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10 Cheap and Easy Small Kitchen Makeovers

The most beautiful kitchens aren’t always the largest or priciest ones. We believe every single family has its particular needs and requirement for this spot. Hence, some decide to have small yet handy kitchens.
After a couple of years, you may think about kitchen makeovers, because it feels dreary. Before you go ahead, bear in mind, kitchen makeovers need cautious and precise calculations both in solutions and budget. You don’t want to break the bank, do you?

Leave your worry behind; let’s start our ride to figure out 10 cheap and easy small kitchen makeovers list by Fairly, these ideas cost a little but go a long way in budget kitchen makeovers.

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10. Replacing your Cabinet Hardware
10 Replacing the Cabinet Hardware via simphomeReplacing cabinet hardware can seem trivial, but it does change the look of your kitchen. You can opt for a knob or pull, for examples. Another option, you can install the new handles in a different spot.
Remove the old hardware then you can find out how to install cabinet hardware on existing cabinet doors. As a result, you do not need a whole and costly replacement. Ensure your new cabinet hardware has lively and match-up colors.

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Warning: If you make a mistake, you may ruin your cabinet. Instead of re-measuring each time you drill, use jigs for cabinet hardware. It allows you to set measurements once and repeat for each.

9. Painting the Cabinets
9 Paint kitchen cabinet via simphomeIn the world of designs, colors always play significant roles. This one is an affordable pick if you want to refresh your kitchen effortlessly. A change of color will perfect yours in seconds. Just take a glance at the kitchen.
At first, the cabinet was a combination of light and dark brown plus white countertop and backsplash. Then, it is nearly reversed; the cabinet is painted white except the countertops.
As you can perceive, white helps you a lot in creating clean and adding extra “space”.
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8. Hang Wallpaper at the Back of your Cabinets
8 Hang Wallpaper at the Back of the Cabinets via simphomeDo you feel painting is not your stuff? Ok, let’s continue with a simpler answer. Just hang wallpaper at the back of the cabinets and you’re done! Before you do that, you need to measure the size precisely. Then, pick the right wallpaper design for your cabinets.
Ensure your wallpaper is in line with your cabinet and has wonderful design to enhance the look. For example, pick a white-dominated wallpaper to avoid narrowness. Unless you’re immune to any comment directed to the size of your kitchen

7. Installing Backsplash
7 Installing Backsplash via simphomeThe backsplash can be your alternative solution to do a kitchen makeover. As we previously stated, playing with color is a daunting task. That’s why a backsplash is on target. It offers a subtle pop in any kitchens.
You can utilize small pebbles to enliven your backsplash. You don’t need to collect pebbles in your backyard, though. You can get pebble tiles in a hardware store.
You can start with measuring the size and need accurately. Next, cut the tiles cautiously. If you have some items on the wall, your cut should be impeccable.
Use a powerful glue to adhere it to the dry wall. A clean wall will make things easier for you.

Once the stone is up, you may use a premixed grout and rub it all over the stone. To finish things, glob it on and smear it around.
You may say it has a dark impact.
As a solution, add some under-the-cabinet lamp to shed it. The brighter lamp, the wider your kitchen space appear.

6. Replace Your Cabinets with Shelves
6 Replace Your Cabinets with Shelves via simphome

Are you tired of cabinets which reducing your space? Good news, you can swap them with shelves, open shelves to be exact.
If you like a farmhouse style kitchen, opt for a stained or reclaimed wood. It mixes rustic and modern style in one set. You can paint it clear to get a shiny look and emphasize the bark of the wood. It is a bold statement, undoubtedly.

5. Paint your Countertop
5 Paint the Countertop via simphomeWe’re done with the cabinets; now, we have the countertops to play with. At any occasions, it is always recommended to paint using pastel colors. It offers clearness and “extends” the small area. However, for a countertop, you can apply a different handling.
When the surrounding already comes in vivid, you may employ a unique way. Paint your counter-top with special paint, and feel the luxurious bearing. It resulted in a smooth surface that converts the look of your kitchen.
Well, You may wonder about “special paint” I just referred to, check hyperlink for the answer.

4. Add Greenery
4 Add Greenery to your kitchen via simphomeWhy are trees so important? To sum up things, they store carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, fruits, stabilize the soil, and give life to the world’s wildlife. Considering their advantages, why don’t you use them as inspirations?
You can add greenery inside to grab some of them. Place some plants inside your kitchen space and make sure they get enough sunlight and water. With a little creativity in arranging your plants, you can get a functional mini-garden as well as a fabulous kitchen look at the same time.

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3. Lay a Rug
3 Lay a Rug via simphomePlacing a kitchen area rug in your kitchen is definitely a worthy choice, especially if you have eat-in kitchen or an open floor. Rugs are fantastic at splitting large open rooms into separated spaces.
Pick the suitable ornament to keep it in harmony with the floor. A big flower pattern is absolutely better than the smaller pattern, because the latter will get your kitchen a smaller impression.
The good thing is, even if you have kids around, you’re not in danger. Just roll it up and you’re all safe and sound.

2. Add a Wall Art
2 Add a Wall Art via simphomeThere are innumerable ways to do kitchen makeovers, from painting cabinets, installing a backsplash to laying a rug. There’s a taste for every choice. This time you can use a wall art to have fun. A distinguishing characteristic of wall arts is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously hung on the wall.
Perhaps, you left the wall blank. You like it or not, it will detract it from an otherwise stylish space. Luckily, taking advantages of those vacant surfaces is not arduous. Grab some different fruits, lay them out and put them in a glass-covered frame.

Yes, now you have captivating displays that will wow your guests.
Bonus: They are easy to be built and cleaned.

1. New Pendant Lights for a Facelift
1 New Pendant Lights for a Facelift via simphomeWhat if your kitchen is craving for a facelift, on the other hand, your budget disagrees? The “optional” answer is, try to focus on some key details instead of a major overhaul. One of them is a pendant light.
Essentially, you take view transparent glass covers pendant lamp a long with view lamps to carry their burden. It will comfort every eye browsing top area of the kitchen as well as improving the look of the space.

Finally, our journey comes to an end. We are buoyant those 10 cheap and easy small kitchen makeover ideas will boost your much-loved kitchen and at the same time they will increase your duration at

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