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10 Bedroom Apartment Improvement Ideas

If you are an apartment dweller, you probably know how it feels to put up with tiny space. Sometimes you have big ideas for your home décor, but the small room does not allow you to do so.
Well, not all decorating ideas entail ample space. Some of them require a minimum or even no floor space at all, meaning you will not make your bedroom feel more cramped. And I have good news for you as I had collected ten-bedroom apartment improvement ideas that you can try in all kinds of sleeping space. As always, this compilation is brought to you by And without further ado, let’s start our countdown.

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10. Hide The Old Floor

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If you happen to have unpleasing flooring in the apartment bedroom, installing new tiles is wasting money since you can leave it at any time. However, with this small bedroom apartment idea, you can still cover the bedroom’s floor with temporary floorings, such as peel and stick carpet tiles.

It would be better if you lay them down over the existing floors. You can remove the carpets any time. They work so great in hiding unpleasant hard floors like concrete or old tiles.
[amazon bestseller=”peel and stick carpet tiles” items=”2″] 10.Mannington Revive 12 Luxury Vinyl Sheet
These carpet tiles are available in various pattern designs and colors. The best part of carpet tiles is if one damage, remove and replace it with a new one—no need to change the whole flooring.
Besides carpet tiles, you may also choose vinyl planks, foam tiles, even rugs to hide the old floor.

9. Dress Up Your Wall

9.How to decorate a master bedroom ballance with walls
As the bedroom is surrounded by walls, a little decoration on the walls will be great to improve it.
It can be as simple as repainting them in different colors or installing removable wallpaper. You can also add a custom trim or wall molding by mounting them on the wall behind the headboard and paint them the same color as the wall. The pattern creates an accent wall and adds depth to the room.
9.How to decorate a master bedroom make walls interesting
Another master bedroom apartment improvement you should consider is arts, like a large-scale painting or DIY paper arts. Since they are easily hung, changed, and removed, they are pretty good for the master bedroom apartment. Also read this 10 Wardrobe Behind Bed Ideas

8. Bring In Some Plants


Freshen the dull space in your bedroom apartment and make it more alive with plants.
For the master bedroom, opt for potted plants and place them on the side table, shelves, or near the window. However, if you are lack of space, go with wall planters. They will turn your wall into a canvas of art.
Both real plants and fake ones will work in bedroom apartment décor project when done correctly.
More importantly, they are good for the money.
Nevertheless, real plants are good for health and can freshen the air, but they need maintenance.
Meanwhile, fake plants are low maintenance, proper to see, but can do nothing with the air circulation.

7. Makeover the Furniture

Do you get confused about how to decorate a tiny apartment bedroom without breaking the bank?
Well, bedroom decorating is not only about floors, walls, and ceiling, but also furniture. A little makeover to it can bring a new atmosphere to a tiny room.
There are a lot of ideas you can do with furniture, for instance, repainting it and replacing the knobs and pulls. If you decide to makeover a dresser or drawer, instead of repainting it with one color, try to go with Ombre style or add some graffiti that will make it conspicuous.

6. Consider Decorative Mirrors

There’s no doubt that mirrors work magically in making a tiny room appear bigger. However, instead of hanging a plain mirror on the wall, try hanging several mirrors with different sizes and decorative frames on a wall. This trick will take your bedroom wall one step further.

5. Or Some Romantic Lights

5.Craft ROMANTIC LIGHT Ambiance via
If you are couples, you need more than a good looking bedroom decor. You need something that can bring a romantic ambiance to the bedroom and enhance harmony with each other. In this case, the yellow lighting tone is perfect to create a romantic feeling that will make you more intimate.
To create the romantic ambiance, install warm yellow fairy lights or string lights on the wall or the canopy. For a more dramatic look, choose a sheer canopy. This idea will turn a usual bedroom into a warm, cozy bedroom. So perfect for a new couple.

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4. Display Your Pictures in An Unusual But Artistic Way

Creating gallery pictures is another excellent apartment bedroom idea for couples. You can show off your journeys as well as beautifying the wall. However, don’t you think arranging them in order or random way is boring? Instead, try to display them unusually.
This family tree, for example, is a beautiful way to put all your favorite family’s pictures on the wall. The branches connect one image to the others, so it is as if the tree is telling the story of how a couple begins a new relationship.

3. Rearrange The furniture

3.Rearrange your Furniture via
We all know that living in a tight budget is not easy, especially for college grads. However, improving the apartment look does not always mean purchasing new things.
Sometimes, you can get and enjoy a different look by simply changing the position of some furniture.
If you often position a bookcase on the corner of the bedroom or next to the desk, now try to move it to the end of your bed. This new move will give privacy and divide your bed space with the other area in your tiny apartment bedroom.

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2. A DIY Magnetic Board to Declutter the Make-Up Collections

Did you realize that a bedroom apartment will look fresher only by getting rid of the clutter?
For girls, one of the clutter sources is make-up stuff. Imagine they buy five pallets of eyeshadow, although they’ll only use one pallet color. Not to mention; their powder, blush, and any other make-up. No wonder you can find their dresser is covered with clutters.
To declutter the bedroom, consider this DIY magnetic board. The DIY is technically crafting a large photo frame, where the back of it is layered with metal and fabric. Next, one or more pieces of the magnet are glued on the back of each make-up stuff. And the project is done!

Lastly, Number 1. Keep the Softness Inside

1.white elegant dorm room ideas for girl via
Girls usually love the softness, so if you are going to decorate either your bedroom apartment, or your daughter’s, consider to keep the softness inside by adding furring rug, and pillows. They do not only look sweet but also bring comfort to whoever sees them. Besides those, you can also add string light, so the bedroom will look fun and inviting. To acquire more relevant inspiration related to this specific topic, you can also visit  10 Chair and Table Ideas for Girl Bedroom’s

So, those are Bedroom Apartment Improvement Ideas that hopefully will inspire you to upgrade your favorite relaxing place. Take one or two, and I hope at the end of the day, you will return to this list for more.


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