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12 Ideas to Declutter your Living Room and Make it More Organized

It’s not easy to find a storage solution – especially for a living room – that’s both practical and elegant. Usually, they’re already full of items and furniture. The limited space can be hard to deal with, and not just a limited budget.

We all want a more organized living room that has more space but without compromising style. Here are some of our favorite ideas on to have more storage in the living room, both practical and classy.

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12.  Breathe New Life into your Living Room for Less12. New life into your the living room by

There are several ways you can improve your living room without blowing your budget. The first thing that comes to mind is removing clutter. Take stock of what you have in there and remove everything you don’t need.

Next, create storage where you can sort things that you don’t want lying around. After you’ve taken care of the mess, you can think about decorating. Putting some attractive arm covers and throw pillows on your sofa can make a big difference. Maybe switch the tired layout around and find something that works better. Simple things like changing the curtains, removing wallpapers, adding plants, new rugs, or even changing lampshades can dramatically spruce up your living room.

11. Rustic Living Room Storage Idea11. Rustic Living Room Storage 12 ideas how to declutter your living room and turn it more convenient by

Rustic furniture can give even a modern living room a touch of elegance that’s timeless.

A rustic cabinet can be an accent piece in the area while neatly organizing and hiding several of your stuff. If you want the opposite, you can pick a dresser that has glazed doors. It will provide you an organized way to showcase your items instead of having them scattered across the room, gathering dust. Rustic furniture never runs out of style and has become more highly sought-after over the years.

It could even have a distressed finish, and many people would prefer that. It will add charm and more character to your living room.

10. Clear the Coffee Table10. Clear the coffe table by

The living room is usually the first area in your house to welcome guests. Typically, a coffee table is the focal point of that room.

However, it’s also notorious for gathering clutter and quickly becoming a mess. Since it’s usually the first piece of furniture that catches the eye, you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. There’s a tendency to overdecorate it with candles, plants, picture frames, and other ornate stuff. They usually share space with remote controls, game controllers, magazines, and sometimes even food.

That’s why if there’s only one rule to follow, it’s to keep the coffee table clear of items as much as possible. Maybe put only one or two decorative pieces, and that would be enough.

9. The Best Decluttering Advice We’ve Ever Heard9. The best decluttering advice weve ever heard by

The first is not to blame yourself too much. Nobody is perfect, and you’re bound to feel responsible for the mess in your living room.

Instead of letting it stress you out, promise yourself to do something about it. Also, start with something easy.  That way, you’re sure to accomplish something and can deal with more difficult decluttering problems on a positive note. It would be more straightforward to tackle clutter room-to-room than everything in one go. Ask yourself if the thing you’re holding is worth keeping. If not, then get rid of it and keep only the ones that make you feel good.

It’s also best to throw away anything that you don’t need because there’s no reason to keep them if you’re not going to use them.

8. Living Room Makeover and DIY Picture Ledge Shelves8. living Room makeover and DIY picture ledge shelves by

Instead of hanging a mishmash of picture frames on a wall, try placing them on narrow DIY shelves.

The backings are 1x4s screwed at the back to 1×3 shelves. Nail 1×2 trims to the front to prevent the frames from sliding off. They can be in various lengths and will look amazing with a natural finish.
A fresh coat of brighter paint will always do wonders for any living room. Hanging the DIY picture ledges at different levels will add more character to the design. It’s a terrific idea to replace a dated sofa and put a bright area rug. You can also spruce up the TV area with a better-looking stand and organize the messy cables.

Besides other décors, adding houseplants will give the room a more pleasant vibe.

7. Make Use of Unconventional Storage

The front door entryway into the living room is another area that gets quickly cluttered. Most family members leave a mess of shoes, jackets, hats, coats, umbrellas, etc.
7. Make use of unconventional storage by
But instead of going for a traditional solution, you can try unconventional storage to make it unique and tidy at the same time. For example, a space under a bench would be a neat space for shoes besides providing seating. Even better is a storage bench with a cushioned lid.
7. Make use of unconventional storage by .
Or try your hand on these DIY stylish-looking floating shelves. These are actually boxes with mitered corners to hide the joins. The effect is very thick and more expensive-looking slabs than typical DIY shelves you see using 1-1/4” boards. They make a striking statement, especially against a white wall.

6. Stuff a Bookshelf6. Stuff a Bookshelf by

A bookshelf is one of the most straightforward storage furniture to organize even if it’s large and stuffed with several items. It’s possible by using decorative containers, large jars, magazine holders, and stylish bins of various sizes and shapes. That way, it will look more appealing to the eye than just placing loads of individual items on the shelves. Mix in some decorative pieces, and the bookshelf will further enhance your living room’s appearance.

5. Rearrange your Living Room Furniture with this Idea5. Re arrange your Living Room furniture by

Even if you have some terrific looking furniture or decor, a poor layout can still ruin your living room.

It’s one of the primary rooms for socializing, and you and your guest must be comfortable interacting inside this room. The area should feel welcoming instead of stuffy since it’s usually the first room guests enter from the outside. Add a focal point to your layout design and arrange the other elements around it for more visual appeal.

Instead of trying to fill your walls with furniture, be more daring and bring some items out in the open. For instance, use diagonal layouts when necessary. The layout doesn’t have to be as symmetrical as possible, but rather more homey yet remain elegant and stylish.

4. Quickly Declutter your Living Room4. Quickly declutter your living room by

A great way to start decluttering a living room is to empty it. It gives you a clean slate to work on as you try to sort things out and put them back. At this early stage, you must be decisive about what will stay and what must go.

Your goal is to remove clutter, and the best way to do that is to purge your home of items you no longer care about or need. The next thing to figure out is how to arrange your stuff in a more organized manner. Determine which ones to put away and group related items together.

That way, you’ll know where to look if you need them.

3. Organize and Declutter your Family Room3. Organize and declutter your family room by

Decluttering a family room is pretty much the same in principle as a living room. However, this room tends to get messier because it’s a more informal area where family and friends hang out. You can say it’s more lived-in than a living room.

After removing everything and putting unwanted items on a pile, you may want to donate them to the Salvation Army. Again, decide which ones to keep in storage and organize them in groups where they belong. Then put the relevant items back in their proper places.

2. Pair Pillows by Color2. Pair pillows by color by

While adding throw pillows is an affordable way to improve a living room dramatically, it’s easy to go over the top with them. You have to consider the right amount, sizes, textures, patterns, and colors that won’t contribute to clutter.

Get one of them wrong, and you’ll end up with a mismatched bunch that can lessen the room’s appeal. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is by pairing the pillows by color. You must have at least three that complement each other’s textures and colors. It’s best to have a few with a solid color instead of going to town with colorful prints.

Lastly, Number 1. Keep Pieces of Classic Tastes Intact1. Keep piece of classic tastes in tact by

If you’re planning to makeover an old living room, you can keep the classic pieces intact.

Some items and design elements are timeless and never lose their value and appeal. They will always remain tasteful and can even enhance a new design. In this case, the owners retained the classic architecture of the room. They plastered the walls and ceiling white, but the room’s style can still hold its own today as it did in the 1930s.

Eventually, they added more shelves on either side of the fireplace, which now houses a wood-burning heater.


The secret to an uncluttered living room lies in its layout and the storage pieces that you choose.

You want your furniture arrangement not only to look neat but more exciting and attractive. Cleanliness and organization are only a part of the equation. The beauty of the design still counts a lot.

In the same vein, merely hiding clutter from plain sight isn’t enough. The storage you use must not be eyesores as well. They, too, must serve a decorative function yet remain cohesive with the living room’s design.

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