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10 DIY Wooden Couch Ideas

No law requires you to have a couch at home. Nevertheless, its presence will make a space classier and more comfortable. In a spacious room such as the living room and lounge, a couch becomes an attractive center as it is the biggest piece of furniture in the room.
From wood to steel, the couch comes in various designs to suit your décor, but you undoubtedly need to break the bank to purchase it. So, you may be interested in the following 10 DIY Wooden Couch for more economical furniture without keeping the style aside.

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10. Pull Out Couch

10. Pull Out Couch by simphome.comIf you lack space, multipurpose furniture like this will help you a lot. This couch can expand two times larger when you pull out the front part maximally.
You can still adjust the width nevertheless. Meanwhile, the ingenious armrest provides some shelves to hold some things.

This sophisticated design takes effort and time to make but is worth trying. You can construct it with hardwood. However, plywood would be nicer because it is cheaper. You will need a larger cushion as well when turning the couch into a bed. Therefore, it’s better to use a foldable one.

9. Rest Upon Dreamland

9. Rest Upon Dreamland by simphome.comDoesn’t this couch look not much different from the one sold in stores? But surprisingly, it is self-made. That’s not all. This chaise lounge utilizes recycled materials for the whole furniture, so almost no money is wasted.
To make it, start with screwing wood together to make the box frame and arch. Feel free to use abandoned wood since you will cover it nicely. However, make sure it can hold weight. Continue adding support for the seat and cover the chaise lounge nicely. To give some height, repurpose the legs of your old furniture.

8. Repurposed the Old Cribs

8. Repurposed Old Cribs by simphome.comIf making a couch from scratch gives you a ton of consideration, then you would love this idea. It provides second life to old cribs by turning them into a lovely couch with colors matching the interior. Also, the exposed legs give some space for hidden storage.
In case you want to make it the same size as this, you will need at least three crib headboards. All you need to do is screwing them together and coat them with the preferred color. Rest it upon a rug for extra comfy.

7. Two Levels Wooden Couch Idea

7. Two Levels Wooden Couch by simphome.comThis couch offers one of a kind design that others don’t have. It comes in zig-zag style with a counter along the back. The counter serves as a desk to do some homework or display decorative items such as plants or photos. Not to mention a tiny inbuilt side table where you can put some snacks, cups, and a remote.
In case the furniture inspires you, be ready to make it from scratch. You will need ¾” thick plywood. Later, cover it with Minwax polyacrylic. Then, as the frame is finished, a small cut is glued to serve as a side table. It is such a well-considered self-made couch.

6. A Wooden Studio Couch Idea

6. Wooden Studio Couch by

Constructing a couch from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, a simple design like the one in the picture is more alluring and desirable, especially in a crowded living room. This project is just a breeze, and you can do it in a day.
It uses material that is cheaper than hardwood−plywood. Not only the frame but the cushion is also self-made. Its bright mustard color pops out among muted tones. Nevertheless, for a fancy look, opt for leather. It will change the couch face a lot.

5. A Block Couch Project

Block Couch Project via .jpg
Do you have a pile of bocks? Reduce the number by transforming them into this outdoor couch. Despite its simple design, this couch is comfortable. The use of blocks creates gaps that allow air to pass by and blow you.
Since you will construct it from 100% blocks, you will need to build the frame part by part. Begin with assembling the sides, then make the seating frame. Attach those parts before nailing the backside. Last, put on an outdoor waterproof cushion.

4. An Outdoor Bench with Storage Idea

4. Outdoor Bench with Storage by simphome.comHere is another outdoor couch you can make to adorn the patio or terrace. Different from the previous one, this seat features lovely fretwork and hidden storage. Can you find the storage? Yup! It is under the cushion.
In short, attach the piano hinges to the seat rail so that you can flip it up to reveal the storage. However, feel free to move the storage doors in the front. You can also divide it into two or three sections like cabinets or drawers for a better organizer.

3. A Convertible Sofa Bed with Extra Storage

3. Convertible Sofa Bed with Extra Storage by simphome.comThis couch is the embodiment of the hopelessness of storage, seating, and bed for a small living room. It fits three to four adults in couch mode to sit, and when you expand the back, you can lay down comfortably.
Like another couch, it requires wood for the frame and fabric and foam for the cushion. Also, the drawers use plastic containers instead of building them from scratch—such a brilliant idea.

2. A Pallet Sectional Sofa Idea

2. Pallet Sectional Sofa by simphome.comIt feels imperfect, not to mention pallet wood in DIY projects, so here we are with this pallet couch. No kidding! It is constructed using two pallets stacked together for the seat, and one pallet goes vertically for the back.
After you cover them with the fabric and add the cushions, nobody could guess it is a pile of pallets. However, you might need thicker foam for a more comfortable seat. Also, consider using waterproof fabric to cover the foam to get wet when it’s raining.

Lastly, Number 1. DIY Multi Style Couch Project Idea

1. Multi Style Couch by simphome.comSometimes it is hard to determine what type of couch we need, and it can be costly to buy some. Therefore, building an individual seat like this will be a suitable alternative you can try. With this initiative, you can arrange it into different types such as chaise lounge end, futon, sectional, loveseat, divan, or use it individually as an ottoman.

First, cut 1×4’s to size, then assembled to make boxes. Feel free to create as many as you want since they are versatile. Those boxes will be the base, and once you add couches, it will be perfect seating. As a bonus, it can also be a coffee table.

So, Human creativity is unlimited, so do not let these DIY wooden couch ideas limit your style. There are more and more designs you can make to suit your need and taste. Happy crafting and good luck with that!


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