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6 Easy Ways To Update Your Sleeping Space

The bedroom is considered the most vital space in your home as you seek rest and rejuvenation from a long day at work. Typically, most people spend at least six hours of sleep every night, so you want your bedroom to be as comfortable and relaxing as it should be. If you’re thinking of finally updating your sleeping space since you haven’t spruced things up for a few months or years now, you’ve landed on the right page for some easy tips and tricks.

Updating your bedroom doesn’t have to tackle complex and costly renovation tasks. There are many simple yet effective ways to improve your sleep quality and enhance your room’s atmosphere.  Make your sleeping space more inviting so you’ll be able to recharge and get rid of sleepless nights.

Changing and sprucing your bedroom decor and arrangements can make a dramatic experience, so consider the following suggestions.

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1. Invest In Quality Beddings

You will immediately notice a difference in your bedroom once you replace and update your old bed linen. This is very easy to do, and with the plethora of choices in online and brick-and-mortar home improvement shops, you’ll definitely find the best quality bedding you deserve.  You’ll be looking forward to some shuteye when you have crisp and fresh linens after a tiresome day.

Some busy homeowners might overlook this tip.  The mattress, pillows, and sheets you sleep on play a significant role in your sleep quality.  There are no universally perfect beds, so you will have to do a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you.  Make sure your sheets, linens, and quilts wick moisture away and breathe well so that you don’t overheat.  Throw blankets can make the perfect addition if you want to elevate the aesthetics and function of your bed.

Go for 100% cotton material, so your beddings are breathable and comfortable to use all year long.  They’re also pretty easy to wash and dry.  Cotton keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat.

2. Change The Baseboards

You can add a custom feel to your bedroom by upgrading the baseboards.  You probably haven’t done this sprucing up trick ever since before when you think of it.  Now’s the time to change your baseboards, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this.  Many ideal baseboards come with reasonable price tags.

Choose something that will be a good match for your bedroom interior design.  There are different colors and patterns to choose from, so ensure that the color palette complements each other.  Your bedroom’s finished look and feel will be brighter and more pleasing.

3. Repaint Or Hang Art Onto The Walls

The quickest and easiest way to spruce your sleeping space is to update your wall paint.  Paint the walls in a bright color to give them some personality. Changing your wall color is a relatively easy way to make your room look and feel totally different. However, you may also choose to add wallpaper instead of paint coats to your walls. You can also consider other wall décor ideas for your walls.

Depending on your bedroom theme, you can have different designs and colors that suit your mood and bedroom goals.  Whether you go for neutral colors or bold ones, ensure that they’re relaxing and make you feel in a positive mood.  After all, you’ll get to look at those colors for a long time every time you chill in your bedroom.

If your wall can’t be painted or wallpapered, art is a great way to update it.  It adds color, injects personality, and has the power to make an impression in a room, whether displayed as a single piece or on a gallery wall.  You can choose the best wall art to add to your bedroom, from photography and graphic sketches to paintings and modern framed art.

4. Update Your Old Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures that are outdated and boring make your bedroom look drab.  It’s time to replace and upgrade them all.  To personalize the room, replace the switch plates with brighter ones and install modern pendant lights.  You’ll be surprised at how much improvement your bedroom will have with this simple trick.  Also, go for LED lightbulbs since they’re cost-effective and energy-efficient.  Make sure your lighting fixtures can complement the bedroom style and colors.

5. Add New Curtains To Your Windows

Another easy way to spruce your bedroom is to add curtains. Window treatments will not only enhance your privacy but will also enhance the appearance of your bedroom. Your bedroom will look more elegant with new curtains. Make sure that they allow just the right amount of light in and they match the color of your bedding and room decor.

6. Incorporate Rugs Onto The Floor

The next addition you need to make is for your flooring.  Adding a new rug to your bedroom can make it feel calmer and more finished.  Under your bed, place a rug to provide a plush feel for your tired feet. Go for high-quality ones with soft and relaxing materials that help relax your feet.


Sprucing your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated.  With the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can elevate your sleeping experience every night and make your bedroom look more appealing and feel comfortable. You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed every morning by incorporating blankets, linens, curtains, and rugs.

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