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Bedroom is unarguably the best site in the world where you can express yourself fully without getting judged. It is certainly a place where you want to feel most comfortable. Alone, with other people or “creature”. Thus, I think it is necessary to adjust your bedroom to meet your personal taste.
Got no inspiration? I am here for you.

This is 10 home makeover bedroom ideas that will stimulate your creative genius and upgrade your bedroom décor to a new level. As usual visit hyperlinks for more detail and information.

10 Home Makeover Bedroom Ideas via Simphome com Pintrerest Featured image
10 Home Makeover Bedroom Poster

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10. Try Wall decal ideas

10 Try Wall Stickers via simphomePainting the walls or hanging wallpaper take a lot of time and energy. Therefore, you’d better opt for wall stickers. They are easy to apply, yet can always provide a striking look to your bedroom. Even if you’re not a savvy carpenter, you can still give your bedroom a face lift with ease in no time.
You’ll just need to peel the backing off and attach it to the wall. It takes no extra space and, more importantly, the installation is a breeze and fun. Even sometime is satisfying. As a bonus, they come in a wide array of patterns and textures that you can choose from. For credit press hyperlink in subtitle

9. Rearrange your bedroom Furniture

9 Rearrange the Furniture via simphomeFor those who find redecoration hectic, rearranging your furniture might do just well. A task as simple as rearranging furniture can give a fresh appearance. A question that we then need to confront is “What is the best way to arrange it?”
You have two steps to be accomplished to place your furniture properly. First, planning your layout, then bringing that it to life. You will also need to consider the function of each piece of furniture and figuring out how to keep traffic moving. For instance, you probably want to lay your bed against the window or position your bookshelf sticking on the center of your wall.
These may seem trivial but you can later see how gorgeous your bedroom looks. One thing to notice is that, considering the average size of furniture in the market, this rearranging furniture trick is more suited to a regular or bigger size rooms then small ones.

8. Replace your Lighting Fixture

8 Replace the Lighting Fixture via simphomeWhether you love classic, dim-lighted style of room with chandelier hanging at the center of your ceiling, or you love a simplistic, modern room with a recessed LED llights, it’s totally up to you.
Replacing the lighting fixture highly affects the impression of your room. If you want a grand movie-like type of exhibition that focuses on your bed, then track lighting might be best for you.
Recessed LED lights, on the other hand, will brighten up your room and enhance the contemporary, clean feel of your space.

7. Dramatic 3D Wallpaper

7 Dramatic 3D Wallpaper via simphomeWallpapers are by far the most pliable artistic elements. They suit either small or large bedrooms and the instant change that wallpapers will bring makes it one of the most preferable decorations.
3D-wallpapers, in particular, might satisfy your need of imagination manifestation. As shown in the illustration, a 3D-wallpaper can deliver you a sense of lying on a beach. Combine with idea presented earlier, it’s hard to say no if these ideas are given free.

6. Consider Changing Your Bedroom Style

6 Consider Changing Your Bedroom Style via simphomeBoredom seems to be deeply ingrained in our psyche and it totally sucks when it comes, right?
Coupled with the stress from work and other worldly problems, a bad-themed bedroom could certainly add the tension. This way, changing your bedroom style might do you a favor.
To lighten up the atmosphere, try adopting a Bohemian style which employs neutral colours and miscellaneous of patterns and textures into one. Don’t forget to put greeneries to render it complete.
Having an industrial-styled room is another good idea. Just put some exposed-brick-wall wallpaper and some piping shelves and it’s done. Or, you could also have a retro-styled room which is as simple as the previous two. Simply place checkerboard rug and use pops of colors in the installation, and you’re good to go.

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5. Add a new Focal Point

5 Add a Focal Point via simphomeMany people have no idea how a focal point in a bedroom can dramatically enhance its general impression. What is a focal point though? To put it simply, it is one point or object in your room that will get the most attention, as you designed it to be.
Take this wall art as an example. Or personalized monogram, similar to our aforementioned wall stickers. Also, A big mirror over the headboard. It might serve this purpose too.

4. Turn Cubies into a Corner Seat

4 Turn Cubies into a Corner Seat via simphomeWhen space comes at premium, managing the leftover of it is a bit tricky. Luckily, merging two functions into one object comes in as a handy solution to this problem, just like this corner seat with hidden storage.
To make this seat, you just need to hack Ikea Kallax Shelf Unit, lay it on the floor, add a board that fits the size of the cubby, and cover it with a throw or cushion. Isn’t this space-saving piece fancy?

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3. Replace the Hardware of Your Drawer Cabinets

3 Replace the Hardware of Your Drawers of Cabinets via simphomePaying attention to the details can’t be overlooked. While you probably love entertaining the idea of a total renovation, adorning minuscule details of your stuff is just as good.
Are you a fan of nautical decor? You could use ropes in place of conventional pulls for your old drawers to emulate lakeside-cottage accent, a country home by the river, a beach bungalow, or even a landlocked house. If you’re crazy about the upscale rustic look, you can make unique and useful cabinet handles from tree branches.
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2. Replace your Nightstand

2 Replace the Nightstand via simphomeMany people find that the combination of rustic natural wood and a fresh white wall can be incredibly pleasing. A stash of gnarly-ornamented solid wood, once polished will simply look stunning in such a background. This installation is exceedingly suitable for small rooms because it doesn’t take a big floor-space. Does it suit your liking?
To make this hanging nightstand, you’re going to need cross section of wood, spray polyurethane, felt, rope, toggle lock that will fit your eye screw, and S-Hook.
First, you need to cut the wood, then sand it thoroughly to smoothen the surface.
Drill three holes on your piece of wood. Make sure they have the same width as your rope.
Apply two coats of polyurethane.
After that, cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the edge that will rest against the wall and hot glue it in place. This will help prevent scratching up your wall.
You can skip this step if you want, though.
Now you can lace and thread down your rope through the holes.
Drill a hole that will fit your toggle lock, and insert it.
Install the S-hook to the ceiling and hang the ropes onto it.
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Number 1. Add a Throw

1 Add a Throw via simphome

Throws are still a great thing to style your beds, but make sure it’s not too neatly folded along the bottom of the bed. As a styling piece, throws tend to look more informal now. Casually drape your throw over the corner of your bed, and that’s it! What good about it is that it adds colors and textures in your room and It can also act as an additional comfortable blanket for you too.

So, now that I’ve shared a few new looks for your bedroom interior decor, which idea suits you the most? Next, it is your turn to make it real!

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