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Having a drying rack in your bedroom and laundry room can be a great idea. However, it tends to be bulky and take up a lot of space. Therefore, investing on a wall-mounted rack is your greatest bet especially if you are an apartment dweller who lives in limited space. Check out these 10 stunning wall-mounted drying rack ideas for limited space.

#10. Foldable Drying Rack
10 Foldable Drying Rack Simphome com
This rack is the real superhero for your small laundry room as it consists of five wooden sticks that can be used to hold and dry your laundry without taking up so much space. The most wonderful thing about this rack is it is foldable.

To make this rack, you need five stair balusters and a red-oak board that you can get from Lowes. You might also need to get a bolt, a section of 2” steel angle iron, two 3/8” steel washers, two 3/8” steel lock washers, two 3/8” nylon washers, and some other materials.

First of all, cut the balusters so that they have the same length as the board. Cut the two angle iron brackets as needed since you are going to use them to hold the balusters and allow them to swing forth and back. Don’t forget to make some ¼” holes to screw the base to the wall.

#9.Hanger and Top Shelf
9 Hanger and Top Shelf Simphome com
Add the touch of steampunk style in your fashion store so that it will look cool and unique. Well, steampunk style is all about industrial and rustic look. And thus, making a piping rack can add a nuance.

To make this piping rack, you need to get a pipe and cut it as you need, four flange fittings, two three-socket-tee-fittings, and two 90-degree elbow fittings. Once you have got them all, you can begin assembling the pipes.

#8. Perfect Hanging Rack
8 Perfect Hanging Rack Simphome com
When I saw this hanging rack at the very first time, I knew that I wanted this rack in my laundry room. It is a perfect one as it is bendable, allowing you to use the space up efficiently. And the best thing is it is inexpensive as it is made by up-cycling a baby playpen.
Now roll up your sleeves and begin to make the rack. Get two baby jail panels and screw them together at the existing holes. Secure it with a wingnut and washer so that they can swing into a V shape perfectly.

#7.Reused Ladder Rack
7 Reused Ladder Rack Simphome com
Upcycling an old thing is my favorite because I can save more money or even have a nest egg. And if you are into upcycling things just like me, you’re going to love this DIY project as it is not only cheap, but also fabulous.

This fabulous rack is made of an upcycled ladder. Look at how great it is to be a multifunctional rack. It can hold some clothes as well as some boxes at the same time. You only need to tweak the ladder a little bit by adding two wooden brackets that support the ladder firmly. You can also paint it the color of your choice so that it suits the interior well.

#6. Foldable Wall Mounted Hanger
6 Foldable Wall Mounted Hanger Simphome com
When you tried to spruce your laundry room up, you were strolling around IKEA to get what you – probably – needed. And, you ended up buying a foldable rack and putting it in your laundry room which had tight space. Well, now get that foldable rack and let’s tweak it a bit so that it will be more useful.

If you notice that the ubiquitous foldable racks are merely a bunch of dowels within some thin pieces of wood, they are not even attractive. But your rack would be more attractive if you take some of the dowels in the bottom away and cut the legs a bit. After that, attach it on the wall using screws.

#5. Towel Bar and Swinging Racks
5 Towel Bar and Swinging Racks Simphome com
Investing on some swinging racks can be a top-notch idea when it comes to use the room up efficiently. These racks are made of stainless steel and you can get them easily from IKEA or Amazon. But, let’s have a more affordable rack, shall we?

You can use this swinging rack idea and use wooden dowels in place of stainless-steel sticks. You will also need a board or metal holder that are screwed to the wall. Drill 3/8” holes at one of the ends of each dowel so that they can pivot easily.

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#4.Wooden Coat Rack
4 Wooden Coat Rack Simphome com
This timeless coat rack will never lose its charm. Many people are still dying for its classic look. Besides, making this rack is merely a snap.

Wooden dowels are the main materials used to make this rack. Drill five holes on the longest dowel and one hole on each of the one that has been cut. Assemble them together and make sure they are level.

#3. Crib Drying Rack
3 Crib Drying Rack Simphome com
You can even get a fabulous drying rack right from your trash can. Go grab the crib used by your kids and turn it into a drying rack and some security wire and crimps.
You only need to attach the bottom of the crib and the security wire to the wall, and you are good to go. You can paint the wire the same color as the wall so that it will “vanish” when you close the rack.

#2. Indoor Wall Mounted Hanger
2 Indoor Wall Mounted Hanger Simphome com
This super brilliant idea enables you to use this awkward space up efficiently. And you don’t have to possess advanced carpentry skills to make this rack.

Now check your garage and find some wooden boards that you will use to hold the rack. Get a bunch of eye hooks and a long washing line. Drill three pairs of holes at the ends and in the of the boards. Screw the boards to the walls. And then, screw the eye hooks to the boards at regular intervals. Finally, thread the washing line back and forth from side to side in the eye hooks. And it’s done! Easy, isn’t it?

#1. Beautiful Drying Rack
1 Beautiful Drying Rack Simphome com
This beautiful rack will accentuate your bland wall while making sure that your wet clothes get sufficient air flow to dry.

If you want to make this rack, you need precut birch, poplar boards, dowel rods, sash lock, narrow loose pin hinges, D ring hangers, bracketed hinge for side, and porcelain knobs.
Those are 10 stunning wall-mounted drying rack ideas that will not only save some space, but also some money. They are unique, functional, and surprisingly cheap.

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