Retro Home Décor Ideas for Your Modern House

Retro home décor for interior design clearly made a comeback in the last year or so. With bold colors to bring out retro’s appeal it is the time you need to try such inspiration for your living spaces. Simple and chic retro decoration is sometime can make a huge difference for any house and if you want to add retro style, it does not mean you need to go overboard with vivacious patterns and bright colors. That’s why; today we love to share some ideas about retro home design.

Retro Home Décor Endless Inspiration

First, consider the era that you want to apply for interiors. You need to dig to the past era when you want to take retro style for home décor and a lot of homeowners love to choose old furniture in mid 20th century which focuses on 30s to 60s, while there are some trends from 70s to 80s as well. Why you need to consider this? Because each era is have their own patterns and colors to choose for and of course you need to pick the one that match your style best. Second, never thrown away your old furniture or accessories for decoration pieces since they maybe will come back in fashion for your retro home décor ideas below:

1. Do not forget that lighting to illuminate the room in retro style

simphome retro lamp

You have a lot of options when it comes with lighting that has retro feeling. Maybe you prefer the one which so popular back in 70s, the metal arc floor lamp with big lampshade that welcome everyone in the living room or maybe you want to have pendant fixtures instead with introduction of some aluminum into the wall? Whichever lighting fixtures that you may want to have for your retro style, you can find your favorite lighting manufacturers to see whether there is any lighting reproduction for the floor, walls, and ceiling. (via antiquefarmhouse)

2. Furniture should match the architecture

simphome retro home decor

Make sure that the furniture you want to put inside the rooms match with the architecture of your house. Many homeowners let the architecture of their house to decide what kind of furniture they should have. This idea is perfect for those who want to have retro home décor with streamlined furniture to balance expansive views and windows. That’s why you can dig into history to find whether your favorite retro furniture will complement the architectural style. (via decorpad)

3. Diner style kitchen for interior design

simphome 50s kitchen

When choosing inspiration for your kitchen interior, you can go with vintage retro home décor ideas to build diner style kitchen. Pick vintage kitchen furniture and appliances to incorporate 50s style of family diners with metallic finishes and a booth with high contrast colors to create the feeling of dining out at some local neighborhood. Add that pop art pieces with contrast colors in kitchen tiles and furniture mixed with pastel color or stainless steel appliances to enhance the retro feeling. (via hubpages)

4. Wonderful retro accessories

simphome retro interior

If you do not want to add full retro decoration in your house meaning that you just wanted to keep it subtle then you can go with retro accessories. Go with vintage metal tins then put it on the side table or popular 60s sunburst mirror on wall. There are lot of home accessories which make wonderful retro feeling, eclectic collections of dishware or retro clock, whatever you choose you can shopping those online or in the yard sale to find the best one. (via mkumodels)

5. High contrast colors and textile for the bedroom

simphome retro bedroom

You cannot say your house have the best retro home décor yet without high contrast colors that popular in 70s era such as orange, yellow, purple, green, and turquoise. You can apply those contrast colors inside the bedroom with some touch of lava lamps and prints in dynamic and bold shapes since many home designers love that thing as well. You also cannot forget some color pop pillows and velvet upholstered headboard to improve the retro taste in the bedroom. (via increiblefotos)

More Retro Home Décor Ideas!

We already shared some ideas for retro interior décor and now it is the time to go outside to décor your exterior as well and nothing can beat outdoor retro style porch. Heavy gauge steel or metal furniture with pastel hues are so gorgeous for the front porch and you can add more modern feeling with all-weather seat cushions in nice patterns such as polka dots, stripes, and floral. With those decoration charms, your diy retro home décor ideas are finally done.

Last but not least, if you cannot find specific era that would go well with the rest of your house then you can just pick your favorite colors for the sofa, appliances, wall artwork, and the lamp. You will be surprised that from a standalone color, you can build your own retro style inspiration. Anyway, we like to know what kind of retro decoration that inspires your home as well, share to us!

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