Beach home decor Simphome com

Beach home décor is loved because they give relaxing feeling in the open space. Furthermore it is very easy to create and you can use a lot of items that represent beach to make it even more beautiful. There are a lot of animal characters used in this theme, which is why this theme also loved by children bust still gives mature style. For you who want to use the beach theme for your house, here are some items that you should use.

Beach Home Décor Items to With Nautical Feeling

1. Blue and White Color.

The main colors that you should use to get the nautical feeling are the blue and white color. You should use those colors on the walls as well as on several furniture and accessories evenly. Spread the blue and white colors so you will get the beach appearance. This will work as the background of the other items that you will add later so the beach theme will be more real.

2. Stripe Pattern.

For the pattern, the iconic one that you should use is the stripe pattern. As this is beach theme, most of the time the stripe is also made with blue and white color. You could apply this pattern on a lot of things inside your house such as windows treatment, pillows, carpet, or even the sofa itself. But do not use the stripe too much as it will make the room looked clutter. That is why you have to think of which items should be in stripe and which item should be plain.

3. Ship Steering Wheel.

Beach home décor is not complete without the ship steering wheel in it. The wheel is a signature icon of nautical theme as it is used in the boat. Moreover the shape of the steering wheel also very unique which makes it becomes a nice decoration to have. The easiest way is to just put the wheel on the wall anywhere around the house so people will see it easier. But there are also some small items which made with ship steering wheel shape such as clock and mirror. If you do not want the steering wheel appear too much, then just use those items which also very useful since it has other function aside only as decoration item.

4. Anchor.

Another icon that you must have for beach home décor is this anchor. You could use a real boat anchor and place it as decoration on the wall. Or if you want something simple, you can just draw the anchor with paint on the wall. Another option is to draw miniature anchor and frame it so it will looked neater. There are also items which made using anchor pattern such as shower curtain that you can use in your bathroom, or an anchor shape hook that you can use to hung your coats.

5. Sea shell

There is no beach home décor without the sea shells, which is why you must use several sea shells items in your house. There are a lot of items with sea shell as design such as bathroom accessories set which created in sea shell shape to decorate your bathroom. There are also mirror being framed using sea shell frame. Wall clock with sea shell decoration, sea shell chandelier, sea shell chime, sea shell bed cover and many others. Of course you could just put the real sea shell for decoration.

6. Boat

Every beach home décor has to have some boat items; this is why you must try to find a few boats decoration for your room. It will be easier if you could find a boat miniature to be displayed in your room. Another option is to find boat painting which will be able to decorate your room wall. But if you want something useful, then you could try to find a boat shelf. This shelf is shaped like a small rescue boat, but inside there are some rack which you could use for display.

Using Nautical Theme for Your House

When you want to use nautical theme on your room, make sure that the room is well lidded so there are enough lights inside, it would be better if the light comes from natural source. Even though there are a lot of items that you could use as beach home décor, but do not use it too much. Use is enough so everything feels right and still neat to be seen.
Small details are important so pay attention towards the texture of the items you use in your room. The items should not always be expensive since cheap items can pull out great feeling if you use it the right way. Add several rattan items in the room since it is another beach home décor items you should use.