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10 Wooden Furniture Ideas For Limited Living Room

Small living room furnishing is an easy job if you take the time to plan the design. From traditional to modern, creating a cozy and comfortable yet practical room is the issue of limited space. Therefore, it is crucial to combine materials to make the room at its best function and look.
Among those materials, wood is a welcoming view in a room. You can achieve a rustic look with one or two pieces of furniture adorning the space. Find the inspiration to create a welcoming and warm spot using one or two of these 10 wooden furniture ideas for a limited living room owner. If you want to detail this list, follow the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10 Wooden Furniture for Living room Ideas

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10. Wooden Sofa Bed Idea

10. Wooden Sofa Bed by simphome.comInstead of purchasing a bulky sofa, you could try making your sofa bed for your small living room. It will serve as seating as well as a place to take a nap.
Interested? You know the first step, do you? Yes, measure the space you have, and calculate the width and length of the sofa frame. Then cut the board according to the measurement. After that, assemble the parts.
To make the room feel visually light, make a sofa with low arms and back. When the frame is finished, place the mattress on it. The last step is decorating the couch with matching cushions. It is good to opt for fabrics or leathers in solid patterns or neutral colors to make the room less busy.

9. Double Duty Coffee Table Idea

9. Double Duty Coffee Table by simphome.comPractical and stylish. This coffee table is excellent multipurpose furniture for a living room. It is double as additional storage for you. The best thing is it has wheels.
You can purchase a basket, then add wheels for easy movement and frame to make it sturdier. However, it is also an easy project if you want to DIY.
First, put several sticks about fifteen inches apart. Then weave rattan or bamboo sticks for a cheaper option. Fasten the sides with longboards. Make two for top and bottom, three smaller ones for the sides, and one with holes so you can put things inside. Then, assemble the parts and add the wheel.

8. Personalize the Bookcase

8. Personalize the Bookcase by simphome.comOne activity you would like to do in your living room is reading a book. So, a cozy reading nook is a great option to add personality to the room. To maximize the space, purchase or build a bookcase with cubby holes that fill the wall almost to the ceiling.
The width depends on the space you have. Don’t pack the books as in the library. Stack some books and stand the others to make them look artistic.
Fill the blank space with trinkets such as decorative picture frames, plants, or whatever aesthetic pieces. By arranging the book that way, you add more personality than merely make it a storage area.

7. Window Shutter Idea

7. Window Shutter by simphome.comDressing the windows with shutters creates a clean and simple look. It is a great option to add privacy, especially if your living room is at the front.
These café-style window shutters give you privacy while still allowing light to come in. If you are going to DIY it, here are the steps.
First, measure the window between the trim. Second, subtract the number with the thickness of hinges and the gaps where the shutters meet. Third, divide the number left by how many pieces of frame you are going to make. In this picture, the number is divided by six.
After that, cut the wood for the frames and drill shutter pins into them. Fifth, assemble the frame parts and attach the louvers to the pins. Sixth, paint the shutters or just give a transparent coating to keep the natural color. Last, attach the shutters with hinges.

6. Hairpin Side Table

6. Hairpin Side Table by

This simple side table is a simple project that you can do in an afternoon. The two-layered table gives extra storage for books you currently read. This way, you can quickly grab it to continue enjoying the content. The hairpin legs make the ordinary table looks fun and funky. Moreover, it is durable, trendy, and easy to find in retailers. You just need a few hours to assemble the parts, and you get this slim and multipurpose table. Firstly, cut the board and attach them to make the box. Secondly, sand and give coating to protect it from water spill. Lastly, attach the legs to each corner of the box.

5. Built-in TV Cabinet

5. Built in TV Cabinet by simphome.comThis is an excellent example of a practical solution for living room furnishing. It is a ceiling-high cabinet with open shelves above for extra storage. You can use the space above to keep DVDs, books, pictures, or other knick-knacks.
Compared to a free-standing cabinet, the built-in one looks less bulky. However, the size of the storage should depend on your space. Avoid bulky items for the small living room. Otherwise, it will make the area feel cramped. You can add style by painting it in contrasting color with the wall to make it a focal point.

4. Industrial End Table

4. Industrial End Table by simphome.comLike the hairpin side table, this pipe end table is also a simple project, even for a beginner. Besides, it fits in with any room design. You only need wooden tiers and metal pipes for the legs.
Sand and coat the boards after you cut them to your desired size. Then attach the metal risers to each corner of the wood. Adding more layers gives you additional storage needed in a small room. You can make the table with the same size of boards, and you can also make it more stylish by using different size layers.

3. Get Storage Benches

3. Storage Benches by simphome.comToday’s benches and couches mostly come with built-in storage. That is very useful for keeping throws within your reach or for storing your children’s toys. Not only advantageous, but the design also goes with the style that looks good in the living room.
You can remodel what you have instead of buying a new one. If your coach has legs, create your boxes using the same materials and matching color. Put them underneath the coach. And if necessary, give trimmings to make it look more seamless.

2. Glamour Sideboard

2. Glamour Sideboard by simphome.comThere are ways to style a sideboard in a living room. This picture, for instance, uses a cabinet to add glamour to the room. It complements the decoration with the geometric design immensely. Consider these tips when styling your sideboard.
First, it should create symmetry. When positioning the furniture, use your eyes to decide whether the weight on either side has an equal view. Second, make it practical by setting the sideboard in a strategic place, such as near the sofa or door. Third, keep your collection tidy. Fourth, add artwork such as a vase of flowers or a pretty picture.

Lastly, Number 1. Open Shelves and Desk Combo

1. Open Shelves and Desk Combo by simphome.comThe room combo is in trend, especially for limited square footage. So, this open shelving with a floating table is perfect for this purpose.
The open shelving is adjustable so that you can remodel it into your need. The floating table can be folded or taken when not in use. To soften the appearance, put some flower pots to freshen the view. Display some artworks that both pretty and inspiring for you. Then, stack some books which will help you do your work.

You have so many resources to refer to when designing living room furniture. Just be smart and crafty. Retake a look at our 10 wooden furniture ideas for a limited living room and create your layout.



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