (such as wood, supplies, the hairpin legs, etc). And all you have to do next is assemble everything according to the instructions you already learned. Like the previous point, this project doesn’t need any major work. Be in the “moment” and Don’t rush things. I bet you will marvel at the outcome. Source

5. Industrial Coffee Table

5 Industrial Coffee Table Simphome com
This is another combination of wood and metal. But unlike our previous table though, this one is lower and requires more metals. You can say that this one has a more industrial look when compared to the previous hairpin table. It requires extra effort because the plan is more complex and you’ll probably need extra help and a hand to get the measurement right and the assembly itself properly done without overcharging your time. Source

4. DIY Magazine Holder

4 DIY Magazine Holder Simphome com
If you have some metal bars and unused leather (or any other types of sturdy fabric), this is recommended project you shall take. It is pretty easy when you already are familiar with handcrafting and sewing. The unique preposition about this holder is that it looks simple yet elegant and personalized. It totally represents your personality and intelligence. Source

3. Entryway Shelf Rack

3 Entryway Shelf Rack Simphome com
It should be an easy DIY project for your small living room because not only have I already pasted the required link you need, but also the project only requires a few plank planks of wood, flanges, pipes, spray paints, hooks, and Probond glue. Brand new supplies are not required If you already scraped and stored unused pipes from your last bathroom or kitchen makeover projects.
The end product of this DIY will improve the look of your entryway, as well as improve its functionality. With this shelf rack, you can hang your coats and display your family photo collection or small memorabilia. Source

2. Plywood Pegboard

2 Plywood Pegboard Simphome com
Have you ever considered having your entire living room or bedroom wall covered with pegboards? Well, you should try it. it can satisfy your wall storage needs and you can employ it as a new platform for your hanging decorations. Once you are confident with all the measurements, you can enjoy the fun part of this DIY. Cutting, Drilling, Assembly, and painting. After you finished these processes, you have almost unlimited shelving and stacking setting options, that you can enjoy for months or years to come. Source
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1. Copper Lamp

1 Copper Lamp Simphome com 1
If this project is homework, I have already helped you with a link that I pasted after sub-title number 1. If that’s less than enough, the YouTube search bar is a few seconds away from your fingertip. The most expensive supply of this DIY is only a lampshade. It’s around 46 today’s dollars. Other than that, you only need to scrap less than a meter of copper pipe from your garage or nearest home depot or Lowes, lamp cord set, plug, and the last one is a small piece of plywood. Source


5 Cheap Tricks for How to Update your Living Room:

There is no harm in letting your plant in. The green color can make you feel relaxed and the oxygen can make your mood to be good all day long. More on that later.

1. Tire Table

simphome tire table
To make this table, you need 2 unused tires. Measure the rim of one tire then cut plywood with the same diameter as the tire rim. Next, screw the plywood onto the tire. Then, stack the tire with plywood on the other one. Hot glue the entire surface of the tires and wind rope on them. You may install caster wheels as well. (via Diyprojects.ideas2live4)

2. Move in your Plants

simphome plant
There is no harm in letting your plants in. The green color can make you feel relaxed and the oxygen can make your mood to be good all day long. Make sure you don’t bring the big ones though; your living room will look narrow if you do so. Small plants in small pots are great. Combine this idea with incense and you will get a relaxing experience in your living room. (via Generalanzeiger)

3. Stack the Magazines

simphome magazine
This idea is different from the previous one; while the previous one is making indoor plants, this idea will require you to stack the magazines on the floor. It won’t look messy if you add adhesive tapes on each backside of the book so the stack won’t crumble. Put the stack between 2 chairs; it will act as an end table. Put the small plant pot on this stack to make it more appealing. (via Ademilar)

4. Add more Accents

simphome bench
The pallet wall, the fruit create organizer, and the flower jar above can give your living room a rustic accent. You might want to add more accents to your living room like adding rustic decorations like a pallet bench. It is easy to make; you just need to take a pallet and cut them into pieces. After that, install them altogether by building the seat and then adding the backside. To tighten them, screw each connector or glue nail them. You can paint it if you want to. (via Instructables)

5. Sell some Furniture if necessary

simphome furniture
Some people would put much stuff in their living room and forget that a less spacious room can be stressful. Therefore, make sure there are only usable furniture and decoration in the living room. Also, if you find your living room to be stressful due to the amount of stuff you put there, then take some decorations that you don’t need and sell them. (via Minecraftyoob)

5 Affordable Living Room Decorating Ideas:

Repainting the furniture can be the most effective and affordable way to update your living room. But that’s not all. Here, I have for you some of the nicest room decorating ideas you can take for “maybe” granted without costing a mini heart attack.

6. Change the Wall


Changing the wall does not mean that you have to destroy your old wall and build a new one; it is a waste of time and money. Do you have any pallet wood? You will need a lot of them then. What you must do is to take the pallets and put them on the wall. But before that, paint the wall black so when there are gaps between the pallets, they won’t stand out. Source

7. Repaint the Furniture


Repainting the furniture is also a great and cheap way to update your furniture. You need to buy the paint indeed, but you will spend thousand dollars to replace the entire furniture. First of all, take all the remaining paint then sand the surface. After that, add primer to the furniture. When it’s dried, paint the furniture and add a clear coat when it’s dried. Source

8. Organize the Books and Magazines

organize books

Books and especially magazines are usually messy. This is why you need to organize them. Does it mean you have to buy a new book organizer? Well of course not; you can use things you already have. For example, if you have fruit crates, turn them 90 degrees and stack them. You might need to repaint them to make them look neater. When the stack is done you’ll see that you have just made a book organizer. Simply put the books and magazines there so they won’t get messy anymore. Source

9. Give New Fragrance


Some incense sticks will be great to relax your mind. First, you need to prepare wire sticks. Then, sand charcoal until it has a powdery shape. After that, grind the herbs (lavender, rosemary, etc.) and mix them with the coal. Add Arabic gum and 2 drops of vegetable oil to make it sticky. Put it on the stick and it is ready to be burned. Source

10. Refinish the Floor


Have you ever thought to refinish your floor? You can mop it every day and keep it clean. But for a long-lasting new look, simply recoat your floor to refinish it. Recoating your floor will make it look newer. The coating itself needs to be bought of course, but it is a lot cheaper than installing new flooring. First, sand the previous floor coating. Then, fill the gaps between the wood planks with wood filler. Finally, add a new coat to the floor. Source

5 Cheap Living Room Makeover Ideas:

Rearranging your furniture is one of the cheapest and the easiest ways to update your living room. But that’s not all. In the next list, you will find new things that you can take to enrich your interior with fresher oxygen or a fresher perspective

11. Make Flower Pots from Jars

simphome mason jar plant
Do you have unused Mason jars? These jars are known to be recyclable in many decorations. One of the decorations is a flower jar. Simply prepare a wooden board and some hose clamps. Then, install clamps on the boards and tighten the jars. Finally, you can pour clean water along with the flowers into the jar. Make 3 of these and hang them in your living room to give a relaxing atmosphere to it. (via Ineoteric)

12. Paint the Wall

simphome paint the wall
Take yourself to a new living room by painting your living room wall. Looking at the same wall every day would surely make you feel a little bored. If you want to update your living room, the wall is the biggest thing you need to do a makeover on. Simply use leftover paint from your previous paint job; the painting doesn’t have to be applied to the entire wall. Make lines to make a border so you can paint half of the wall instead. (via Papernstitchblog)

13. Add Small yet Strong Decoration

simphome small plant decor
The small yet strong decoration is able to update your living room; it is even able to brighten the look of your living room just by simply being put on a coffee table. The decoration meant here is a bulb plant pot. Have you ever seen a bulb but there is a plant and water inside it? To make one you just need to have a bulb that inside has been taken off. Then, make the holder from the wire. Finally, put water and plant inside it. You can also make it into a terrarium by putting moss, dirt, and small plants. (via Handimania)

14. Pallet Coffee Table

simphome coffee table
You need a new coffee table but you are on the budget? Well, using your old pallet wood will cost you less. First of all, take 2 pallets. Then, take off the wood from one pallet and install it on the other so the gaps between pallets won’t be too wide. Then, sand the wood and cut the ends of the first pallet and use it as risers. Paint the pallet table and wait until it’s dried. Install some caster wheels and put it in your living room. (via 1001pallets)

15. Rearrange the Placements

simphome rearrange furniture
Man Lifting Couch

Rearranging your furniture is one of the cheapest and the easiest ways to update your living room. What you need to do is simply measure the size of each furniture piece, make a plan of the arrangement, and start to move your furniture. The placements don’t have to follow Feng Sui but make sure the furniture fits every angle so there will still be space for moving. (via Handymanwalthamstow) 12 Clever Living Room Furniture Ideas and Arrangement

5 Cheap Ideas for How to Update your Living Room:

Next, you’ll learn 5 cheap ideas on how to update your living room and make it more comfortable. These ideas are surely affordable for most of us and you can even make some by yourself. Let’s stop beating around the bush and start learning the tricks

16. Clean it Thoroughly

simphome clean window
To give an update to your living room, you might want to clean it. Sweep the floor; remove the dust off the furniture and TV. You also need to sweep window glass. Opening your window can be an update to your living room as well so that light and air can get inside. Thus, making the room more relaxing. Try this idea and you will feel more relaxed staying in your usual but cleaned living room. (via Maidparadedenver)

17. Colorful Pillows

simphome colorful pillow
Pillows are great accessories for your living room. To make a variation to the pillows, you might want to make your own pillow cover. First, simply cut the fabric into 2 sheets in size that will fit the pillow. Then, put them together and sew them. Cut off the corners and iron them to make them neater. Finally, stuff your pillow and it is ready to use. (via Dhgate)

18. Bring Shore to the Living Room

simphome seashell
If you like the beach and you want it to be near you, you can make them into a living room decoration to update the look of your living room. When you visited a beach, you can always pick the shells. Make them into a decoration by putting sand-textured paper as the frame background then glue the shells with hot glue on it. Insert the background to the frame and it is done. (via Swinkimorskie)

19. Get The Big Word

simphome letter
To give a bold accent to your living room, you can make big words out of plywood. Simply cut the plywood into the shape of a word. When it’s cut, sand the edges to smoothen it. after that, repaint your wood letter and it can be put above a table or just hang on the wall when the paint dried. (via Theshabbycreekcottage)

20. Plant Wall Art

simphome plant wall arts
Wall arts can be anything; pictures, photos, or paintings. How about a plant wall art? Well, take your unused picture frame, and let’s make one. You need a moss sheet to make it as the background; just simply cut it into the size of the frame socket and insert it there. Then, take plants of your choice and secure them on the moss by using wire. Cut little pieces of the moss sheet to cover the wire. Garnish it with some decorations and hang it on the wall. (via Instructables)

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5 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas:

Having a small living room does not mean that you can have more seats. In fact, you can maximize the size of your living room by effectively choosing the right seats. More on that later and keep your summary open for new inspiration

21. Maximizing Curtains

maximize curtain
Nothing is better than a living room that gets enough air and lighting. Surely not all living rooms are designed to have windows but if your living room has, then try to apply this idea. Hang your curtains high to give you lighter when the daylight. Provide more space for the sunlight in your living room. During the night, save the space of your living room using a unique lamp style. (via Homelovr)

22. Shining Family Room

shining family room
When you decorate the living room with the family theme, you have to make the most of it. As a result, you can try to create a bright and fun family room with cheerful decors. Talking about the wall, you can turn it into patterned wallpaper with white color as the main object. Combine white with blue color to create the main concept. Manage the couches and try to have them in dark blue color to match it with the patterned wallpaper before. As the complement, throw some pillows with yellow or orange accents to complete the bright and fun charm. (via Boxdsg)

23. Bohemian Style Living Room

bohemian style
If you like arts or dedicate your whole life to arts, then this idea might the best recommendation for you. In your small-sized living room, try to have a bookshelf. The bookshelf here might the most important thing that you will need to provide in creating the bohemian shade. Try to have a dark-colored bookshelf to give a strong character of bohemian. To support the bohemian nuance, add black matte chandeliers for the lighting to give you a warm feeling. Then for the complement, add some bohemian pillows to your couches.

Make sure that your couches are dark-colored too. (via diningandlivingroom)

24. Seat-Focused Living Room

seat focused living room
Having a small living room does not mean that you can have more seats. In fact, you can maximize the size of your living room by effectively choosing the right seats. Maximize the space of your living room by placing your sofas effectively. Place some sofas with different colors to make your living room looks colorful. Add some stiff or things on the sofa table to maximize all spaces in your living room and to tighten the space. (via Homedesignlover)

25. Modern Southwest Living Room

modern southwest
Adapting southwest style, you can kill two birds with one stone while applying this concept. Use plain and white color for the wall. In maximizing the room space, add two televisions in one living room. One television is for the adults to watch the news or favorite shows, and the other one is designed for video game consoles, placed hidden behind the wood panel. Add some armchairs and sofas to make you more comfortable being in this living room. (via Instagram)

5 Ideas on How to Makeover a Small Living Room:

Use dark blue and white color as the main color of your wall. Or add a giant bookshelf on one side of your living room and maximize it as the main furniture. Or simply visit the relevant link related to that concern which you can find available in the post.

26. Apartment Concept Living Room

simphome apartment concept
This idea offers you to improve your living room from its floor. Use bamboo as the main material for the flooring to make the whole room looks classy and strong. The bamboo gives a strong character to the whole room and offers you rustic nuance. Add any red accents that will make the décor more complete. Use with sofa in the room so it will suit both bamboo floor and red accents. Now you can turn your small living room into an apartment model. (via Ablon)

27. Maximizing the Furniture

simphome blue wall
Another idea to maximize the small size of your living room is by wisely put the furniture. Use dark blue and white color as the main color of your wall. Add a giant bookshelf at one side of your living room and maximize it as the main furniture. Place many books or art works on the bookshelf to tighten the space. To match the color of the wall, add a big dark blue-colored sofa at the center of the living room. Use wooden flooring as the complement. (via lindyegalloway)

28. Mixed Style Living Room

simphome mixed style
This next idea is probably the best way you can mix some styles in a living room. The main idea here is the combination of colors that you will work on. Start with the black-painted wall, you can hang so many artworks as you like on the wall. Apply a green and white-colored sofa to complete the combination. Use a wooden table to strengthen the mixed style. (via curatedinterior)

29. Rustic Concept Family Room

simphome rustic family room
This idea offers you cottage touch for your living room. Use neutral tones to create a timeless style in your comfort and cozy living room. Use hardwood floors and expose the beam to add the rustic charm of cottage. Then add some contemporary splash colors by applying bold and graphing blue style on your armchairs and curtains. (via annwolfid)

30. Multifunctional Living Room

simphome multifunction room
It does not always have to be in a kitchen to have a family dinner. You can turn improve your small living room and turning it into dinner area using this concept. It offers you no shortage of options for decorating and space-planning. Apply some colorful furniture to allow fluid movement between living room and the breakfast nook. Unite the solid color scheme with the surrounding spaces. (via archidea)

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