14 Easy Makeup Organization Ideas

Anything related to organizing things can be a real pain, organizing the storage of your makeup items is no exception. Let’s face it, most of us won’t even bother to place them in a neat or orderly manner, much less putting an actual effort to organize them. It’s just a lot of work, and most people don’t have much time or energy to spare for that kinda thing, which is why people often take makeup storage for granted. This is all fine and dandy at first. After all, you would have known where you put your makeup stuff by heart, right? Well, it’s possible. But imagine this, you were in a hurry to go to somewhere and you just have to look good. Wait, where did you put that one eyeliner again?

Been there, done that. It’s a scenario that I guess many people can relate. Well sometimes our makeup storage can be a real mess that we’re having a hard time locating them when the time calls for it. But fear not! Because these simple tips and tricks can help you to re-organize your makeup kits in no time at all.

1.First of all, you need to find a good spot for each makeup product and make sure to stick to the arrangements. You can do this by separating your makeup items first based on categories, so that you can have easier time to rearrange them later. (via youtube/amy macedo)

simphome makeup drawer

2. Next, fill a candleholder with some coffee beans and then put your brushes there. If coffee is not your thing, dried white beans work too! (via listotic)

simphome brush holder

3. Crank your makeup organizing skills by magnetizing your stuff! You can apply this next-level sorcery by wrapping your makeup products using a cookie sheet in whatever kind of fabric you like. Next, attach small magnets to the back of them using glue. It works like charms! You can even use frame to hold it in place. However, keep in mind that you might intimidate guests by this display of mad organizing skills. You can simply buy a bunch of magnets from some thrift shop and then glued each of them to the back of your makeup products. You can use stronger glue to make sure that it won’t fall off. However, if you want to peel the magnets off later, you can settled by using hot glue instead. They’re pretty strong too! (via laurathoughts81)

simphome magnet makeup

4. Two words. Open. Display. Everything looks far more aesthetic with open display! Flaunt your make up in orderly manner by using vanity tables. You can essentially buy those anywhere. After you have your vanity, you can add some acrylic trays to crank the aesthetic factor later. If anyone thought of this step as a real pain. Trust me, it took less than one hour to assemble everything. I recommend getting either EkbyGruvan tabletops or shelves from Ikea. Next, you might be needing four Vika legs to be attached to the shelf or the tabletop. Nevertheless, make sure you have a rough visualization about what you want in your mind, and pick the right furniture for the work. Following some DIY instructions you are interested with works too. (via ikeahackers)

simphome makeup vanity

5. Make the best uses of boxes. Ah, boxes. What can we do without them? They’re great for storing your stuff since forever, and can be a tool for your imaginations, as that one cartoon yellow sponge would put it! Anyway, you can decoupage and deconstruct old boxes to create fancy makeup storage! There are tons of DIY projects that recycled old boxes for this purpose. You can literally use any sort of boxes depending of your needs. But for makeup storage, small boxes are better because they’re easier to be transformed. And unless you are a makeup maniac whose houses are flooded with nothing but makeups, you won’t be needing far too big boxes to make this one works. You can use oatmeal or cereal boxes, or whatever boxes you already had. You can even cut big boxes if you absolutely have no smaller ones. (via strongdaily)

simphome box makeup

6. How about making a whole makeup chest from an unused cardboard drawers? These are super simple, and, you only need to organize and categorize your makeup items without having to create new storage space to do so. (via donpedrobrooklyn)

simphome diy makeup box

7. Reclaim the counter space in your bathroom and use it as a new home for your makeup products! You can hang your makeup stuff up for aesthetic, and making the best use of that one bathroom counter. There will never be enough counter area in a bathroom, it’s like a tacit law that people just sorta agree with. Well! You can create a creative and fancy makeup storage using only a shower rod, pretty ribbons, and decorative pails that you can either make by yourself or buy from some craft store. (via falschewimpern)

simphome counter makeup storage

8. Sew and stich new home for your makeup brushes! Well, if you’re into sewing, why not make some for your makeup kits? It should be fun! You can make a snuggly, handy case for them that you can either hand, placed on the table, or bring along when you’re traveling. Either way, they should be a fancy storage for your makeup kit! (via sew4home)

simphome travel makeup storage

9. If you’d like some royal touches. Why not try basking your makeup tools in gold ? Create a fancy makeup storage by painting a mason jar in gold paint. They might not be real golds but they’re still pretty golden. And pretty. Don’t forget pretty! (via popsugar)

simphome mason jar makeup storage

10. Conquer and divide your drawers like a boss. Either as a place for hiding some miscellaneous stuff and embarrassing love letters or as a place to store makeup, insert drawers are fine options. (via lipglossiping)

simphome makeup storage

11. Hang your stuff like an aesthetic genius. I can’t stress this enough. Use your walls like a canvas. Decorate them, paint them, or draw on them. When it comes to creative makeup storage, you can use your walls to hang some hanging organizers and put your cluttered mess of makeup there. That would be like killing two birds with one stone. (via buzzfeed)

simphome hanging makeup

12. You can also use a magazine shelf/rack for the purpose. Stack the big makeup palettes there and you’ll have a more flattering place to store your products. (via buzzfeed)

simphome magazine rack makeup storage

13. Short on ideas and compartments? Use bead organizers! (via dhgate)

simphome bead organizer

14. That’s it! If all of these ideas still seem like it’s a lot of work, classic ol’ Caboodle will do the work for your just fine! Say goodbye to cluttered mess or misplaced makeup items! It’s about time your makeup gets proper places to store them neat and nicely.

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