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10 Small Living Room Layout with Sectionals

A sectional sofa in a small living room seems impractical because it takes much of the space. Still, it is not impossible since a modern couch usually has a slim design to fit in a limited area. You can have a perfect or at least a better gathering spot for your family and friends with clever arrangements.
The proper layout in your living room gives you a comfortable place for watching TV, reading or enjoying each other’s company. With careful planning and measuring, your room will look inviting.
Don’t get the idea? Check out our 10 small living room layouts with sectionals.
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10. Choose the Best Shape

10. Choose the Best Shape by simphome.comPlacement is a strategic move when you arrange your living room layout. The most common arrangement is positioning an L-shaped couch into the corner. This way, you can maximize the space without disturbing the flow from the adjacent room.
Or, you can break your sectional into two or three pieces and place them to fit your room. Put the pieces facing each other with a coffee table in between. This arrangement might work better for smaller living rooms. What if you live in an open space or studio? A sectional sofa can make a perfect room divider for your space.

9. Make a Focal Point with a Single Chair

9. Make a Focal Point with a Single Chair by simphome.comSince you can’t easily move your sofa, having an additional chair is a solution when you need extra seating. The ideal layout is to maximize the space function so that additional chairs will be good accent items in your living room.
If you have limited space, small chairs help you arrange your living room better. You can let it stay there until you need it elsewhere. A single standalone chair can be the focal point of the room. And naturally, it draws the eyes from the bulky couch.

8. Max up your Vertical Space

8. Max up the vertical space by simphome.comAdopting a gallery in your living room is a spectacular idea. Your eyes will be drawn upward and help you make a grand impression on your living room. However, it would help if you had careful planning when taking full advantage of every space, even the vertical area.

Choose sectional with clean and straight lines to make the room less cluttered but still give you comfortable seating. Now, let’s do the magic to the wall. Select artworks or pictures that are simple or nostalgic. Don’t put the same painting style side by side. For example, place a modern painting beside a photograph or simple graphing. Indeed, you don’t want to make your gallery look too exaggerated.

7. Return to the Classic White

7. Classic White by simphome.comWhite never fails to make a room appear larger. The living room in the picture uses a modular sofa with rectangular-cut cushions. Its classic and simple design will match beautifully with almost any available interior layout in the market.
The sofa has a deeper color shade than the wall that softens the room’s atmosphere. You may use white only cushions that match the couch or add one or two bold color ones for contrast.

Also, a patterned rug and plants in the corner give attention-grabbing color to the room. Instead of using a table, the room gets the benefit from an ottoman.

6. Tuck it in the Corner

6. Tuck it in the corner by

What a cozy corner to lounge on! It would be better if you had large windows that make your room bright during the day.
This type of design is suitable for those who love to spend time watching TV or movies with family or friends. You will like to enjoy your time relaxing while stretching your feet.
The sectional sofa also serves as a room divider. 6. Tuck it in the Corner via .gifThe picture, for example, shows that the area seems separated from the area behind the back of the couch.

5. Keep the Flow

5. Keep the Flow by simphome.comPlacing the furniture in the proper position is crucial not to disturb the room’s flow. When you place a sectional sofa in the middle of a room, make sure you leave enough space around the furniture. To make the sofa looks welcoming, you might need to arrange it to face the entrance. This layout, for example, is best for U-shaped sectional or L-shaped if you have a small room.

First, Place side tables, and then put small lamps or decorative pieces on the table to add more appeal. You can put a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table for more decoration. If you choose this layout for your living room, keep the space organized and clutter-free to create an open feeling.
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4. Make It Feels Like a Cozy Nook

4. Make It Feels Like a Cozy Nook by simphome.comAlthough positioning a sectional sofa in the center of the room seems counterintuitive, it can work well in a small space. Just max out the seating and craft a cozy nook in your home.
First, choose a sofa with a low back and arms to avoid swamping the space. Second, instead of investing in table lamps, you can use standing lamps behind it or sconces above. Additionally, leave some room behind the recliner so you still can move around the piece if you have any.

3. Be a Minimalist

660x440 Minimalist Interior living room via .jpgAs the largest piece of furniture, a sectional sofa can seem intimidating inside a small room. Yet, a careful arrangement can make the couch just fit in your tiny room. While some space allows the sofa to have a free area around it, the others have to be placed against the wall.

Minimalist Interior living room via .jpgThe picture shows that a sectional sofa is tucked in the room’s corner to keep the space open and less restricted. Keeping the decoration simple and minimalist is the point of this design. Get rid of furniture that isn’t necessary, such as end tables, benches, or lamps. Use minimum accessories and items to make the space more functional rather than busy and cramped to finalize it. (Image: and

2. Separate the Room with Wallpaper

Seperate your living room with wallpaper via .jpgAs you can see in the picture, this layout separates the dining area and kitchen from other rooms by arranging an L-shaped sectional sofa in between. With this idea, You can put your seating alongside the wall without blocking the walkway.

A long and narrow coffee table matches the sofa and serves its functionality well. Standing lamps beside a chair in the corner light the interior and also decorate the space nicely. What makes the room special is the wallpaper. The room owner uses different patterns of wallpaper to define between the living from the dining area.

Lastly, number 1. Make Room for Conversation

1. Make Room for Conversation by simphome.comIf indulging and entertaining guests is your native trait, then this layout is perfect for you. This design makes the room flowing and symmetrical. To adopt this idea, choose a narrower sofa that leaves enough space to move around.
A slim coffee table and a small side table are excellent accompaniments for this living room. Also, add extra seating near the window to balance the area and give you ample seating to accommodate your guests if necessary.

Conclusion; A sectional sofa can work well in a small living room. Now, it’s time to go forth and craft your own version. Visit the nearest store and find your perfect sectional. To speed up your learning curve, re-check the link inside the next reference and find a layout that is best for your living room and style.



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