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10 Simple DIY Kitchen Projects that Produce Extra Storage You Need

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No matter how big your kitchen is, you will never get enough storage in it. Especially if yours is limited, then every inch of counter space is invaluable.
In a smaller kitchen, cabinets and drawers can stress you out because they make your space feel more cramped. Dishware, utensil, spices, groceries, and other kitchen stuff can be messy and mixed up, taking up all the space.
Don’t arrange your stuff only to areas within arms’ reach. Be smart! All you need is to produce extra storage in your kitchen to get the most of the space you have.

It won’t be difficult. With simple ideas and tricks, you can do it yourself. Discover these 10 DIY kitchen projects, for example, that might help you double your kitchen’s square footage. If you have extra time on your hand, don’t hesitate to follow the link inside the reference area.

10 DIY Kitchen Projects To Produce Extra Storge via Simphome.comFeatured
10 DIY Kitchen Projects To Produce Extra Storage Poster

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10. Window Shutter Organizer Idea10. Window Shutter Organizer by

This idea is the best definition of going vertical. When you do not use your old wooden window shutters any longer, please don’t throw them in the bin because they might be useful. For instance, Turn them into a new kitchen organizer.
First, paint the shutter to give a fresh look. Next, attach it to the wall, screw hooks in, add baskets, and magnetic bars on it. Then, you are ready to hang your towels, knives, oven mitts, spatula, etc. This organizer makes your kitchen stuff easily accessible when you need to grab it.

9. Hanging Pot Rack

9. Hanging Pot Rack by .Save storage space and keep your pots out of the way by hanging them over your kitchen island. Why spend money on a rack when you can make your unique hanger made from an old ladder or window? You can have them for free.
The simple construction and components won’t take your afternoon. Its primary materials are leftover window frame or ladder, S hooks, and chains.
To hang the pots onto the window frame, use S hooks. To suspend the window frame, you can also find the chains from the hardware store. Then screw eye hooks into the window and ceiling.

8. Coffee Cup Holder Idea8. Coffee Cup Holder by

No more space in the cabinets or drawers for your coffee cups? Don’t worry. You can store it vertically on the wall with this DIY coffee cup holder. The primary materials are wood pallets and hooks.
To start with, decide on the pallet that looks best and stable. Mark the areas you want to cut using a pencil and cut it using a saw. Then sand the mini pallet until it smooth. Then put the hooks onto the pallet by drilling them in. Be sure you use strong and durable hooks. For the last touch, embellish the wider top board by painting the word COFFEE or other.

7. Hang A Pegboard7. Hang A Pegboard by

If you think you run out of storage in your kitchen, think again because you probably haven’t touch unexplored space available in your kitchen area, your wall!
Your wall can hold almost anything. Hang everything you possibly can think of. Hanging things frees up cabinet and counter space, especially when you don’t have a ton of cabinet or drawers. A pegboard is all you need and a minor woodworking job. The solution is cheaper than buying or building custom shelves or cabinets and you can install it into the wall in minutes.

It is a versatile, durable, and flexible storage idea that can you can adjust to your needs.
There are at least eight ways to use a pegboard in your kitchen. You can use it to store your baking gears, as a pantry, an herb garden, a gadget keeper, a kitchen command center, a coffee station, a kitchen cabinet, and a spice rack, to name a view.

6. Use Window as Storage6. Use Window as Storage by

It may never cross your mind to make your kitchen window a new storage space, but this picture may give you a new perspective. Give your pots and pans a new hideaway at the window by first installing metal rods with S-hooks. To make it attractive, try to paint the bar a pop-up color or entwine vines. If you are afraid of blocking the light source in your kitchen, you can opt for one or two bars at the tippy-top of the window frame or use glass shelves. You can use the flat surface at the window as a place for dish soap and sponges or counter space to dry dishes by putting a slim drying rack on the sill.

5. Use Shelves Wherever You Can!5. Use Shelves Wherever You Can by

For things that you can’t hang, like glass bottles or jars, you can use shelves. Opened-shelves are a better alternative to display your easy-to-go collections. Please don’t waste your space. You can also put them nearly everywhere on every bit of available wall space.
Here is a tip. Tall and deep shelves are not advisable because they won’t help you straighten up and organize. It will only make you struggling to find things that stacked-up, so the shallow shelves are the best replacement.
Go with the shelves that only as deep as a bottle of oil. You will be able to see and grab every single thing.

4. Backsplash Magnetic Knife Block Idea4. Backsplash Magnetic Knife Block by

Again, thanks to the wall that provides a new space alternative. Turn your backsplash into storage by hanging a rail on it, a magnetic knife block, hooks, or even a narrow shelf. This time, let’s focus on the magnetic knife block idea.
The heavy-duty and fully magnetic surface allows you to secure even your biggest knife collection safely. With extended length, it is perfect for holding any other metal tools or utensils. The magnetic block comes with mounting hardware and easy to follow illustrated instructions.

3. Use the Inside of All Your Doors3. Use the Inside of All Your Doors by

Use all possible rooms in your kitchen include the inside of the cabinet or pantry doors. There will be a space for hanging up measuring cups, pot or pan lids, etc. Choosing the right over-the-door storage tool is not easy. Make sure it won’t block the door. Your door needs to be able to close completely. Also, It would be best to find the correct width and height that works best with your door size.
Many types of over-the-door storage organizers will help you gain extra space. They are wire or plastic baskets, pocket organizers, fabric compartments, storage racks and hooks, and fruit storage baskets. All of them come in various sizes and colors.

2. Get Drawer Organizers2. Get Drawer Organizers by

Your kitchen drawers usually store random tools and essentials that mixed-up causing trouble for you to find things quickly. For that reason, complete your drawer with a new drawer organizer trick as seen in the picture. You’ll be amazed by the result that everything is now purged, sorted, and perfectly organized. It is nice to finally be able to see and find everything at a glance. Use the right organizers with different shapes and widths of compartments so you can store many types of things in one drawer. Don’t go too small or too big. Please measure and plan out what you need first and continue visiting your favorite store.

Lastly, Number 1. Clear Under the Sink Area1. Whats Under the Sink by

One smart way to maximize your kitchen storage is by utilizing the area under your sink.
Anyone can build these under-sink roll-out trays in a weekend. First, you need to get the materials from your local home center for a low cost.

Using simple carpentry tools and link source available in Simphome finish the next step. Once your trays are ready, consider what things you will store under the sink. You can store there for example kitchen cleaners, dish detergents and soaps, extra sponges and washing gloves, dish towels, and rags.
Remember that you can’t store spice or ingredients there because humidity will mold and shorten the lifespan of those items. Food stored under the sink is also prone to chemicals, cleaners, or germs. Other prohibited things are anything that could be damaged due to a leaky faucet, paint cans and spray paint, light bulbs, and insecticides.


There is always a way to provide extra storage in your kitchen look using just view simple items. These DIY kitchen projects, for example, will not only make your life easier but also make your small kitchen look well-organized and attractive.



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