17 Nice Ways How to Clean Your Makeup Bag

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Tired of having your makeup bag messy and dirty? Follow these simple, most satisfying steps to clean them all thoroughly! Cleaning can be a real pain, but who’s to say you can’t have fun while doing it. Cleaning makeup bag in particular, can be done real quick and less bothersome if you just know the trick.

1. First and foremost, empty everything from your makeup bag and flip the inside part out. Next, gently use the wipes of your makeup remover to clean that flipped inside. Alternatively, you can just put your bag in the washing machine alongside dark-colored clothing if your makeup bag is made of cloth. Just like the first one, don’t forget to flip it inside-out.

2. Use a lighter to remove the gunk of your eyelash curler. Light the lighter, gently put the fire into the curler for about five till ten seconds top. Clean the residue off the curler using tissue, and then you can clean your curler up thoroughly.

3. Lipsticks with bacteria and germs are eww. But it’s just natural stuff. In order to get rid of those germs and bacteria though, you can try cooling your lipstick overnight in the freezer. This should work to weaken the smaller organisms in it. The next day, put it back to a room temperature, let it “thaw” a little before putting them on your lips. But freezing stuff won’t actually killing the microorganism, just crippling them to some degree. If you’re hell-bent on having your lipstick totally clean from this, use some rubbing alcohol for the job. That’s some strong stuff to ward all the bacteria and germs.

4. Or, you can simply clean your makeup products using the wipe of cosmetic sanitizer. For compact stuff, use this method. Spray mist gently on the product’s surface. Six inches far. For only one time. Afterwards, settle it down for about ten seconds. On the other hand, for products in tubes, tubs or pots such as lip gloss, lip balms, lip sticks, pencils, etc. use this method. Wrap a wipe around a makeup product and then wipe them thoroughly from its base to its tip. Same as the previous one, just let it be for about ten seconds. You can get these special cosmetic sanitizing wipes from many beauty store.

5. You can create a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baby shampoo, and water. Just unclip Clarisonic brush and then let it be in the water for about fifteen minutes. Of course, I won’t recommend to leave it more than half an hour because your brush’s bristle may got damaged from the long contact.

6. If you wish to clean up the glue from fake eyelashes, you can use a disposable mascara wand and isopropyl alcohol to do the job. You can clean your fake eyelashes faster this way.

7. You can simply pour a little amount of alcohol into a small makeup spray bottle, and use it to spray any residue of cosmetic powder you need to disinfect. Or, you can try alternatives such as washing your makeup brushes in sink using some baby shampoo, pouring alcohol into small cup and swish makeup brushes using it, or simply soak cotton balls and wipe them manually.

8. To disinfect your dispensable razor, you can use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball or pad.

9. If you want to rejuvenate your makeup brushes to make it feel like it’s some new stuff. You can try swirling your brushes in a mixture of a little water, olive oil and dish soap. Place the mix on a small vessel and swish the brush gently around the mix.
If you’re feeling lazy, you can just create some sudsy mix in a bowl, dunk all of the brush, and rinse them individually afterwards. Of course, you might still need to wash the dirtiest brush separately even by using the lazy way, but it can be arranged.
On the other hand, if you’re feeling rather diligent, just work on each brush from the least dirty to the dirtiest ones. Make sure to wring the excess water gently without being too harsh on the bristles, and when you dry it, make sure to place it so that the bristle is facing down because water that goes up will ruin its glue.

10. You can use either liquid or solid soap on your makeup sponge for at least once in every week to ensure that they are free from bacteria. To do this, just dip it in water and then rub them onto the soap. Make sure to get a nice lather out of it and to clean it thoroughly. After it is finished, rinse until it is completely clean and let it dry. Don’t forget to squeeze excessive water before putting it back to its proper place. If you’re using liquid soap, you can simply wet the makeup sponge with water and press them gently to the pump of the liquid soap bottle. This will eventually release the cleansing agent right into the pores, lather it a bit using your fingers and then rinse it thoroughly before drying it out. Easy-peasy.

11. Use isopropyl alcohol (again, they’re like godsend for cleaning makeup stuff!) with a cotton swab to clean up the sharpener of your makeup pencils.

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12. For metal nail equipment, disinfect it using the combination of cotton swab and alcohol. Think of metal files, cuticle trimmers, scissors, and everything you had under this category. Make sure these equipment get cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent it from getting you infected. Also you might not want to share your nail tools with some other people too, because it rises your chance of getting infected from using them the most.

13. Your loofah has some scum that needs to be rid of? Just toss them in the washing machine but not into its dryer. The same tip works with loofah sponges too, especially natural ones.

14. Have some dusts and dirt on the back of your dryer? Use an old toothbrush to clean them! Just don’t forget to pop the grill off before you do anything. All you need are toothbrushes that you don’t need anymore, as well as a paper towel to catch the residue.

15. If there are some hair strands got stuck in your hairbrush, just loose it off using a pen first before using scissors to cut it through and yank it off. For final cleaning, use some shampoo to truly make it spin and span.

16. If you wish to get the gunk out your curling iron straightener or a flat iron, you can use steel wool for the work. Use a piece of it without any soap though.

17. Last but not least, throw away some makeup products that are no longer good to be used. Know when to keep your stuff and let go.
That’s basically some easy ways to clean the stuff in your makeup bag, and clean the makeup bag itself. It’s not so difficult, yes? Keeping makeup products in good condition can be a real challenge, but it’s worth the trouble!