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10 Tips to Get Your Bedroom Decor Right with a Closet

Having an exclusive corner to organize clothes, shoes, and other belongings is the dream of many people. It’s no wonder that the traditional bedroom with a closet has returned to figure among the main requests made to architects and interior designers.

As the project proposal is to make people’s daily lives easier, making the room more functional, the decoration must follow the same principle. It means that you must be careful with the choice of each element to optimize the space, have comfort and add an interesting look to the environment.
While you’re deciding on solutions, how about getting inspired by tips suggested by nphp? Read the next topics and find out how to decorate your room with a closet!

Project: Finger Brasília, Photos: Eliezer Souza

1. Consider Closet Configuration

Some houses and apartments already come with specific spaces for assembling a closet. Many of them are separated from the bedroom by walls, with doors to access the interior. But how can you do it when there is no planned space to store your belongings?

In these cases, the solution is to create an open closet and take advantage of part of the room — a free and unused wall. In fact, the concept has gained prominence for its versatility, as it adapts to the dimensions of different rooms and avoids the need to build walls to delimit spaces.

Project: Studio Lk – Execution: Edy Planejados – Photos: Sidney Doll Photographer

Regardless of whether you have an open or closed closet, it’s essential to look for ways to integrate it into the bedroom. For this, it is good to combine colors, coatings, and other features so that everything is balanced. If the project is intended for a suite, for example, the bathroom’s look must also be considered.

2. Choose a Main Theme for the Areas

Before any decorative work, it is essential to think about the shapes, materials, tones, and pieces that please you the most. Keep in mind that the bedroom and closet will be used every day. That’s why you need to create welcoming, pleasant spaces and that are in keeping with your style.

Whoever shares a dormitory with someone else should also consider that person’s opinion so that, in the future, no one will regret their choices. An excellent way to start is to research different styles of decoration that define the preferred option.

Nothing prevents a theme from being set aside if the owners like it a lot. It appears in all spaces, including the closet and bathroom, if any. This care will harmonize all areas, maintaining integration and a coherent look.

3. Invest in Custom Furniture

Have you ever thought about having a bedroom with a closet that meets all your needs? It is totally possible if you assemble it with custom furniture. A company specializing in custom models can create pieces with the size, shape, and finish you prefer.

To get these features right, it’s essential to define which furniture is essential. When thinking about the closet, consider the volume of belongings that need to be stored and consider the number of clothes and shoes. Thus, you ensure that the furniture measurements will be adequate to hold everything.

Project: Larissa Franco Architect – Execution: Finger Dautore – Photos: Filippe Araújo

The more information you can gather, the better it is for you. It will serve as a basis for defining the number of compartments (niches, drawers, doors), the dimensions and storage capacity of the cabinets, the internal divisions to categorize belongings, among other details.

You can also keep the bedroom and closet furniture in tune with a planned project. For example: use a dresser and a shoe rack with the same color and design. If there is a bathroom nearby, you can apply the same features as the furniture to the cabinet or countertop of the sink, for example.

4. Use Different Types of Lights

The bedroom is where we recharge and prepare for a new day. It is also the perfect environment for some people to enjoy leisurely moments in peace, by reading a book, watching a series or just relaxing.

Therefore, it is crucial to provide an intimate atmosphere that makes the space more welcoming, especially at night. For this, there is nothing better than including points of light in different areas to obtain indirect lighting.

Stick to a beautiful chandelier, bedside lamps, and recessed ceiling spots. If you like something more different, how about a string of lights around the headboard? To enhance the cozy feeling, invest in yellow LED bulbs.

Project: Daiana Ortolan – Photos: Vivianne Rubin

The situation is a little different in the closet, especially if it houses the mirror in which you view your daily looks. Avoid colored lights in this environment. Instead, prioritize neutral lamps that don’t distort the actual hue of clothing and shoes.

The good idea is to place a pair of sconces next to the mirror or install lamps around the entire frame of the mirror, creating the effect of dressing room lights. Thus, it is possible to achieve homogeneous clarity for skincare and makeup application.

5. Perfect the Personal Touch

In the bedrooms and closets, fabrics are a good part of the aesthetics. Crafted bedspreads, rug sets, different curtains, and even pillow covers add information.

But you can go the extra mile to add a little extra personality. It is good to apply wallpaper, paste stickers, paint a strip from the bedroom to the area that delimits the closet, and even light up the furniture partitions with LED tape.

Project: Juliana Duarte – Execution: Finger Maceió – Photos: Sarah Medeiros

To complement the furniture’s function and keep everything organized, invest in organizer boxes or customize your own designs. In the sleeping area, it is interesting to display, in niches and shelves, items related to the bedroom owner or that bring souvenirs to a couple — paintings, rare collections, objects acquired on trips, etc.

6. Decorate Your Closet Space with Mirrors

Another tip that will make all the difference in your bedroom decor with the closet is the addition of mirrors in the room. This item is essential to expand smaller spaces, in addition to facilitating that last check on the look before leaving. The options are diverse, and you can decide between adding a single large mirror that goes from floor to ceiling or several smaller ones to visualize the look from different angles.

Execution: Edy Planned

7. Invest in Minimalist Decor

As we are talking about a place that will serve, primarily, to store your clothes, it’s good to hold back the excitement when composing the space. After all, you would not want to trip over decorative items every time you change. So, stick to a minimalist look for your closet. Thus, you give personality to the environment without giving up the organization.

8. Use Neutral Colors to Compose the Environment

Following the same previous tip for decorating a bedroom with a closet, hold your hand when choosing the colors of the place. You should prefer light colors such as beige, white and light gray. Such tones give the feeling of spaciousness and tranquillity, everything you need when putting together your looks.

Project: Danieli Bonatto – Execution: Atrativa Finger de Concordia – Photo: Júlio Gomes Filho

But make no mistake: you can still highlight your closet with more vibrant colors. Even though, many of them will be present in your clothes or in some of the furniture you choose to add to the place.

9. Stick to Accessories to Give the Space More Life

After planning the entire composition of the closet practically, it’s time to let your imagination flow and decorate the space with personalized items. If you like to use knickknacks, paintings, dolls, and other external elements to highlight the rooms, now is the time to include them.

But, if you prefer to keep a cleaner look, without leaving the closet too simple, it’s worth sticking to more striking pieces of clothing, such as vinyl shoes or shoes with colorful fabrics.

10. Learn About the Advantages of Having a Closet in Your Bedroom

One of the great benefits of adding a closet is its organization and practicality, compared to ordinary wardrobes. In a closet, you can store all your personal items — clothes, shoes, towels, bedding, and accessories — in a single, orderly environment. Besides, you’ll be able to view everything you own in a big way, without having to move anything out of place.

Another advantage is the style and elegance it will give to your room. After all, the closet is a fully customizable piece; then, you will be able to combine the look of the new environment with the style of decoration of the room, be it modern, classic, romantic. Décor with closets in the bedrooms of Blue World City is worth noting.

Execution: Finger Passo Fundo – Photos: Otávio Assis

Finally, we are talking about a space that always adds more value to your property. Currently, the demand for houses and apartments with closets in the bedrooms has increased significantly. So, in addition to upgrading your home, you’ll still be investing in property improvements, should you decide to sell it later.

See how it’s possible to decorate a bedroom with an integrated closet and in good taste? Start with our tips and kick-start the composition if you feel like revamping these environments. You may also have a look at the bedrooms in dha multan that make the best use of closets in decoration.

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