10 Beautiful Bedroom Themes for Couple Ideas

Fo a couple, the bedroom is not only a place to release exhaust and stressful day of work. It is also an important place where they both spend time together to strengthen the bonds of love. Therefore, creating a romantic atmosphere that suits both of them is crucial.
If you happen to think about makeover your bedroom or designing a new one to surprise your couple, check out these 10 Beautiful Bedroom Themes for Couple Ideas to find some inspiration first. Next, for more detail, visit the link inside the reference area.


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10. Beautiful in White

10.Beautiful in White Opt for canopy bed by Simphome.comWhen another white bedroom tends to be custom and uninviting, this design makes it elegant and intimate. The layers of white semi-sheers covering wall to wall stand as a decoration and present romantic vibes. Besides, they also intensify the sense of privacy and intimacy to have a good sleep without any disturbance.
In that white room, an ottoman and its candles bring detail with the intricate pattern. Two side tables with bold colors are also involved in accentuating the bedroom. Everything in this room is eye-pleasing, after all.

9. Fireflies and Branches

9.Fireflies and Branches by Simphome.comThe bed is an important place in a bedroom, so consider this dreamy bed. This bedroom design offers you a fantastic sleeping experience. The whimsical branches and crawling string lights make it feel like you were flying high and surrounded by beautiful fireflies in the spring season.
The floral pattern on the blanket and pillows strengthen the spring ambiance that is so much nice to enjoy with your spouse. You can lie with her/him and share bedtime stories about your childhood. Don’t forget the sheer to bring a more romantic atmosphere.

8.Passionate Red

8.Passionate Red by Simphome.comIt has been widely known that red color is the symbol of love, so this is an ideal option to use in a couple’s bedroom. This design is dominated by white, yet the bold red color produces a gorgeous contrast that brings energetic feeling and passion into the room.
Using red colors for blanket, pillows and some splash on the wall is a clever and quick way to brighten up the room interior. The presence of red and a little lush green in this white bedroom also makes the space look fresh and chic.

7. Starry Night

7.Starry Night by Simphome.comDesigning a romantic bedroom does not need to cost you a fortune. It can be as simple and as cheap as this starry night bedroom.
The stickers that glow in the dark are attached to the ceiling and walls. When the room is dark, they will shine and create an amazing view. This way, you can get the sensation of spending a romantic night under the stars. For a more realistic feel, let the window open so the moon can share its beautiful light.

6. He for She

6.He for She by

Combining your mate’s favorite color and yours is a great idea to show that you care about each other. The light and dark color usually will make a great combination, as shown in this bedroom design. Using two-toned colors this way will give an unusual view and avoid the congested look.
The grey color dominates the room from wall to ceiling, while the bed sheet is kept with a lighter pink color. However, to avoid looking odd, some darker tones decoration are added onto the bed, so it is the opposite; some lighter color also adorns the wall through the wall art.

5. Magnificent Winter

5.Magnificent Winter by Simphome.comIf you happen to have a small bedroom, try to adopt this design. Black and white are chosen to give cold ambiance to the room, and the winter wall decor strengthens it behind the chic, whimsical headboard. The wall decor not only emphasizes the winter but also adds depth, making the room feel spacious. However, it will not be that cold because there are candles that are ready to illuminate and to warm your night.
As the size of this bedroom is not large, the owner chooses glossy material for her furniture and some pillowcases. In addition, to reflect lights, that decision turns the room look more sophisticated.

4. Romance in Rustic

4.Romance in Rustic by Simphome.comRustic touch in a bedroom, somehow, can bring a romantic ambiance; besides, it can be combined with modern design, just like in this picture. When you walk into the room, you will feel like living in two different times since the left side adopts a modern design, and the other side is still with unfinished rustic design.
This bedroom mixes rugged, raw walls with refined walls that make it unusual. Not only that, from a large piece of wood as a headboard, but a wooden nightstand to the wooden gears clock is also what strengthens the unique look. They make an adorable combination with modern lighting and fluffy bed.

3. Dress up the ceiling

3.Dress up the Ceiling by Simphome.comColors can set the mood, but materials can add pleasure to the senses, and this bedroom design includes both. Soft colors fill the room, while the fabric materials and flowers add passion.
The bed is set low to the ground and creates a sexy bohemian look. Not to mention the scattered books and the roses that climb on the headboard. Further, this bedroom concentrates its style not only on the ground but also on the ceiling.
The soft pink and white sheers dress up the ceiling and beautify the bedroom even more. However, if you think about adopting this design, consider using LED light instead of candles because those sheers are flammable.

2. Love Letter

2.Love Letter Simphome.comWhat are your favorite romantic words that your mate has ever said to you?
Instead of letting those words pass in a second, it’s better to frame them and put it in your bedroom, like this simple wall art decor. The romantic words were written on a rustic piece of board and hung above the headboard. This way will draw your eyes to read the words. So every time you are going to bed, you’ll read and remember that you are loved. Moreover, the addition of heart shapes will make you feel love more.

Lastly, Number 1. Lavish and Romantic

1.Lavish and Romantic by Simphome.comA bedroom is an essential and private place in a home, so do not be stingy to splurge out on decorations. An extravagant bedroom, like one in this picture, is a real eye-pleasing. It uses golden color furniture with royal design.
The bed with sheers itself is enough to accentuate the romance, yet spreading some flowers on the floor and bed will bring fragrance and even strengthen the romantic feeling.
Luxury often comes with comfort and beauty, nevertheless do not force yourself so hard to afford it.
Those are 10 Beautiful Bedroom Themes for Couple Ideas that hopefully can inspire you. Remember to pick the one that comfortable for both the bedroom and your pocket.


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