17 Nice Ways How to Clean Your Makeup Bag

11. Use isopropyl alcohol (again, they’re like godsend for cleaning makeup stuff!) with a cotton swab to clean up the sharpener of your makeup pencils. (via buzzfeed)

simphome sharpener

12. For metal nail equipment, disinfect it using the combination of cotton swab and alcohol. Think of metal files, cuticle trimmers, scissors, and everything you had under this category. Make sure these equipment get cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent it from getting you infected. Also you might not want to share your nail tools with some other people too, because it rises your chance of getting infected from using them the most. (via idreamofclean)

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13. Your loofah has some scum that needs to be rid of? Just toss them in the washing machine but not into its dryer. The same tip works with loofah sponges too, especially natural ones. (via wikihow)

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14. Have some dusts and dirt on the back of your dryer? Use an old toothbrush to clean them! Just don’t forget to pop the grill off before you do anything. All you need are toothbrushes that you don’t need anymore, as well as a paper towel to catch the residue. (via znatprovse)

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15. If there are some hair strands got stuck in your hairbrush, just loose it off using a pen first before using scissors to cut it through and yank it off. For final cleaning, use some shampoo to truly make it spin and span. (via thebeautydepartment)

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16. If you wish to get the gunk out your curling iron straightener or a flat iron, you can use steel wool for the work. Use a piece of it without any soap though. (via kenhphunu)

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17. Last but not least, throw away some makeup products that are no longer good to be used. Know when to keep your stuff and let go.
That’s basically some easy ways to clean the stuff in your makeup bag, and clean the makeup bag itself. It’s not so difficult, yes? Keeping makeup products in good condition can be a real challenge, but it’s worth the trouble! (via rd)

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