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10 Garden Ideas for A Small Yard

Adorning a small yard requires some ideas, good execution, and knowledge. Your yard can still attract people’s attention if decorated with an appropriate design even if it’s small. It can be seen from how organized the yard with everything you put in it.
These 10 garden ideas for small yard that soon you’ll read or “watched” will add visual interest to your yard.

From mounting a vertical garden, creating a focal point, and choosing the right texture and foliage, you can definitely apply one of them into the yard.
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10. A Vertical Herb Garden Project idea | Inspiredbycharm Vertical Herb Garden
What people love about having herbs in their gardens is that they produce a good smell. They also create a beautiful addition to your yard. Moreover, its compact size won’t take some significant space either.
This worth-considering notion should be on your list when trying to decorate the yard. Vertical gardens can be arranged in a place where they receive enough sunlight, and in a specific spot to highlight the yard or house.
The steps are easy to follow, and the materials won’t likely to cost you a lot of money. In fact, you can make good use of everyday objects to build them and improvise yourself.

9. A Modern Small Garden Project Ideas | Housely | Landscapingnetwork Modern Small Garden IdeasAdding sleek and sophisticated elements in the garden can be a good way to create a modern look. The garden shows a minimalist touch that fits for a yard with limited space.
Wooden element brings Asian vibes and a neutral color that accentuate certain parts. It really gives a nice touch and comfortable look, making an interesting contrast in color as the garden wrapped in green and white.

8. Add an Arbor | Landscapingnetwork Add an ArborOne of the many additional ideas you can consider for your garden is to build an arbor. The arbor matches with the wooden wall and floor. It really improves the appearance around the seating area and surroundings.
Although it’s tiny, the yard looks pretty with different kinds of plants arranged on every corner. The key lies in how you can decorate every aspect of the yard to blend one another.

7. Hang Planters in your Porch or Patio | Goodhousekeeping Hang Planters in the Porch or PatioLook at how pretty this planter is. It’s filled with vivid flowers that spread energetic vibes to your house. This idea can be placed on the porch or patio. The flowers can be adjusted with the weather in your area.
It might not a necessary thing to add that will make a major change in your house or garden, but it can make friends or guests who pay a visit get entertained by its fragrance.

6. Incorporate A new Fairy Garden | Goodhousekeeping Incorporate Fairy Garden

When you find that there’s still some room in the planter and you want to embellish it a little bit, incorporating a fairyland in it would be a bold move. Building a miniature house on a planter is possible.
Your kids would love this idea as they can learn how to adorn the plants. Ask them what kind of addition they would like to put in it. Make sure what you add in it won’t affect plants’ growth.
As plants need watering, the miniature you put there should be water-resistant or else it will get rotten.

5. Consider a New Focal Point | Thespruce Consider a Focal PointCreating a focal point to accentuate the garden can be done with plenty of concepts. For example, an island with various kinds of tall plants along with containers can be a good choice.
As guests walking around your garden, they would please when looking at the way you organize the garden. When the night comes, the island would still be the centre of attention if it’s designed with pretty lights of decoration.
But you shouldn’t only focus on adding some noticeable features, you should think about what the benefits for the garden are too. This is essential because people might not really interested in a mere beautiful appearance.

4. Add an Escape Nook | BHG Add an Escape NookWhen a garden is filled with attractive plants and flowers all over the place, an escape nook is all you need to complete the rest. It’s essential since it can be a great place to view what you’ve done to your garden.
Planting a tree might help give you a shade to prevent you from the excessive amount of sunlight. Enjoying the view and fresh air while sitting on a chair or a bench is a sheer bliss. It can as well be a nice spot for reading as you feel relaxed among these flowers.

3. Square Foot Gardening | Goodhousekeeping Square Foot GardeningSquare foot gardening is said to be a very productive method. It offers a good way to create a kitchen garden. Here are some pros and cons you should have a look at before deciding to adopt the idea.

Pros: This beginner-friendly method only requires a small amount of time for planting, maintaining, and harvesting. It fits for you who have limited space, and it creates a lovely look for your garden too. Not to mention, it also lacks of weeding.

Cons: On the other hand, this method limits the use of space for each square while crops need adequate space to grow, which can be a problem. It’s also pricey if you want to have beds and fill them with a soilless mix.
Other drawbacks you should take into considerations are its shallow depth. Since it’s only 6 inches deep, it’s not suitable enough for many plants, especially if their roots can’t reach the soil.

As the beds are raised, it means you should water the plants a lot since they dry out quickly. Regular watering is necessary in this case.

2. A Street-Style Garden Project Idea | Thespruce Street Style GardenCreative people will always find a solution to every problem. This house lacks a yard, but that doesn’t stop the owner to turn the front space into a tiny garden. With some plants contained in planters, you can have a lovely place to attract your neighbors.
It’s good to have greenery around the house. Not only it purifies the air, but it also leaves sort of relaxed feelings. Fresh air will help you boost your mood to face your daily challenges.

Lastly number 1. Get Creative with Texture and Foliage | BHG Get Creative with Texture and FoliageChoosing the right plants for every environment is your first priority when deciding to opt for ones.
These tropical plants would suit you best if you’re currently living in a tropical region or country.
With those giant leaves, the plants subtly trick you to feel the space somewhat larger than it really is.
The rich texture from sizes, shapes and heights in this garden will make you feel at home for sure.

If you have no idea on how to landscape your yard, where or what to begin with, our 10 garden ideas for small yard can be a good reference for you.

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