25 Creative Bookshelves Ideas

creative bookshelf Simphome com
Creative bookshelf Simphome com

This is more than dozens creative bookshelves ideas you can copy next week. You love books but don’t want to waste your money to store your valuable collection? You can try some awesome DIY bookshelves ideas below. The bookshelves are fairly easy to make and you only need to use materials that are either easy to get or already available at home.

1. Floating bookshelf

Floating bookshelf make your books appear as if they float on the wall without support. Cool, isn’t it? To make this bookshelf, nail/screw a pair of L-brackets on a wall with gap that measures about the average length of your book. Stack your books vertically on the brackets and enjoy seeing your floating books.

2. Bound cardboard bookshelf

If you have box containers with thick wall (thick cardboard, fiberboard or plywood), turn them so that their opening faces forward. Stack the boxes and bind any adjacent walls with office binder. You can showcase your books in that IKEA-style bookshelf.

3. Bookmark bookshelf

If you have an iron bookend perpendicular to its base, nail/screw its base to a wall and you can hang your book on it while bookmarking the last page you read. You can also use an L-bracket for this purpose.

4. Ladder bookshelf

Set a pair of step or trestle ladders upright and slide wooden boards through their rungs. You can put your books on the boards. You can also make this bookshelf with only one ladder.

5. Wallpapered wood bookshelf

Get recycled wood planks, which are cheap, and cover them with wallpaper scraps or any paper scraps with pattern. Fix the wallpapered planks to the wall using L-brackets.

6. Hanging bookshelf

You can use unused leather belts or leather bag straps to store your books. Loop the belts and hang them on a nail. You can hang your vertically stacked books on the other end of the loop.

7. TV bookcase

A damaged CRT TV can be used as a bookshelf by removing the tube and stacking the books horizontally inside the hollow frame.

8. Another ladder bookshelf

Close a trestle ladder and hang it horizontally on a wall. You can arrange your books horizontally on the ladder’s stringers and use its rungs as dividers. If you hang the ladder on a corner wall, you can open the hinge at right angle to make an L-shaped bookshelf.

9. Bookend bookshelf

Nail/screw an L-bracket or bookend (wider is better) on a wall so that the supporting part lies horizontally. Put the last page of a hard-covered book on it and allow the cover to hang down. We will use the cover to conceal the bookend. To close the cover, you can fix Velcro on the inside of the cover so that it can cling to the book’s last page. You can stack your other books vertically on this base book.

10. Wooden pallet bookshelf

You can get wooden pallets either cheaply or for free. If you are tempted to reuse this free material, make some wooden receptacles from it and nail or screw them to a wall. You can put your books inside them.

11. Another wooden pallet bookshelf

Several wooden pallets that have table-like shape can be stacked vertically and make up a rustic bookshelf. You can put it together with other furniture pieces that are also made from wooden pallets.

12. Old drawer bookshelf

Take out an old drawer, add a couple of wooden boards in it and then hang it on a wall in a position that makes the drawer’s handle faces downward.

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13. Pipe bookshelf

Industrial pipes can be arranged in such way to allow it to contain your books. Use your creativity to arrange the pipes and hang it on a wall. The pipes are ready to accommodate your books.

14. Pipe and wood bookshelf

If pipes with their thin shaft seem to put your books in unstable position, pairing those pipes with wooden boards is always a good idea.

15. Wheeled bench bookshelf

This bookshelf is a little bit tricky to make, but the materials needed for it are easy to get. Basically, you need to install four casters on a pine wood board that will become the base, fix a pair of front-facing milk crates on the board, and then fix another board on the top of the crates. If you do them correctly, you can have a sturdy bench that you can sit on. Your books can be stacked horizontally between the crates.

16. Rope bookshelf

This bookshelf is basically similar to hanging bookshelf, except that you need to use a rope to hang wood boards on which your books are stored.

17. Larger hanging rope bookshelf

If the above-mentioned rope bookshelf is too small, you can use larger boards and stronger ropes to make a larger bookshelf.

18. Wooden cable spool bookshelf

If you turn a cable spool horizontally, you can have a circular bookshelf that looks chic. Install casters underneath it to make it a portable shelf.

19. Wine crate bookshelf

Hang wine crates on a wall using L-brackets so that its opening is on its front. Decorate its exposed base by painting it and the crates are ready to store your books.

20. Document holder bookshelf

A wooden document holder normally faces upward with its opening on its top. Try to turn it horizontally so that its opening faces forward and then fix it to the corner of a wall. You can put the books on its horizontal side and put smaller objects inside its hollow center.

21. Pegboard bookshelf

Insert colored pencils in the peg holes, arrange them horizontally and bind them with string. You can put your books on those pencils and secure them with the string.

22. Fabric bookshelf

Fold a piece of rectangular fabric twice and stitch or sew their ends. Insert a pair of curtain rods in the looped fabric and then install the rods on the wall using 2 double curtain rod brackets (one for each end). You can now put your books in the looped fabric.

23. Spice rack bookshelf

Nail spice racks on the side of IKEA bookshelf and the racks will turn into functional bookshelves.

24. Stacked benches bookshelf

It is pretty simple. Stack two or more benches vertically and you can make a functional bookshelf from the combo.

25. Stained plywood book display

Prepare a number of short plywood boards with different lengths and then glue them. You can display your books on the glued boards.