10 Bedroom Organizing Common Mistakes and How to Fix it

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Your bedroom is your haven, where you begin and finish the day. It should be tranquil, relaxing, and organized. Nonetheless, it often turns into a catch-all for items.

We know things get jam-packed. No matter how many times we sorted them out, it seems that we need forever to keep it neat. For that reason, I hoarded 10 bedroom organizing common mistakes and how to fix it. Let’s do them! And as usual, if you think the list lacks detail, you can always follow the pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Fail to Declutter10. Fail to Declutter by

It is one of the enormous mistakes in organizing. You have to declutter, no excuses. If you have too much stuff for a narrow space, it guarantees failure.
A chaotic room leads to a cluttered mind, they say. Nobody wants that.
The Fix:
Keep your furnishings minimum but purposeful, like choosing multifunctional items.
After every activity, you have to return things to their place. Please, it takes less than 10 minutes at the end of your day. Do it persistently.
Tip: Provide a drop zone for stuff or dirty clothes.

9. Not Categorizing Well9. Not Categorizing Well by

In the organizing universe, you need to put things with their herd. When you categorize badly, you will circle to the previous number.
Do it cautiously, or you will fall into the next mistake: making your groups too exact.
The Fix:
Group your items base on their similarities, and you can identify things easily. Assign everything a chamber so they will not stroll around. Place storage dedicated for mails, paper, and documents. You can do it based on function.
Then, you need to repeat this spell, “broad is best.” Instead of sandals, sneakers, shoes, slippers, boots, and high heels in different boxes, use “footwear,” for example.

8. Ignoring the Door8. Ignoring the Door by

Notice that people often neglect the door. Yes, it is an overlooked area. However, with the right trick, It could be your blank canvas to organize more things and you can also store numerous items there.
The Fix:
Get hanging organizers for example. They are incredibly advantageous. Install one and stash your scarves, purses, hats, and other fashion accessories on the back of your door.
Other than them, you can apply hooks, baskets, mini bins, or even towel bars. Opt for one of them, and you can drape your blanket, hang up tomorrow’s outfit, store jewelry, hats, and bags. Just be bold and give it a try!


7. Put Cords in Order7. Put Cords in Order by

Smartphones, laptops, TV; imagine those things all around, some needs charging at once. Probably you think about an exploded octopus. You need to tidy them up immediately, control, and prevent more chaos to come.

The Fix:
First, untangle and arrange all the cords. Clean up any dust and remains.
Then, try to get a charging station or make one from your nightstand drawer. Manage unsightly cords and chargers but keep them accessible.
Finally, you can tie all of them with a few twist ropes or Velcro.
Tip: Label each cord, and you find them swiftly when you need.

6. Use Wall Space Excessively6. Use Wall Space Excessively by

We know there are numerous things you can do on wall space. It is one of the most overseen areas in most bedrooms. Hence, you are eager to throw all of your décors there. Just don’t. If you insist on doing it, your cave will turn into a new nightmare.

The Fix:
Keep in mind; you need to balance your walls between using them for decoration and making them look trashy. Find the equilibrium and maintain it.
Hang up limited artworks or pictures on them; you will get cute walls instead of trashy. Whatever you do, try to make it blend with your decor and color of your room.


5. Blocking Natural Light5. Blocking Natural Light by

Nothing is better than natural light in terms of energy-saving and health. Some people chose the wrong bed frame and it turned their bedroom setup blocking natural light that the room needs and turned their cave looks narrower than it is. If you are one of these poor people…

The Fix:
Free the area in front of your window. Add a mirror to reflect the light and help you make your room feel larger. Next, if possible, opt for a no headboard setup, a low-profile bed frame, or let the light flows without restrictions. If you have other natural light sources, you may be able to get away with it. You may add additional lighting sources if it is necessary.
Tip: Use curtains to control the light.

4. Leaving Mirrors4. Leaving Mirrors by

Before you go to work or go somewhere else, you have to check your outfit. In the morning, you need to get ready, like doing makeup. Without mirrors, you will struggle to do those things. As we heard together, they reflect light and make the room feel more spacious.

The Fix:
Add a mirror! Duh, It’s as simple as that.
You have several options to place it. It can be on the back of your door, over your dresser, on the floor, or you can try leaning it against the wall. Whether it is a full-length size, a floor mirror, or even a small one, you need to put one.

3. Allowing Under the Bed Space Unused3. Allowing Under the Bed Space Unused by

It is a big, big mistake, indeed. You have plenty of space under the bed, that’s why I call it is a prime place. The good news is sophisticated ways are not required to utilize it.

The Fix:
Use the space briskly yet cautiously immediately. The simplest way is to get a new bed frame with storage in the headboard or has drawers and cabinets below or simply get rattan baskets. You don’t need the new ones. Now, you can stash blankets, clothes, and even books there.
Tip: Clean up the dust frequently.


2. Abandon Labels2. Abandon Labels by

Every time you finished organizing a bedroom, you need to keep it that way. As time passes by, you put a horde of random stuff together in the boxes by mistake. When you require one item, you have to scrutinize each of them. It is time-wasting and frustrating.

The Fix:
Use labels! It is the easiest path you can take. Utilize them to identify boxes. You may opt for chalkboards, printed/handwritten tags, or adhesive ones. Now, it’s much easier to find your pieces and to put them back correctly.
Tip: Forget the material; all that matters is that you made them.

Lastly, number 1. Unsuitable Nightstands1. Unsuitable Nightstands by

Consider proportions when you purchase furniture. If you overlook it, things will look off, regardless of how much money you had spent to get it or the design. A nightstand should ease you in grabbing and organizing stuff anytime.

The Fix:
Opt for a nightstand that has the same height as your bed. It ensures your alarm or water accessible. You may get a small dresser or a slim night table with lots of drawers. It is much better if you can pick items that require little space.

Finally, you are free from lifting any fingers. Really? Yes, you are when you stop living in your house.

So, in conclusion, you need maintenance and schedules. Do it every day or once a week, or when someone is about to use your room for a certain period of time. Good luck with that and keep up the good work!



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