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40 Apartment Makeover on A Budget, Décor, and Improvement Ideas

For young generations, the apartment is an ideal place to live considering the city lifestyle and the costly property in big cities. However, living in a big squared box without any amusement to the eyes surely can be boring. So, how about some makeover to enlighten your days at home?
You might have come across lots of home makeover ideas that will turn your apartment from a nay! into a yeay! More on that later, Next, this is 10 apartment makeover budget ideas that will give your apartment an instant facelift without making you broke. FYI, the list comes with dozen of awesome bonus ideas

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10. Jazz the Wall up with Wall Decals or Wall Stickers

10 Jazz the Wall up with Wall Decals or Wall Stickers via simphomeIf you are thinking about re-decorating your walls, let’s see another option besides painting them or changing the wallpapers. Both of them are costly sometimes, and you should consider doing it for the longer term. But if you only need some temporary changes and has limited budget, you might want to consider using wall decals or stickers.
There are DIY decals and stickers you can apply to your walls. Please note that usually the landlord or building management do not allow heavy improvement inside the unit without their consent. Anyway, since these wall decals and stickers are light and easy to use, they will not impair or spoil the wall heavily. Inform your landlord this information and I think getting a permission from them won’t be a problem. Via Amazon
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9. Install Mirror Wall in Your Small Apartment

9 Install Mirror Wall in Your Small Apartment via simphomeThe tiny space of your apartment needs more distinctive thinking in decoration. You will not want to put huge dark decoration as it will only make the room gloomy and less spacious.
Installing mirror can be an excellent way to deceive the sensation of small space, brighten the room, and give fancy feature to your home. But rather than placing one huge mirror, try to swindle the big reflection by putting up small mirrors on your wall.
These mirrors can be reorganized later when you think they are too many and you can also mix them with additional decoration pieces if you want. Via Hutchison Glass and Mirror

8. Paint the Your Furniture

8 Paint Your Furniture via simphomeDo you feel bored with your old furniture appearance? If the first thing in your mind is to buy a new furniture, then you have to think about the money you must spend and where to dump the old one.
Another way to amuse your mind is by repainting them with your mood colors. You do not need to go to the carpenter since painting a piece of furniture can easily be done on your own.
Before painting it, you need to clean it thoroughly. Put aside the hardware attached to the piece, then wipe it with clean soft cloth to remove the dust. After that, rub its surface with sandpaper to lightly remove the glossy surface of the old paint before prior-spraying it with paint or paint coat. Let the paint dry, then add water-based lacquer, polyurethane, or clear paste wax to make your work last. Via Business Insider

Follow next link to find a cool idea about How to paint your furniture fabric and make it looked like leather or How to Choose Perfect Paint Colors for your Wall and Interior

7. Lay a Rug

7 Lay a Rug via simphomeThe existence of rugs certainly brings lots of coziness in your room. But not all rugs can fit and mixed in with the interior design of your apartment. You need to consider several things like the size, purpose, maintenance, and – more importantly –price.
You should also consider where to lay the rug. For instance, the low-pile wool rug is best to be placed in a high traffic area since it is easier to be cleaned than the super plush fluffy one. Meanwhile, you can use a soft mohair shag or silk rug in your bedroom since they look amazing and feel good under bare feet. Via Apartment Therapy

6. Decorate the Space with Plants

6 Decorate your Space with indoor plants via simphome

Sometimes we find an awkward space in the corner of the living room or we even feel the coffee or side table is so plain and boring. And you can only think about buying expensive stuff such as art statuette or any other display to complement your space.
By the way, have you ever thought about putting a nice big planter in that corner to make your room look awesome? Or putting small flowers on the coffee table to make it more attractive?
A plant with planter can make a good air circulation, brings fresh odor in the room and during the day, it will absorb carbon dioxide we exhale and release fresh oxygen for us to inhale. It’s a win-win solution. Via Thedesigntwins

5. Consider Double-Duty Furniture

5 Consider Double Duty Furniture via simphomeThe most common issue in having a small apartment is the space limitation in arranging the furniture and stuff. Getting an ottoman coffee table that serves a double duty will be a fruitful option since it can be functioned as a coffee table where you can set down some snacks when watching TV. It can also be an additional seat when more visitors are coming. As a bonus, some ottomans feature hidden storage space to hide your clutter. Via Carrosesegredos

4. A Free-standing shelf as a Room Divider

4 A Free standing shelf as a Room Divider via simphomeA studio type apartment tends to be petite. Thus, the walls that separate the rooms are banished to make the apartment more comfortably sized. For this reason, a room divider is your safe bet.
A shelf makes a better room divider as not much furniture can be placed inside the unit and you will want to make the most of the space. This type of divider can extend your storage abilities and separate your rooms, so you can get your ultimate efficiency.
Besides shelf, there are many types of room dividers that you can choose from. They are not only functional, but also add an upscale the look of your space. Via Vurni

3. Add Pops of Colors

3 Add Pops of Colors via simphome
If you have no idea on how to start the makeover, try with putting up purposeful pops of colors throughout the room and max out the hues. You can begin with smaller items, such as the cushions, rugs, vases on the coffee table, and even a throw. Via HGTV

2. Change your Drapes

2 Change the Drapes via simphome
Changing drapes can also renew your apartment look. Drapes protect the room from the glare of the sun and any peeping tom. Apartment windows are usually narrow and short, yet, you can use taller drapes to make the room looks more spacious and elegant. Via Balizones

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1. Try DIY Lamp Shade or a Popsicle night lamp idea

1 Try DIY Lamp Shade or a popsicle night lamp idea via simphome
Lighting fixture can be boring sometimes. However, your landlord doesn’t allow you to replace it. If that’s the case, all you need is a DIY table lamp with cheap material that gives nice fluffy shade and perfect mood light.
First, get yourself a lamp shade frame, new coffee filters, and hot glue gun. Fold each filter in quarters, bend the tip, apply hot glue to the tip, and stick them to the lamp shade frame. The top and bottom of the shade must have the edges of flowers pointing away from the shade’s edge. And there you go, now you have a beautiful mood lamp you can be proud of! Via Shelterness


5 Easy Decorating Ideas For Rental Apartment:

If you are going to decorate your rental apartment, you just come in the right place. 5 following ideas would offer you new perspective that you can take to update your apartment interior without taking a lot of your attention. Keep on reading to find another relevant ideas you might like to test and experiment as soon as you have finished browsing all images available in the post

1. Choose a Storage that is Pretty to look at

17 storage
To have a satisfying result of decorating a rental apartment, you can start by choosing a pretty and artsy storage. However, you need to always remember that it should be pretty to look at. For example, you can choose handmade baskets to place your magazines or even books. On the other hand, you can also have trunks to put anything as you like. It is not hard right? (via littlehousebigcity)

2. The Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

17 kitchen knobs
The second idea to decorate a rental apartment is by giving a little touch to the kitchen cabinet knobs. Just by changing it, you will get a drastic change of the look in your kitchen. Moreover, switching it will not take too much time. An afternoon is more than enough to do it. One thing you need to remember is, you should keep the old hardware so that you can replace it when you are going to move out. (via etsy)

3. Paint some Furniture to replace Painting the Walls if you Can’t do it

17 painted furniture
When comes to the idea of decorating a rental apartment, many people might think that the easiest way is to paint the wall. However, some people might have obstacle in doing so. If you are one of them, you can just choose to paint the furniture instead. The new color of the furniture in your rental apartment will bring you a new and fresh look indeed. (via fancydecors)

4. Change the Faucet, not the total things in Bathroom or Kitchen

17 change faucet
When you want to give a new look to your bathroom or kitchen, you might think to replace all the stuff there. However, actually you can choose another option than redecorate all of the equipments there. To minimize the budget, you can only change the faucet. This simple decoration certainly will bring a new life to your rental apartment; moreover, it also comes in more payable budget. (via southernrevivals)

5. Bring More Green to make your Rental Apartment livelier

17 green apartment
In decorating a rental apartment, many people only focus on the wall, painting the stuff, replacing the old furniture, or even reorganizing the stuff placement. One trick you should know in bringing your apartment to livelier living place is actually by placing greenery. You can put some flowers like orchid, or even any window plants you like. It will bring true freshness in your rental apartment for sure. (via stylist)

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6. Choose the right Temporary Wallpaper

12 temporary wallpaper
The very first thing you need to mind when decorating a rental apartment is the temporary wallpaper. If you want to have colorful and tidy rental apartment but do not have enough allowance to paint all wall, you can just use temporary wallpaper. It has various designs of colors as well as patterns. You can pick the one you liked the most. Moreover, installing or remove it is just a piece of cake. (via makinghomebase)

7. Mind the Mirrors you will use

12 mirror
In all apartments, people will hang at least one mirror there. If you want to decorate your apartment, you can make use of it actually. How is it possible? Mirrors are a great way you can do if you want to enhance space. It can also be a trick if you want to show that your apartment is bigger than its actual size. Therefore, never worry to place a mirror in your room. (via gloriasmood)

8. A Simple Pegboard for Artsy look

12 pegboard
The next idea to decorate your rental apartment is by using pegboard. It has great function, yet serves great function. You can have your old pans or even pots here. The look will be so pretty and artsy when you display them on a beautiful pop of pegboard. Pegboard is like a snap to hang. Moreover, you will not find it too difficult when you want to remove it; it comes down easily. (via homedesignlover)
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9. The Secret of Door Handles and Door Knobs

12 hand door knobs
Well, if you wonder to have a new and refreshing look start from when you or other people are going to enter your rental apartment, you do need to decorate all from the door. Instead, you can just give a little artsy touch to the door handles or even the door knobs. Just pick the one, which match your style, then install it. The installation is not so hard to do alone. (via flickr)

10. Pick the Right Chandelier

12 chandelier
If now you are using dirty light, which filled with bug, it is time to redecorate your rental apartment. For an option, you can choose artsy and elegant chandelier as a replacement. The look of it in your ceiling will definitely bring fresh view to your apartment. If you are a handy person, you can do it by yourself. However, you can ask other people’s help if you are not confident enough. (via vasaro)

5 Storage Ideas For Tiny Apartment:

Storage in tiny apartment can be an issue for some people. However, you can do some tricks below to produce extra storage to keep your premium space decluttered and used effectively. More about that later.

11. A Rolling Storage

rolling storage
Having some drawer sets can take up some space and they are heavy to be moved around. You can just have a simple storage one which can be moved around easily and it will not take up much space. That is a rolling storage. A rolling storage usually made vertically and consists of some levels. Using this kind of storage will help you placing many things like school supplies, bathroom storage, non perishable food, even your makeup. (via ranker)

12. Hanging Closet Storage made from Crates

hanging closet
Your clothes can be so many of them and you have no idea to put them in your tiny apartment. Here is an idea to create a hanging closet for you. You need some unused crates. Paint it with color you like and add some ropes there. You can make some holes to connect each rope with each crate you have. You are done with that and it’s ready to hang on your house. (via harppost)
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13. Vertical Storage

vertical storage
In a tiny apartment, make sure to utilize as much vertical space as possible. You won’t have much storage to put up all of your things. That is why you need a vertical shelf. You can also hang some shelves to store some things, like decorations, books, trophies, and many more. it is very worth using up all of the vertical space. (via theorganizedchick)
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14. Organized Door Storage

organized door
You can make use of back of the door. You may need to store your stuffs more, but unfortunately, you don’t have any more space inside the tiny apartment. Don’t be so confused since you can still make use your back door. You can put some baskets there to put up some things you want. Additionally, you can add levels of baskets, so you will have some more storage. (via iheartorganizing)
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15. The Food Storage Idea

food storage
You may be kind of person who like to eat snacks a lot and mostly you buy a big size of them. Then, you might be confused to keep all of your snacks later on. Thing you can do is adding a hanging storage inside your cabinet. You can just add a small and long stick with some hooks, and you can use paper clips to hang any packaged food you have. (via emackenya)
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5 Clever Ways to Actually Organize Small Apartment:

Organizing a living place is important, moreover, if you live in a small apartment every space you have is exclusive and every living person inside your apartment is actually colonizer of it. The more people you have, the less freedom you can acquire. Clutter space can bring headache and these 5 ideas could be the cure of it. Godwill

16. Managing the space

manage space

To begin with, if you can handle the space management, it will result the same, as you will get satisfaction of having wider apartment. One of the easiest ways is by using over the door organizers. It applied for almost everything in your small apartment. You can use this arrangement for your shoes or even cleaning supplies. By doing this, you will not see to much stuff disturbing your view and feel inside your apartment. 15 WAYS TO MAXIMIZE STORAGE WITH OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZERS

manage space

manage space

manage space

manage space


manage space

17. Managing your pantry

manage pantry

When living in small apartment, the most common problem faced by many people is the limited space to put a pantry. If you have the same problem as well, here is a trick you can do. You can just outfit utilitarian shelving system. Make sure that the one you choose also has breathable baskets, which can round up anything. You can also choose wire basket, which equipped casters if you want to have more versatility. Source

18. Make use of the hook


Another important thing, which can make your small apartment looks wider, is by maximizing the use of hook. You can have more than one shower caddies placed on removable adhesive book. It will also be better if you can use one shower for multiple people. On the other hand, you can also make use of S-hook, which will also works well to be extra towel rack if you do not have one. Source






19. Utilizing the Area Under your Stairway

under the stair

If you dreamed to have wider apartment look, you should not waste the space under the stairway. This place actually holds tons of potential to store many things. Placing your stuff here will make other room look less stuffy. An architect named Tom Stringer even developed special drawers for a family, which has four members, to be placed on this place. The result is shockingly amazing to make the apartment look bigger. Source

under the stair

under the stair

under the stair

under the stair

under the stair


20. Managing the counter space


The last top recommended trick to maximize the space in your small apartment is by managing the counter space. You can squeeze more counter space as well as storage into your kitchen by using chef’s chart. This way works differently from one kitchen to another. However, it might serve the best along the wall. For another option, you can also choose roll up drying rack, which sits over the sink, to save more counter space. Source





5 Apartment Remodeling Tips You Should Try:

If you don’t know what you should do with your apartment yet you really want to remodel it, then it is recommended for you to ask help by having a consultation with an interior design professional. But if that thing is too far out of your reach (methaphorically or factually), then consider starting with one or some of the ideas available in the next section

21. Buy Antiques

simphome antique furniture

Antiques are option in case you want to remodel your apartment into Victorian style. One thing for sure, they are expensive. So if you want them to be in your apartment, make sure you are ready with the budget. To match the antiques, you should think about the wall and floor as well. Wallpaper and wooden floor would be great for this remodeling idea. (via topdesignideas)

22. Build Shelves

simphome book shelf

Shelves are important in a small apartment. Besides your unused stuff, there must be some stuff that you still need, right? For example, books. To store these books, it is recommended that you build your own shelves with wood board and install it on the wall. The shelves would give your apartment room a smart and tidy look. (via shadesofblueinteriors)

23. Mix and Match

simphome mix and match

If you are a creative person, then it would be better to do the remodel based on your imagination. What you need to do is simply to let your imagination works. You can add furniture with different color and pattern without having second thought whether it would be match or not. You also can mix furniture with the same pattern and color; even if they don’t actually look the same. But, make sure this mix and match is planned or you’ll spend more money than it should have been. (via paperblog)

24. Modernize the Electronics and Appliances

simphome modern apartment

Your remodeling won’t be completed without new electronics and appliances. Even if your apartment is small, there can still be new TV, dishwasher, modern stove, washing machine, etc. Also, you can install some CCTV to give extra security to your apartment. But, new electronics means higher electricity bill. Even so, the new electronics and appliances will surely give a new and modern atmosphere in your apartment. (via pinimg)

25. Call Professionals

simphome ask for professional

If you don’t know what you should do with your apartment yet you really want to remodel it, then it is recommended for you to ask help by having a consultation with an interior design professional. They can give you the 3D mock so that you can have the big picture of what you should do or add to your apartment. These professionals are pricey, yet they can give you the best plan for you to work with. (via amara)

home office floating shelves via simphome
Source image

5 Tiny Apartment Remodeling Ideas:

One of the easy ways to remodel your apartment is to fill the walls with some pictures like paintings, family photos, posters, murals, or photography. But that’s only view suggestion you can take. Other than that, you can simply do nothing and wait latest wall decor product that Amazon have to offer, all Walmart or Overstock has to offer. More about that later and thank you for reading this long and awesome list. Respect!

26. Rustic is the New Modern

simphome rustic in modern
Rustic design is known as a traditional design because it is using materials like bricks and wood as wall. Yet, these day people tend to use rustic design as a part of interior design. This design is also applicable for small apartments. What you need to do is simply put brick decoration on the wall so it looks as if it is real. Then, you should put wood boards on the floor. Also, you need to add wooden tables. This remodeling is also known to have masculine atmosphere. For guys, this is the best for you. (via aranyawiwake)

27. Install New Windows

simphome new big window
One of the reasons that you feel bored with your current apartment condition is probably your windows. If you have a room in which you can see the view of the city you live in, then having such small and boring windows would be a waste. To enhance the view, you should install new windows yet not a random window; you should install the big ones. This way, the view from your windows will be enhanced. (via pnpcraftsmen)

28. Add Pictures and Art

simphome paint and art
One of the easy ways to remodel your apartment is to fill the walls with some pictures like paintings, family photos, posters, murals, or photography. These pictures will surely bring a new atmosphere to your apartment. But don’t mix them randomly; you should put a set of pictures that shows something. For example, family photos and posters about family quote. These 2 things enhance each other and can be put together in a wall. (via venidair)

29. Go for Minimalism

simphome minimalist apartment
Whatever that you’re trying to do in remodeling your apartment, don’t overdo it. Don’t take too much space just to rearrange your furniture, don’t take too much space on the wall for pictures, and don’t make your apartment messy once again. Keep your apartment clean while the decoration and arrangement have to be as minimalist as it can be. (via abodo)

30. Girly Remodeling

simphome girl remodel apartment
For girls who live alone in an apartment, you can try to paint the wall with soft pink color, add some flowers vases, and keep the room comfy by reducing the amount of decoration. Also, replace your curtain with the white one while the couch should have bright colors. Then, you can add throw pillows with soft colors. This is a simple remodeling for a small apartment and for you girls who live alone should be able to remodel your apartment by yourself. (via grandecor)

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