10 Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

An apartment usually has a small kitchen. Whether it is a rented apartment or not, there are always possibilities for improvements to make you enjoy cooking in it. Even the most miniature kitchen can be turned into what your creativity lets you.
From the simplest one – such as repainting the wall – to the complex renovation, you will always find inspirations to help you. Lucky you! I’ve collected ten small apartment kitchen ideas to improve your cooking haven with style; for more improvement ideas related to our current discussion, head on to, or link inside the description area.

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10. Shimmering Cabinetry

10.Shimmering Cabinetry By Simphome.comDashing and shining, this kitchen uses the advantage of stainless steel material. It is excellent to infuse a modern look into the apartment. For a small kitchen, it creates the illusion of movement when reflecting light and gives the feeling of a larger room. The best thing is this material is durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. It is easy to clean and resistant to heat.
When you want to make all your kitchen appliances made of steel, give it a pattern with laser printing. It will make your kitchen attractive. If you’re going to mix them with other materials, choose the right color. Dark brown gives warm and cozy vibes, while lighter shades make the kitchen bright. White makes your kitchen looks elegant and simple, which makes the room feel open and big.

9. Open shelving

9.Open Shelving By Simphome.comAn apartment kitchen usually has limited space for cabinets and cupboards. The best solution is using open shelving to save space in your kitchen.
With open kitchen shelving, you get rid of those extra inches of wood that turn your kitchen into a man-sized box. Moreover, it is convenient if you want to find things quickly because everything is within your sight.
When you are still exhausted from the night’s sleep and have to fumble around for your breakfast dishes, this open shelving will be your safe bet, especially if time is necessary, and it can’t be wasted for trivial searches. With an open shelf kitchen, everything you might need is right there in plain sight, just waiting for you to grab it.

8. Add a Pegboard

8.Add a Pegboard By Simphome.comAs flexible storage, pegboard can substitute the need for cabinets and shelves. You can easily adjust it to your requirement. Just hang kitchenware, pots, or pans you regularly use while arranging them in an intriguing display.
Pegboard is incredibly handy. You don’t need to change much of your kitchen space because it can be arranged on the blank wall, corners, or backsplash. It makes the kitchen look more organized and inviting.

7. Incorporate a Chalkboard Wall

7.Incorporate a Chalkboard Wall By Simphome.comAdding an accent wall is a welcome improvement to your kitchen. Then why don’t you try making it a chalkboard? It will be an easy DIY and a good change for it.
All you need is a blank wall and a can of chalkboard paint. When you are finished, you can use it to write things you need for your kitchen or food recipe you want to cook. Moreover, it will add a new look to the space.

6. Skylights and Streamline design

6.Skylights and Streamline Design By

If you have a budget to renovate your kitchen, you can try adding a skylight. It not only pours more light into the room but also improves. The light from the skylight is more effective than from the window. Your kitchen will be brighter and more cheerful.
Any style of a kitchen would get benefits from having a skylight. The unassuming and straightforward trim of wood will match well with modern kitchens. If you want to add a skylight to your kitchen, consider its insulation, additional lighting, workstation placement, and kitchen island.

5. Elegant Black Kitchen

5.Elegant Black Kitchen By Simphome.comBlack for the kitchen? Why not. It is neutral but chic. Cabinets, backsplash, or shelves painted in black are striking. With the right decorating style, your kitchen wouldn’t look cramped in black.
Jet black with less ornamentation makes the cabinets simple yet still elegant. However, The shiny color subtly reflects light.

The herringbone pattern of the backsplash decorates the kitchen artistically. Since black is a neutral hue, combining it with other colors is recommended. For instance, using white as the contrast will make your black kitchen less gloomy.

4. Open Kitchen Concept

4.Open Kitchen Concept By Simphome.comFewer walls mean more space. It gives more options for interior design. A kitchen island functioning as a bar and several stools can be used as a partition of your kitchen and other rooms. This kind of design makes you easy to move around. You can be busy in the kitchen while maintaining communication with people in the living room.
The storage and the refrigerator blend well into the wall, smoothening the lines and making the room appear larger and taller. Floor to ceiling storage is another yummy idea worth stealing. Storage solutions like cabinetry with solid doors will keep your space look neat and tidy.

3. Make Use of any Space You Have

3.Make Use of any Space You Have By Simphome.comNeed more storage? Retake a look through your kitchen. Find some free space to be made over, even if it is between the wall and refrigerator.
If you are lucky enough to have an awkward space between the fridge and wall, try making a rolling pantry to store canned food, spices, and condiments.
You can easily DIY the rolling pantry. All you need is some woods and slides. Measure the space and start working on the wood. You can customize it to your preference. You can even make a box from leftover wood to store more items. The box design should match the rolling pantry.

2. Add a Piece of Artwork

2.Add a Piece of Artwork By Simphome.comWhite is commonly used because it reflects light and makes a room appear larger. It will do beautifully for your small apartment kitchen. However, it can be too dull and hygienic for some people.
To make it more cheerful while maintaining its simplicity, you can add paintings on the wall. The white wall and cabinets give contrast and enhance the colors of the art. They are making it stand out in the room.

Lastly, Number 1. Make Your Kitchen Do a Double Duty

1.Make Your Kitchen Do a Double Duty By Simphome.comFor a small apartment owner, you can free more space by combining your kitchen with the laundry room, especially if you don’t have more space for it. You can insert a washing machine under the countertops. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the plumbing system because the kitchen already has it.
1.Make Your Kitchen Do a Double Duty and Decor By Simphome.comChoose two in one washer and dryer. So, you need one unit to be tucked in your countertop. Or stick with a washer, and hang your clothes to dry.

Improving a kitchen apartment is not difficult if you are know-how. The best improvement is the one suitable for your kitchen design and budget. So, Why can’t it be one of these ten small apartment kitchen designs?



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