12 Small Kitchen Decluttering Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of your home.
It’s where we spend hours trying to come up with the perfect meal to show our love for friends and family. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful places in your home.

The kitchen is difficult to keep organized– what with its everyday use and your overflowing supply of appliances, utensils, glassware, and cookware. It’s all so hard to keep track of, especially if you have such a small space to work with.
Allow us to serve you a few tips on decluttering a small kitchen:
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12. Commit and follow-through!

12. Commit and follow through by simphome.comGet the most difficult part over with.

Ultimately deciding to begin the decluttering process is the most difficult part! You’d really have to commit to following through with the complete process–from planning to maintaining your organization protocol each day for years to come.

Even if you have a small kitchen, chances are that a lot of loose junk such as mail, keys, purses, and newspapers end up being piled in the kitchen. You might have many spare utensils and appliances that haven’t seen the light of day since Barack Obama was president. Set aside some time to remove all the unnecessary junk and spare objects in your kitchen.

Start organizing all the items in your kitchen into five categories: trash, recycling, donation, belongs elsewhere, and to keep.

11. Think about how you use your space.

11. Think about how you use your space. by simphome.comGet this part over with: think hard about how you actually use your kitchen space and equipment.
Now, think about where it would be most efficient to place each item. Designate specific areas for each category and item based on their function. Consider rearranging your kitchen based on your most frequent kitchen habits and activities.

Frequently used items such as the microwave, coffee pot, and chopping board should be placed on countertops. Place all the most used kitchen utensils in a jar near the stove. For easy access to the most used items, choose to store these on an open shelf.
Designate specific cabinets and drawers for specific items, prioritizing the most used items like plates and utensils, where you usually do kitchen work.

If you think that the functional organization system is not best for you, try to develop a plan that would work best for your household. Make sure you have a concrete system in mind before haphazardly filling up your counter and cabinets again.

10. DIY Utensil Rack Idea

10. DIY Utensil Rack by simphome.comA utensil rack is an extremely convenient tool to organize and keep track of all your most-used utensils. Now you wouldn’t have to turn over every single drawer just to find that rubber spatula.

Easy access to utensils can ultimately streamline your cooking sessions, making your time and work in the kitchen much more efficient. You can also step up your utensil rack organization by adding labels to each hook.
To save a few bucks, you can choose to make your own utensil rack using sustainable materials. Make sure that the materials you use are sturdy enough to hold the weight of all the utensils.

9. Mount a Hanging Box

9. Mount a Hanging Box by simphome.comThese hanging boxes are magic–instantly make walls, windowsills, and the space beneath drawers into usable and convenient storage.

Make sure to place these boxes where you’ll need them the most. You can choose to mount a hanging box for your towels or soap near the sink, or you might want to fill up a box with spices near your stove. Go with what works best with your kitchen activities.
If you plan to make a DIY hanging box, these are extremely easy to make, and you can even use scrap material.

8. Install a Microwave Shelf

8. Install a Microwave Shelf by

If you’re working with limited storage and counter space, you need to make the most out of every inch available to you–they should be functional and useful too.

Consider installing a microwave shelf. This can significantly make your food preparations a whole lot easier with the extra counter space. Ensure that the material of the shelf you are installing is sturdy enough to support the microwave’s weight (and anything you plan on heating up). It’s also important to take note of the available power outlets before installing the microwave.

7. A Backsplash and Spice shelf

7. A Backsplash and Spice shelf by simphome.comKeep your frequently used ingredients, such as cooking oil and spices, on an easy-to-access shelf. With DIY projects, you can easily customize the shelves’ size to fit your containers and bottles.

Consider installing these backsplash shelves right beside the stove; it’ll surely save you lots of time from clean-ups and having to go back and forth between the pantry!

6. Ye Olde Jar Shelves

6. Ye Olde Jar Shelves by simphome.comIf you have a tiny pantry and limited storage space, consider installing a jar shelf for easy access to all your cooking supplies. These jar shelves also add an old-fashioned yet charming feel to the kitchen.
For a DIY shelf, invest in some big and heavy-duty glass jars. This will make it easier for you to line-up, organize, and identify all your supplies.

As an additional safety measure, consider adding raised edges (lip) around the shelves. You can effectively make use of the scrap trim material as the shelf lip.

5. Keep a Produce Stand near your Counter

5. Keep a Produce Stand near your Counter by simphome.comAside from showcasing your beautiful farmer’s market buys, a produce stand is a functional way to organize your fruits and vegetables.

Keep your produce stand near your counter or kitchen island. This will save you some valuable counter space while also allowing easy access during your food preps. If you’d like to make your own produce stand, it’s also straightforward, and you’ll only be needing a few materials: a power drill, some screws, and a saw. If you don’t have access to equipment to cut wooden boards, pre-made wooden crates are a convenient option that gives ample storage space.

4. Rolling Kitchen Appliance Storage

4. Rolling Kitchen Appliance Storage by simphome.comIf you’re low on storage, make the most out of your kitchen’s nooks and crannies by making a rolling Kitchen appliance storage. While you should keep the most used appliances like your microwave and coffee maker on the kitchen counter, you might want some extra space to store your food processor or your juicer.

These are extremely functional as extra storage–imagine easily rolling out the whole shelf to your kitchen island!
Since you’re working with limited space, you can easily hide these shelves in small corners of the kitchen–between the wall, cabinets, or your fridge.

3. Pegboard Kitchen Storage

3. Pegboard Kitchen Storage by simphome.comAnother functional and sleek idea would be to mount a pegboard. This idea is the ultimate game-changer for kitchen organization!

Mount the pegboard would be the most convenient for you to grab your most-used cooking equipment quickly. It might work well over your counters or a free wall beside your stove. Let yourself go crazy with customizing your pegboard–the possibilities are endless with just pegboard hooks and accessories in your arsenal! Line up your pots and pans, all your measuring instruments for easy access. You can also use wire baskets with hooks to stack small dishes and spices.

Don’t stop there. You can easily style your kitchen (minus all the clutter) using your pegboard! With a quick coat of paint over your pegboard, hooks, and baskets, you can give instant vibrance to your once dull kitchen. You can also hang up some fun pictures, flowers, and plants to give your kitchen character.

2. More possibilities with Open Shelves

2. More possibilities with Open Shelves by simphome.comWhen styling a small space, open shelves can instantly make a room feel much bigger and lighter than it actually is. When organized and styled properly, open shelves also provide functionality with easier access to all your kitchen equipment and utensils. There’s no more need to rummage around every cabinet, causing an even bigger hassle in the process.

The only problem with open shelves and cabinets is that your kitchen may appear cluttered if you mindlessly fill them up. The first thing to do when you decide to go with open shelving is to designate an area based on a particular function or aesthetic. It would be better to place less used items on higher shelves.

Don’t be afraid to play around with scale and shape. Adding some variety will definitely keep your kitchen style interesting. This is also your chance to showcase your family’s personality or some of your precious collector’s items!

When styling your shelves, remember to keep your color palette to a minimum. Between 3 to 4 colors are enough to keep your kitchen interesting while not looking too cluttered and overwhelming.

Lastly, Number 1. Invest in compartments, dividers, and organizers

1. Invest in compartments dividers and organizers by simphome.comTo keep your counters, drawers, and cabinets organized, consider investing in compartments and baskets, then designate specific functions for each. Clear containers make it extremely easy to organize and access all your supplies. Otherwise, you can also make things a lot easier by adding a label.

Pull-out containers also make it easier to access supplies from deep cabinets and drawers while keeping these areas clutter-free. A lazy Susan is a convenient and functional tool that can also make it easier for you to find everything.

Most of these containers and organizers are very affordable at a dollar or less.


Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to settle with the constant clutter, a tiny counter, and lack of storage. Maximize your tiny kitchen by making the most out of every inch of your kitchen–that includes all available vertical and horizontal space!

Train yourself to spot nooks and crannies that you can fill up with rolling storage shelves or by installing some non-obstructive shelving. This is where your knack for DIY will really pay-off: customizing all your storage units to work the best for you and your limited space.

The key is ingenuity and adaptability!



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