10 Sustainable Furniture Ideas for Living Room

Sustainable furniture refers to furnishings with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, process, finishing, life cycle, and durability. It is so beneficial for health and our planet for its eco-friendly and low to non-toxic characteristics.
Much of eco-friendly furniture is from recycled materials such as glasses, cans, or plastics. It often makes it more affordable than traditional furniture does. Even so, it will be better to make it yourself to reduce trash surroundings. Therefore, dive in to find out 10 sustainable furniture ideas for living rooms rich in design. For more detail, as always, browse the link inside the description area.

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10. Side Table from Scrap Wood Idea

10. Side Table from Scrap Wood by simphome.comYou can guess that this side table is from recycled scrap woods. Besides being easy to find, they are also low in price. Some construction sites wouldn’t even mind giving a pile for free.
With this side table idea, you don’t need to worry about each piece’s different thicknesses, textures, or colors. Just cut them in the same width and length, then coat them with eco-friendly stain or paint. Finally, assemble them. You may use the same way to create the legs as well.

9. Hanging organizer after Wooden Frame

9. Hanging organizer after Wooden Frame by simphome.comTurning a window frame into a hanging organizer like this is wise to give the waste wood a second life. This way, you have the ability to reduce the amount of wooden waste in the storeroom.
You may keep the old look and skip sanding and painting altogether. Then continue with adding a chalkboard-painted wood to one of the squares. Attach a shelf to hand more things, and you can go with some more decorative accents such as flowers from upcycled straws.

8. Art Desk from Cupboard Door Idea

8. Art Desk from Cupboard Door by simphome.comAlthough this art desk looks quite costly, it is a simple DIY project made out of an unexpected material−cupboard door. This brilliant idea indeed turns trash into awe-inspiring furniture with only some additional materials.
The door features about an inch depth space that later became a room to store papers. Then, add some height, and feel free to upcycle any unused table or chair legs or porch spindles. Last, coat the desk with child-safe furniture paint, such as milk paint.

7. Eco-Friendly Shelves Idea

7. Eco Friendly Shelves by simphome.comDo you have dozens of bottles scattered after a party? Before throwing them out, consider these sustainable shelves built from glass bottles and boards. They are pretty much strong to hold books, vases, and many other things.
Because glass is fragile, you need to make flat-bottomed holes in the woods to fit the bottles’ mouths. Once the shelf was set and chained, all parts will be good together. This way, the bottle won’t move, so you can keep away the worries about breaking the bottles.

6. Couch Tub

6. Couch Tub by

Give a unique view to your living room by adding the unusual sustainable furniture−couch tub. Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffani’s, the couch took lots of time and effort to make, from preparing, cutting, painting to making the cushion. Nevertheless, it’s worth the sacrifice.
It doesn’t matter if the tub is rusty and ugly since you will coat it with paint later. However, make sure there is no crack, and it’s still proper to sit on. After cutting the side, you’ll get a relatively big piece that is good for a table too.

5. Tire Coffee table Idea

5. Tire Coffee table by simphome.comTires are hard to decompose. Therefore, upcycling them will benefit our Earth. From a kid’s pool, a basket, to furniture, tires are so versatile in the right hand. A coffee table with storage is one of many things you can craft.
This project is as simple as covering the tire with seagrass or sisal rope then adding some legs. Using casters is recommended in case you’ll find it hard to move. If you’re worried about the odor, feel free to coat it with primer paint. However, old worn tires don’t have smells at all.

4. Bench Cans

Bench Can IdeasCans are multipurpose things even after the product runs out. It’s common to turn them into storage organizers, but they also work well as pieces of furniture, like chairs and tables. You can make any size, depending on how many cans you have collected.
This small chair for kids utilized 28 pieces of milk powder cans. It’s also possible to use soft drink cans instead. You can clean and tape them together before covering them with foam and fabric. Regardless of its tiny size, this eco-friendly seat can hold regular adults’ weight too.

3. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

3. Plastic Bottle Chandelier by simphome.comThis chandelier looks like a beautiful, glowing umbrella when you turn on the light. With the size over one meter wide, it utilized about 310 plastic bottle bottoms. You surely don’t need that many for a smaller size.
Besides the easy material that you can collect from homes, this chandelier project is mostly easy to handle. After collecting bottles, cut the bottoms and clean them thoroughly. Next, sandblast them to give the frosted white appearance. Last, put them together with glue.
Meanwhile, you can turn the waste of this project into plastic flowers for accent walls or curtains. Just cut them in the same ring size, wrap each with decorative fabric or paper, and curve them into petals. Last, join five or six petals to make a flower.

2. PVC Furniture Idea

2. PVC Furniture by simphome.comAren’t you interested in having this futuristic and eco-friendly furniture for your living room? It utilizes half-inch PVC pipes with various lengths that later produce dynamism. However, cut certain pipes in the same size to hold on a flat surface.
The furniture is crafted entirely from pipes, making the design simple to adopt. The table is topped with glass so that people can see the dynamism deeper and get carried away. However, the essential purpose is to make a surface to put things on. Another furnishing you can make besides the table and couch is a bed.

Lastly, Number 1. Shutters to cabinet

1. Shutters to cabinet by simphome.comBuilding a cabinet from scratch will take a lot of time, effort, and measurement. Therefore, be grateful when life gives you shutters because they can transform into a cabinet with only a few steps. You will need to collect shutters and make sure they are workable.
Begin with removing the hardware and measuring the shutters to get the top, bottom, backing, and shelf size. Next, cut wood in size, then cover them as well as the shutters with paint. Last, assemble them all, and don’t forget to add legs and knobs.

Those are 10 sustainable furniture ideas that you can try to turn trash into treasure. Besides upcycling and repurposing, you can also make environmentally-safe furniture using easy-to-decompose materials such as bamboo, seagrass, and rattan. Happy trying!



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