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Does living in an apartment mean that you have to settle with clutter and suffocating and limited space? One of the best decisions you can make while living in a tiny living space is to adopt a minimalist style. Going minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all the stuff that gives your space character and life. It means being able to have a firm grasp of what is essential and what is unnecessary. It is knowing that quality bunks quantity in all ways.
A minimalist apartment free from clutter is not only more visually appealing, but it can give you relaxation and have peace of mind. Removing unnecessary objects in your apartment will make your life a whole lot easier and more efficient. Trust us, you’ll find stuff easier to find, and cleaning will be much faster (Yay!).

There are a lot of ways to show your personality in a minimalist home. Your choice of material, lighting, and accents will have a drastic effect on such a small space. Here are some minimalist apartments that are in no way boring and lacking in character:

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12. Play with Different Textures and Material

12. Play with Different Textures and Material by simphme.comGive your apartment personality by combining objects that give visual and tactile variety. To add a subtle organic feel to a minimalist apartment, consider choosing a variety of natural materials and neutral tones.

This minimalist apartment seamlessly combines different textures and materials without being too overwhelming. A monochrome color scheme provides the perfect canvas to highlight all the different organic textures of wood, fur, and ceramic pottery.

11. Adopt a Circular Traffic Pattern

11. Adopt a Circular Traffic Pattern by simphme.comSetting up barriers and boundaries in your apartment can make it appear even smaller and restricted in such a limited space.

Consider building your space around a circular traffic pattern to maximize all the available space. This will add an illusion of continuity, making your apartment feel larger and more open. This minimalist apartment in Odessa was specifically designed by M3 ARCHITECTS for a young bachelor. The apartment functionally maximizes the open space by carefully situating the furniture to provide flow. A neutral color palette and simple materials give the room a light and open feel.

10. Make your Two-Room apartment feel like a Two-storey house

10. Make your Two Room apartment feel like a Two storey house by simphme.comFor apartments with limited rooms, you’ll definitely have to adapt and find the right balance to merging different functional spaces. To still give your home a semblance of well-defined areas, carefully think about which areas will be functional when combined. This two-room apartment made it seem that design possibilities were endless–seamlessly merging bedroom/living room and dining room/kitchen.

A monochrome color scheme accented with carefully-chosen refurbished functional decor oozes personality and history– making the apartment feel like you are transported in a completely different world. Choosing to upcycle during your DIY projects is the perfect way to save a few bucks and unleash your creativity!. The lightly stained wood floors, white walls, and doors combined with a high ceiling window effectively give the illusion of a much larger home.

9. A Balance of Color

9. A Balance of Color by simphme.comChoosing to go, minimalist doesn’t mean that you should only go with white, gray, and black. Carefully infusing pops of color is actually the best way to give life to space.

Take inspiration from this minimalist apartment with a nod to mid-century modernism with its wood features and white painted walls. The space was mostly composed of pale grey and solid black elements, but the subtle infusion of yellow, pink, blue, and green gave the apartment depth and character. Choose functional statement pieces that will brighten the room and bring together all the hues, such as this cheery corn-colored armchair.

8. Making an Entrance

8. Making an Entrance by

The expression “First impressions last forever” is exceptionally fitting when planning your minimalist home!

If you’re feeling a little lost on how to start your apartment makeover, you can begin by decorating your entryway. Each piece that you choose will ultimately help settle the mood for your whole apartment. For a minimalist apartment, avoid overwhelming pieces and clutter. Instead, go with functional and subtle, yet elegant pieces.
This beautiful entryway incorporates functional pieces– a wicker basket perfect for keys and mail, scented candles, and a large mirror that makes the space feel larger and brighter. Play with textures and colors by adding plants and pottery.

7. Gray, but not at all drab

7. Gray but not at all drab by simphme.comChoosing to go with muted gray and off-white tones doesn’t have to mean a dull and drab space. Much like an all-white room, gray makes for a perfect backdrop for any design style, just a little sleeker and more sophisticated. Easily dress up and give the room personality with your choice of decor and accents. On a tight budget, choose to go with natural colors and materials such as wood and glass.

6. Soft and Inviting

6. Soft and Inviting by simphme.comSome minimalist homes may seem cold and uninviting. The trick is to find meaningful pieces that give life to your apartment.

Carefully choose pieces that offer warmth and sophistication. If you’d like to keep colors to a minimum, don’t be afraid to mix things up with plants, flowers, and greenery. Illustrations, photos, and your precious artwork and collection can instantly liven up an otherwise uninviting and minimalist apartment. Interesting patterns and textures can also help to brighten up your space.

5. Don’t go too crazy

5. Dont go too crazy by simphme.comWhen planning starts to get a little hazy, go back to your initial vision of a minimalist apartment. Remember that all the pieces should be intentional, don’t make excuses for clutter! You don’t necessarily have to choose that is loud and bold to make a statement. When composed and styled thoughtfully, simple pieces can transform your apartment into a sophisticated and warm space.

4. Choose Timeless pieces

4. Choose Timeless pieces by simphme.comPlanning for any space can be overwhelming. With the seemingly endless array of materials and pieces to choose from, you can go with neutral tones, bold color choices, and wild patterns. In the end, to save you the cost and trouble of constant remodeling, choose a timeless and classic material. Classic pieces are considered CLASSIC for a reason. Throughout the decades, these pieces have proved to seamlessly complement a variety of spaces regardless of design style.

Take the subway tile, for example. Its rectangular shape gives it the versatility to fit in almost any –from your kitchen backsplash to your bathroom walls, regardless of design style. The subway tile is an easy and budget-friendly option for the novice DIY enthusiast. Peel-and-stick faux tiles can easily be found in your local hardware store or online. These adhesive tiles are heat and moisture resistant.

3. Visit a thrift store

3. Visit a thrift store by simphme.comChoosing to go DIY for your apartment is a brave and smart choice! Not only will you significantly cut back on your expenses, but you’re giving yourself the perfect opportunity to procure unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring life to your minimalist apartment. Before heading to big outlet stores, explore some vintage thrift stores for furniture. You’ll likely find beautiful and timeless statement pieces.

Consider buying your storage units, couches, chairs, and tables second-hand. It’s easy to give them a new life with a quick sanding and a fresh coat of paint! Take your decorating up a notch by adding some storage boxes! Mix it up with a few rattan baskets and some cloth boxes.

2. Make Smart Choices

2. Make Smart Choices by simphme.comIf you’re still finding it challenging to choose pieces for your space, consider building your apartment around your most frequently used item or area. Do you spend hours working in the kitchen? Find a statement piece to go in your kitchen, like a retro coffee machine or a statement countertop then start looking for pieces that will function well around it.

Need an outlet to relax? Choose to build your apartment around your living room and entertainment set. Invest in furniture and pieces that will make the space more inviting. Because you are still watching this clip, I have to tell you that your subscription and support influence this channel’s growth and quality. For that reason, click the subscription box under the video if you haven’t done it already. More about that later after I complete this presentation. Next, let’s finish our top 12 list ideas with

Lastly, Number 1. Decorate like a Madman

1. Decorate like a Madman by simphme.comWhen we say this, we don’t mean that you should go crazy buying all the beautiful pieces you set your eyes on. We mean that you should learn to embrace your creativity and flexibility! Remember that adopting a minimalist style is all about choosing quality over quantity.

If you’d like to give your space a fun and exciting character, choose to go with wacky and colorful pieces that are functional! Colorful pillows, chairs, and curtains can instantly give life to an otherwise boring and uninviting minimalist space. Getting tired of your apartment? You’ll be surprised what a quick coat of paint on a piece of furniture can do.


Choosing to style a minimalist apartment doesn’t need to be expensive! It will actually encourage you to live more simply and thoughtfully. Keeping unnecessary items and clutter is a big no-no in minimalist living.

On the other hand, you don’t have to let go of your personality and all the things that give your space life and character. Instead, make a commitment to always value quality over quantity. The key is to make intentional and conscious choices about your space. Remember to choose timeless, functional, and meaningful pieces in your journey to minimalist living.

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