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10 Front Yard Gardening Ideas

That would be appealing to even the most budget savvy individuals

Your front yard is the first thing that passersby will notice. Therefore, keeping it beautiful and organized will be your ultimate goal. One of the cheap and fun ways to make your front yard look more appealing is by growing some plants.
Apparently, improving curb appeal is not just about letting some flowers and greenery grow uncontrollably. You do need some plans to make it terrific rather than terrible. More about that later.

Here I’ve summed up and present you 10 front yard gardening ideas that will work in any front yard despite the size. As usual, this list is compiled for you by Simphome.
It comes with dozen bonus ideas and as always the list is also presented in video format 10 Front Yard Gardening Ideas Pinterest image Long
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10. Create a Sidewalk Garden Create Sidewalk GardenIf you want to make your front yard look exquisite while awing the eyes, try making a sidewalk garden. The good thing about a sidewalk garden is it doesn’t require lots of space. Even small space like the gap between the sidewalk and fence sizing not more than a foot can do a big change.
The challenge is you need to pick the right plants that can make the most of the space. Tall, narrow plants like Foxgloves, Monkshoods, or Hollyhocks are a great choice as they fit in with small space between the fence and sidewalk while producing vivid blooms.

Don’t forget to team them up with dwarf flowering shrubs like Hydrangea, Diervilla, or Potentilla so that you’ll get blooms from the bottom to the top. Add more blooms by training vines like roses or Bougainville to climb up the white fence and amp it up. | BHG

9. Add Curves Add Curves 2A straight pathway that escorts your guests to the front door can be somewhat mundane. So, why don’t you try a curvy one?
A curve paving pathway can add nuance and instant appeal to your front yard. But you will still need to accentuate it by growing plants along the curvy pathway. Flowering shrubs like blue star creepers and Cranesbills will be great. For moderate to heavy foot traffic, try Spring Cinquefoil or Brass Buttons. | BHG Add Curves 1They can flourish well although your guests accidentally step on them.

8. Dress Up Your Mailbox Dress Up Your Mailbox 1A mailbox is one of the elements that most front yards have. Unfortunately, many homeowners see a mailbox as a box that hosts bills. They fail to notice the potential of the mailbox in improving their front yard landscaping.
There are many ways you can use to dress up your mailbox. You can paint it or grow some plants to highlight it. Painting it will be easier. But I suggest you to go with the latter one as plants can enrich the look of your mailbox immensely.

Treat your mailbox like a trellis where your roses or clematis wrap the supporting post around. To avoid the awkward look, grow shrubs like Butterfly Bush, Weigela, and Spirea under the mailbox. | BHG Dress Up Your Mailbox 2

The lush shrubs will accentuate the mailbox nicely.

7. Cover Your Front Yard with Pebbles Cover Your Front Yard with Pebbles 1Some people find gardening exhausting. They are tired of cultivating, planting the flowers, watering them, and mowing the lawn regularly. Gardening should be fun and help you blow off steam. But if gardening is not your forte, you can just grow some no-fuss bushes and perennials, and cover your front yard with pebbles rather than turf. This front yard looks great despite the absence of turf.
The walkway is completely covered with pebbles and square tiles. | BHG Cover Your Front Yard with Pebbles 2Butterfly bushes and black-eyed Susan spice up the front yard without making you spend much time gardening.

6. Add A Water Feature or Fountain Add A Water Feature or Fountain 1Any garden needs a focal point that can draw the eyes instantly. It can be anything like a tall tree surrounded with flower beds, a sculpture, or a water feature.
If you want to bring in tropical flair to your front yard, you can opt for a water feature for the focal point. A fountain, waterfall, or a big jar with water can do the trick. Don’t forget to round out it with lush greenery.

Even if you prefer other types of garden, adding a water feature can create a more dramatic look, just like this garden. Add A Water Feature or Fountain 3Coreopsis and Coneflowers beef the water feature up nicely. Add A Water Feature or Fountain 2Mulch is used to cover the entire area for the low maintenance. | HomeBNC

5. Tap Your Sloping Front Yard Tap Your Sloping Front Yard 2Don’t let your sloping front yard hinder you from getting a beautiful garden. You can tap it and use its awkward shape to create an outstanding garden.
To tame your sloping front yard, you’re going to need to make a retaining wall before growing some beautiful flowers and bushes.

The retaining wall can be made out of bricks, pavers, or concrete.
Use the retaining wall as the flower bed that hosts various kinds of blooms like hydrangea, snapdragon, daisies, or any other bloom you like. | BHG Tap Your Sloping Front Yard 1If you think the plain concrete retain wall is dull, try covering it up with vines like ivy or jasmines.

4. Welcome Your Guests with an Archway Welcome Your Guests with an Archway 3There are many ways to fill up your front yard with various kinds of stunning plants although you are short on space. One of which is by using vertical gardening.
Vertical gardening is the best solution for any limited front yard and backyard. You only need to make trellis and let your plants climb up it. However, not all plants can be trained to climb up the trellis, though. Your alternative. | BHG Welcome Your Guests with an Archway 2You can take this idea to the next level by investing in an archway. Just install the archway in your front yard so that it can welcome your guests. Welcome Your Guests with an Archway 1To add more drama, wrap around the arch with beautiful vines like roses, Morning Glories, Wisterias, or Clematis.

3. Upcycle an Old Wheel Barrow Upcycle an Old Wheel Barrow 1Incorporating an unusual thing in your garden is worth trying. You can try growing some flowers in an old wheel barrow rather than in a planter. Besides, the weathered finish of the wheel barrow will add the touch of rustic look to your front yard. Upcycle an Old Wheel Barrow 2The technique of growing plants in a wheel barrow is exactly the same as growing plants in planters. You just need to put dirt and fertilizer in it, then grow your favourite plants. It will be better if you grow vines and flowering shrubs. The more, the merrier. And don’t forget to make some holes for drainage. | HomeBNC

2. Embrace Zen Garden Embrace Zen Garden 2A jaw-dropping front yard garden doesn’t have to be colorful. An Asian-inspired or Japanese garden which only accommodates greenery can be a stylish one as it provides a distinctive look.
Since a zen garden tends to be decorated with evergreen, you can enrich its look by varying the height of your plants. And to do this, you can grow Juniper, Japanese maples, bamboos, and Hostas. | BHG Embrace Zen Garden 1You can also add pebbles and hardscape elements to accentuate the style while keeping down the maintenance to a minimum.

Lastly, Number 1. Hang Your Plants Hang Your Plants 2
Doesn’t have enough space to grow more plants? No big deal! You can even make a garden in your porch. But you’re going to need lots of planters to do it.
In this porch, you can find some hanging baskets that host petunias. The beautiful colors of petunias jazz the porch up perfectly. Since petunias are tough flowers that don’t mind dry soils, they are the best choice for your mini garden in the porch or in front of the house. | HomeBNC Hang Your Plants 1
Besides, they can bloom for a long period of time.

Bonus Ideas:

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