Southwest home decor via 1
Southwest home decor via 1

A lot home owners want to décor their house differently so they can stand out more than ordinary design that most people use, that is why you might want to use this southwest home décor as well. The design first reaches its popularity in the eighties where everyone used ethic items inside their home to decorate it, although as other design it does not take the stage for long. But the beauty of the décor still cannot be denied until today, so here we present to you a way to décor your home with southwest style which can make your house more beautiful.

1. Pottery.

Pottery is southwest home décor accessories that you must have when you want to make your home catch the real feel of southwestern area. Of course, the pottery should be original sun parched one which made with natural color to show the ethnic southwestern style. You can use it as vase in your living room or small decoration in your bathroom.

2. Rustic metal

Metal is another key element which you can use on your decoration. But rather than using shiny metal on your room, you must use rustic style metal instead. Accessories with old style shape made from metal with rustic finishing are easy to find in the home improvement store these days. Use it as your coat hanger, lamp, or even beautiful wall metal craft decoration. (via etsy)

rustic metal

3. Furniture

For the furniture you should find something which made from natural material mostly wood as it is the authentic style one. Antique or distressed finishing furniture will add the southwest feeling as well. For the cabinet and vanity, it is best to search for piece that has crafting on the surface as it is the ethnic style which show the southwestern style you use inside your home. If you want more luxurious and comfort for your southwest home décor furniture, then you can also use leather sofa which will also match well with the other furniture material that we mention before. (via canadianloghomes)


4. Bone and skull/faux material

This material is another authentic material which southwestern people use in their home. However if it is rather difficult to find pieces with those material, then you can escape with faux material instead. Of course the price of faux material will be cheaper too. (via remodelaholic)

bone accessories

5. Southwest Arts

Your southwest home décor would not complete without using some southwestern art as this will greatly bring the feeling of authentic style. Painting is the favorite when it comes to the art, but you can also use carving as well. Put several arts here and there inside your room to complete your decoration and make the perfect southwestern house that you want.

Conclusion on Using Southwestern Style in Your Home Easily.

Southwest home use a lot of natural texture including the pottery, bone and skull, and other arts material we mention above. Inside their building they use adobe style walls to present the texture. To incorporate this texture in your modern southwest home décor, you can easily apply compound which already premixed to resemble adobe style walls. You can easily purchase it on your local home improvement store. For the ceiling, old people use wood beam which you can try to copy the design without really function them. That way, your home will have the old western feeling on authentic Southwest home.

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Do not forget that colors are big element on the southwestern design that you should pay attention when choosing furniture or arts. Although they use bright and bold colors, however those colors are all natural colors which taken from the land so it makes them blend well with the surrounding. Use chilly color for the red, turquoise color of the sky, desert plants yellow, desert sand color for the beige, and of course the Taos blue color.

Southwestern people love natural light, which is why for the southwest home décor window treatment they use it while still allowing natural light to come inside their home. That is why you only need to use shutter as the window treatment so you can pull it up to allow natural light to come inside your room while still having privacy when you want. Use natural material such as bamboo or even southwest textile to create it.

As we know southwest home décor fabric is a must to use when making southwestern style home. It is rough but colorful filled with natural colors that we mention above. You can use it for almost anything from rug, window treatment to your pillow cover. You can also add tapestries with ethnic motif on your wall to add the southwestern feeling more. For bedroom, you can also use the ethnic motif on your bedding even though you might not like to make it from the real rough material, so you can use ordinary soft bedding material and print the motif on top of it.

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