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10 Messy Bedroom DIY Decluttering Project Ideas

The clutter in your home doesn’t just go away. It’s always waiting for you, the moment you let down your guard, refusing to know it’s there. But don’t despair! We’ve compiled this list of ten messy bedroom DIY decluttering project ideas that will save your sanity, all while making your space cleaner and inviting

The bedroom is supposed to be the place you can relax and have a goodnight’s sleep. However, you might have unintentionally turned it into a storage room and made it messy. For your sanity, you have to do something with it.

The best way to end this mess is by cutting clutter and reorganizing your sleeping space. Unfortunately, you have not begun yet because you have no idea what to do and where to start. Don’t worry! We have listed 10 messy bedroom DIY decluttering project ideas that you can begin right now. For more in-depth research and detail, follow the Simphome link inside the reference

The 10 Messy Bedroom DIY Decluttering
10 Messy Bedroom DIY Decluttering Poster

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10. Use the Four-Box Method

Before decluttering your bedroom, you need to prepare four boxes to sort things out. Then, label them with keep, donate, storage, and throw away. After that, go through your entire sleeping space.
Put any item you will keep in their current position or the things you will reintroduce to the room later in the “keep” box.
Then, place the items you think you can give to the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill into the “donate” box.

The 4 Box Challenge Infographic

Place the things you intend to keep but do not have space for them in the “storage” box. You will probably store them somewhere else.
Finally, place the remaining items in the “throw-away” box. These things will be something that you do not want to keep.

Other Relevant details:

No 1. Time: 2–3 hours
Tools: Box cutter, marker, trash bags/cans, and a large cardboard box.

To do it yourself, you will need three things: a box cutter or a pair of scissors, a permanent marker, and a large cardboard box.

  • Then, follow the steps below to create your hamper.
  • First, you need to cut off one corner from the cardboard box.
  • Then, put that corner into your hamper. It will make a hole where you can place the clothes you need to dispose of. Afterward, place all of your dirty laundries in the hamper and use the marker to mark down what it is.

No 2. Time:10-20min
Tools: Nail, hammer, and a saw

  • You only need a nail and a hammer to remove a cabinet door from a kitchen cabinet or a bedroom cupboard.
  • First, hammer the nail into the middle of any hinge, which will ensure that there is nothing to keep it in place.
  • Continue driving the nail down until the hinge becomes loose.
  • Then, lift on one side of the door while pushing on the other. The hinge will force open.
  • If you are not careful, you might have to hammer out a few nails before you can remove them altogether.
  • If your door is larger than average, use a saw to cut through some pieces of wood holding it in place.

No 3. Time: 20min
Tools: Hammer, trim nails, and paintbrush
A straightforward thing you can do to alter your bedroom is to add a touch of color to the walls.

  • To begin, drive small nails at the top of the desired place.
  • Then, use a paintbrush to spread paint along with the nails.
  • Let it dry before you remove them.
  • If you plan to repaint the entire room or make some extreme changes, buy special stencils online or at any art store beforehand.

No 4. Time: 15 min
Tools: Rubber stamp, small paintbrush, and poster/paint roller
To decorate your worn-out bedroom dust, all you need is a rubber stamp, a paintbrush, and some posters or paints.

  • Start by gathering all of the specks of dust you want to decorate.
  • Use the rubber stamp to create letters or shapes on the clouds of dust.
    The more you practice with it, the easier it will get for you to make unique stamps.

No 5. Time: 10 min
Tools: Rubber stamp, ink pad, paper plate, and magazine clippings
To make your magazine rack for your bedroom, you need to use a rubber stamp, an ink pad, a paper plate, and magazine clippings.

  • First, place the paper plate at the bottom of the magazine rack.
  • Then, use the ink pad to spread some colors on the plate.
  • Then arrange some magazine clippings on top of it before placing another layer of magazines beside the other one.

No 6. Time: 30 min
Tools: Paintbrush, paint, and a foam roller
If you want to paint your bedroom but don’t want to get up and down from the ladder to do it, all you need is a foam roller. It will help you to paint large areas in quick and easy strokes.
To start, use a paintbrush to spread some paint onto the wall before using the roller—no need for several coats of paint since it will only take more time than what you want.

No 7. Time: 15 min
Tools: Nail or drill, sandpaper, and a small sponge
Paint the walls in your bedroom black to make it look sophisticated and surreal. But, before you can do so, you need to sand it first to smooth out the rough surface. This step will also prevent the paint from cracking or peeling off easily. First, decide on what kind of sandpaper it should be.

No 8. Time: 30 min
Tools: Nail/drill, hammer, and a large nail
To begin with, take out the backboard of your bed. Using the hammer, drive the nail into the top part of the headboard. If you plan to hang something heavy on it, get a huge nail to put into your wall. After that, put it all back together.

No 9. Time: 2-3 days
Tools: Newspapers, a large trash bag, a masking tape/smaller tape, and a lot of patience
You can use the newspaper to make some changes to your room that need to be covered.

  • First, put some layers of newspaper on the area you want to protect.
  • Use the masking tape or smaller tape to secure them in place.
  • After that, apply another layer of newspaper on top of it.
  • Repeat this process until you have reached the desired coverage.

No 10. Time: 4-5 days
Tools: Pencil, ruler, and compass or compass
If your room needs some paint touch-up, this method will get the job done efficiently.

  • To begin, measure the area you want to cover and draw a pencil outline on it.
  • Then, transfer the measurements to a sheet of paper and cut it out accordingly.
  • Use a compass or a compass to draw a curved line in the right place before using a pen to add details.

9. What to Do with Sentimental Items

Sorting things out sounds easy. The truth is it may be pretty tricky because some of them have interesting stories or maybe quite pricey back then.

If that is the case, try to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it possess sentimental value? Maybe you got it from someone special, which makes this item carry a critical memory.
  • Is it severely broken? If you think you can upcycle or re-purpose it, you can keep it. However, if there is no way to fix it, you had better put it in the “throw-away” box.
  • When did I use it for the last time? If you think you have only used this item once or twice this year, and you think you are okay without it, consider selling or donating it.

If you think you can get rid of some sentimental items because they are too precious, you can try re-purposing them. You can also hide them in a container and stash them away in your storage room or the attic.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. You can donate your sentimental items to a non-profit organization. You might get tax-deductible, and you will help others get the same benefits from these items that you do.
  • No 2. If you want to sell your sentimental items, examine them well, primarily when related to the quality. If the item is broken, but it carries significant meaning for you, try to fix it first before selling it since there is a chance that someone else might value it, even though it is broken. Therefore, before selling or donating your sentimental items, make sure that they are not broken and check whether they still have significant meaning to you or not.
  • No 3. If you are not sure what to do with your sentimental items, you can take them to a place where people who want them will be able to sell their objects for money. You can also look at online sites or classified ads to see if anyone is looking for particular items.
  • No 4. Some people choose to keep their sentimental items as a souvenir, like some sort of memorabilia.
  • No 5. If you want to keep the sentimental items as a souvenir, do not forget to set aside a time and place to keep them safe and untouchable. Try not to let your mementos get mixed with other items on shelves or cabinets since they will no longer be easily accessible, and they will also start losing their meaning and value.
  • No 6. If you want to sell your sentimental items, try not to lose your status as an owner. You can do this by writing something on the thing with a marker and dating it.
  • No 7. Keep in mind that some sentimental items might be unnecessary, and they may even be a bit overpriced and bland. But if you find them with significant meaning and value, like a unique keep or piece of history, make sure that you take all measures to preserve the item until someone wants it.
  • No 8. Do not give up your valuable items, even when you require money. Remember that there is no right way to get rid of sentimental items. You can always sell them later when you have enough money or when someone finds them valuable.
  • No 9. The most important thing about sentimental items is that they carry significant meaning and memories. They will always be with you, even though they may be in storage or hidden in the attic or somewhere else in the house.
  • No 10. When choosing a place to put your sentimental items, make sure that it has good ventilation and light. That way, your souvenirs will be able to breathe and stay intact for a long time.
  • No 11. Do not forget that sentimental items can be things that give you a sense of security or religious and profound spiritual meaning. These objects should be treated with the same respect as any other valuable item in your house since they can do more than just possessions.

8. Work with the nightstand

If you think you cannot declutter the entire bedroom in a day, you can begin with small things like the nightstands.
Take everything out from the surface and the drawer to begin decluttering. You might not have noticed that the books you finished reading six months ago are still there. Now, bring them back to where they belong.

Other treasures that you may come across in the drawer of your nightstand are pens that have gone dry, an empty tissue box, or some papers. They definitely go to the “throw-away” box.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. You should put all the items in the box in the nearest trash can without any hesitation.
  • No 2. Put things that were useless since you last used them back into the original places they came from.
  • No 3. Check if there are any papers with sentimental value to you.
  • No 4. Empty the trash box so that you can rest easy at night.
  • No 5. Please make a new place for the items that were thrown out since you last used them.
  • No 6. If you lost things, get them back from your friends or family members if they have the same things you have before throwing them away.
  • No 7. If you missed out on something, then you can always start with it.
  • No 8. Lastly, your nightstand should be neat and organized the way you want it to be. Enjoy
    the decluttering process.
  • No 9. Do not forget to reward yourself with something as a token of acknowledgment for a job well done.
  • No 10. You can repeat the process until you reach a stress-free nightstand.

In short,
In the bedroom, if you have lots of random items to trim and organize. The first things that you can begin to declutter are your books and papers. You could also start with clothes and shoes, depending on how many clothes you have in the closet and how many pairs of shoes you have.

7. Sort Your Clothes

Here comes the most daunting task – decluttering the closet.
Well, it will surely take more time, especially if you have stored lots of clothes in it. Still, it does not mean you cannot tackle it, though.

  • First, take out all of the clothes in the closet.
  • Then, try to sort them out by type, meaning the short-sleeve items will go with other short-sleeve items, dresses with dresses, skirts with skirts, etc.
    Sorting things out by type is a good start to determine whether you will still wear the items shortly or you want to donate them instead.
  • You will also find some damaged items that need repairing.
  • Once you have separated the things you want to keep from the ones you will donate or sell, place your clothes back in the closet.
  • Consider arranging them by colors so that you can find your white long-sleeve shirt or navy top in no time because you know where to go.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. If you have lots of clothes, you need to take out only one drawer at a time. This trick will help you to declutter it faster.
  • No 2. As mentioned before, clothes are easier to sort out if they are arranged by type.
  • No 3. If you have too worn or too old clothes, throw them out or give them away immediately because they will only bring negative energy into your life.
    Tips: Use clear containers with lids to store your clothes in your closet.
  • No 4. Need an impetus to declutter your closet? Organize a clothing swap. Invite friends and family members you think may share your clothes sizes to your house for a clothing swap. After the event, give away the clothes you do not want.
  • No 5. To make the best use of your closet space, hang clothes that require delicate handwashing or that you use less frequently on bottom shelves.
    Tips: If you have a walk-in closet, try hanging a rod across the center to create a hanging bar for belts and scarves. Place a shelf above the bar so you can store items such as hats and gloves.
    Make a checklist of all the tasks involved in decluttering your bedroom.
  • No 6. Once you finish sorting your clothes, give them away.
  • No 7. Dust your closet.
  • No 8. Store items you will frequently wear on the top shelves of the closet.
  • No 9. Give away or sell clothing that is not your style or needs to be repaired (even if this means resorting to consignment shops).
    Tips: Hang an easy-to-reach basket in the center of your closet to store shoes and purses for quick access.
  • 10. If you have a walk-in closet, make sure you organize all your clothes. Hang them according to the season and according to the type of piece. For example, if you wear jeans in the summer and sweaters in the winter, hang them accordingly. Put seasonal items such as scarves, hats, and gloves on top of each other because they tend to get worn out quickly.
  • 11. If you have a lot of shoes, consider hanging a shoe rack near your closet for quick access items.
  • No 12. Create a visual reminder for yourself of what items you need to clean or repair.
  • No 13. Assign monthly chores to the clothes you intend to keep in your closet.
    Tips: To make sure all your clothes get their due attention, either give them a clean once a week, once a month, or whenever they need it.
  • No 14. Look for items that can be repaired and put on a repair list next to the item you intend to dresser or closet space.

6. Put Your Seasonal Clothes into Boxes

You might be wondering why your closet looks cramped although you have not been buying any new clothes recently. Maybe you hang your sweaters and fleece jackets along with the items you wear daily.
If that is the case, take out all of that winter clothing and put it in cardboard boxes or containers. Do not forget to label them so that you can find the clothes quickly. Then, place them on the top shelf so that you can have more space for other items that you use daily.

Alternatively, open yourself to the possibility of giving them away. Some organizations and people accept donations and gift these clothes to those who need them. While it sounds like you might be helping someone else, you will also be doing yourself a favor. The more clothes you remove from your closet, the more space you can make for your new items.

5. Consider Investing in Drawer Dividers

The drawer has really done an excellent job when it comes to concealing clutter. However, another problem occurs when you want to find your socks or ties because it is messy.
Again, take out all of the items from the drawer. Then, begin to sort them out by type and fold or roll them neatly. Now, insert some drawer dividers and put the items back into the drawer based on their types.
Drawer dividers may look trivial, but they are your savior. You can get them easily in stores. Another cheap and fun option is to DIY them. You can re-purpose anything you find in your house – from scrap wood to cereal boxes.

To build a new divider, your instructions are:

  • Step 1: Measure the width of your drawers.
  • Step 2: Draw the lines on your drawer dividers. If you are using wood, use a pen to make sure they are perfectly straight.
  • Step 3: Put glue on the dividers with the help of a roller or brush.
  • Step 4: Place pieces of wood or pieces of cardboard over the line. Then, ensure that every detail is perfectly aligned with it.
  • Step 5: Nail or screw them together.
  • Step 6: Finally, place the drawer dividers in your drawers.

Or. Use DIY Magnetic Key Holder
Instead of letting your keys drop carelessly on the floor, you can use a magnet to put them in place. You can also use this to hold other valuable things like scissors or other essential things that you want to keep in reach. All you need is some iron wire and plastic magnets (available at hardware stores).

4. Clean Everything Thoroughly

Once you have done decluttering, you will find that your bedroom has become even messier. That is okay. You just need to take the trash out and begin to clean up the room thoroughly.
Begin with cleaning all of the surfaces in your bedroom. Then, clean inside the closet, drawers, and any other storage fastidiously. Once you are finished, you can put your clothes back in the closet and drawers.
Wash your bedding if necessary and vacuum the carpet. A super clean bedroom will give you a good mood.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Start with the bed
    The bed is in the center of our bedroom. It is a crucial piece in the bedroom. Therefore, you should begin with cleaning the bed first. The best thing to do on a messy bed is started by throwing out everything lying on it. In addition, you should clean under your mattress and pillows thoroughly. Then, wash your sheets and blankets together.
    If you want to clean your whole room, move all of your clothes into laundry bags before cleaning them up.
  • No 2. Sweep the whole room
    After cleaning your bedroom thoroughly, it is time to clean the entire room. The best way to do this entirely is by sweeping and mopping. Use a broom and mop to clean up every part of the room. This trick will make your bedroom look very clean, and you can use it as an opportunity to optimize your space so you can find or enhance the best place for all you need in this place.
  • No 3. Vacuum
    After cleaning the whole room, vacuum. Make sure you vacuum under your furniture, on the floor, and around the door frames. Once you are done with vacuuming, you can put all of your clothes back into the closet.
  • No 4. Make your bed
    Once you have finished cleaning your bedroom thoroughly, it is time to make your bed. If you have a messy bed, it is good to make your bed while you are cleaning. Suppose if there is a massive mess on the bed, the best thing to do is clean it thoroughly using a vacuum. Also, you can use a blanket or sheet for your bed while you are cleaning.
  • No 5. Organize your closet
    When it comes to organizing your closet, you should use clothes bins and containers from Ikea. They help declutter and give you a place to put your clothes not to become a mess again.
    The most important thing to keep in mind when organizing your closet is that everything is easily accessible.
    So, you should put the bins from Ikea on the floor or shelves just inside the door of your wardrobe.
    This way, it will be closer to where you need it.
    In addition, this will free up valuable space above or hanging clothes if they are too tall for containers that go on shelves.

3. Set down Trays to House Miscellaneous Items

Reachable surfaces like the nightstand or the top of the dresser tend to be a perfect home for one-off items like earrings, watches, glasses, and knick-knacks. Eventually, it will collect clutter.
To prevent clutter from coming back, consider putting a tray, bowl, or basket on your nightstand or dresser. That way, you can place smaller items into it so that the clutter will not conquer surface space.

Alternatively, it is never wrong to use a re-purposed container in lieu of a looker to house smaller items. For instance, something from Ikea or Ikea’s Container Store would work well.
These bins will help you keep things orderly and secure while helping to reduce clutter.

Other ideas you can take to declutter your bedroom space are:

  • No 1. Begin with the mattress
    The mattress is the most space-consuming item in your bedroom.
    Therefore, do not be afraid to take it out and begin cleaning it.
    After you have spread the mattress on the floor, start removing all of the sheets and blankets you are using.
    Then, vacuum everything underneath it for those dust bunnies that like to hide under there.
    Now that your mattress is clean, you can begin to clean all of your other belongings like pillows and comforter.
  • No 2. Take Out the Closet
    A closet is also an important place where you store your clothes.
    Therefore, make sure to clean out all of your clothes and make them look new by putting them back in the closet after you are done with them.
    You can get rid of old clothes by donating them to charity or giving them to friends or family members.
    After you are done, get rid of any unnecessary stuff in your closets like shoes, seasonal clothing, and accessories you no longer need.
  • No 3. Declutter the Drawers
    You should also declutter your drawers and cabinets to make space.
    To do so, you will need to throw out all of the things inside your drawer or cabinet.
    Then, you can begin to organize all of your clothes neatly by placing them into drawers and folding those that you want to do up.
  • No 4. Declutter the Bedroom Closet
    Some people like to keep things like blankets and comforters in their bedroom closets and other bulky items.
    If you are one of them, make sure to clean your closet carefully.
    You should remove everything from the closet and place it on your bedroom floor.
    Then, take out all of the clothes hanging in there and make them ready to be turned back again afterward.
    After removing everything from your closet, you can begin to vacuum all of the walls, shelves, and floor space.
    As a tip for keeping things tidy in the future, you can label your drawers so that each item has its spot.
  • No 5. Clean under your bed
    The last thing that you should do is clean under your bed area.
    Little kids tend to hide their toys and other items under their beds.
    Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your bedroom does not look like a mess again by taking out all of the stuff you have hidden underneath.
    For instance, people hide clothing, books, toys, and other things underneath their beds.
    All of them will never fit in one day because it will take all day for you to clean up your whole bedroom.

2. Go for Some Hidden Storages

The best way to deter clutter is to provide as much storage as possible. However, bringing in more closets or boxes is not a good solution because it will make the bedroom look messy again.

For this reason, consider investing in hidden storage. Instead of purchasing a luxurious bench, you can try an ottoman with storage. Or, you can also get some wooden crates and tweak them a bit by adding casters so that you can use them as drawers stored under your bed.

Other hidden ideas to hide your bedroom clutter such as:

  • No 1. A Hanging Shoe Organizer
    Instead of keeping the shoes in your closet, consider hanging them on a wall.
    The best idea is to paint the wall and create a design that would match your shoe collection.
    You can also paint the shoes and add different colors for each pair to achieve a colorful and unique bedroom look.
  • No 2. The Office Cubby
    To keep your office supplies out of sight, consider creating a cubby that will fit your laptop and tablet as well as a printer.
    You can find some inexpensive cubbies at Ikea, ideal for the bedroom since they are built to be used in rooms.
    For example, you can get an Ivar 6-Cube unit with open storage without doors that you can quickly bring into the bedroom.
  • No 3. A Hanging Desk Organizer
    Instead of keeping your desk cluttered, consider creating a home office by adding a hanging desk organizer.
    This initiative will allow you to place all the necessary items on the wall and have a new look in your bedroom.
    For this particular task, you will need a beautiful canvas that you can get from arts and crafts, fabric stores, or even a craft store.
    You can paint it a color of your choice or cover it with wood stickers to give it some exciting looks.
  • No 4. Hanging Lamp Organizer
    Create a lamp organizer to make your bedroom look more organized if you need a simple way to display your decorative lamps, consider hanging them on the wall.
    This idea is ideal because it will allow you to display all your decorative objects and have a new look in your bedroom.
    You will need some D-rings and clips for this particular task, which you can get from a hardware store or Home Depot.
    Put some hooks on both sides of each ring and attach your lamps with the clips.
  • No 5. A Hanging Bag Organizer
    Another great idea to create more space is to hang your bags.
    With this hanging bag organizer, you can store your purse, books, shoes, or belts.
  • No 6. The Under Bed Box
    The under-bed box is an easy way to hide the clutter that has accumulated in your bedroom closet.
    To create this project, you will need some wooden boxes with lids, which you can get from an arts and crafts store or Home Depot.
  • No 7. A Hanging Storage Unit
    Create a hanging storage unit for the clothes that you do not wear frequently.
    This idea is ideal for hanging your clothes and keeping them away from dust, clutter, or bugs.
    To do this project, you will need a storage unit with a shelf and wooden box dividers.
    You can use a plastic bin for this purpose as well.
  • No 8. Hanging More Than One Purse Organizer
    Another great idea to create more space in your bedroom is to hang more than one purse organizer.
    This trick will allow you to store more than one purse without using several drawers or boxes.
  • No 9. A Hanging Drawer Organizer
    Another great idea is to hang a drawer organizer, which will allow you to store your garments.
    This decision will make the bedroom look more organized and free up some space in your closet.
  • No 10. A Hanging Towels Organizer
    Instead of storing the towels that you do not need frequently, consider hanging them on racks or hooks that are covered with cloth or fabric sheets.
    ~ To build a new hanging towel organizer, you only need a wooden board and four wooden brackets.
    ~ To install the brackets, you will need to measure the towel bar and find a stud in the wall.
    ~ Then, use a level to make sure that the brackets are leveled with the floor.
    ~ After that, put some adhesive on the bracket and hang it from one side of the towel bar towards the other side.

Lastly, Number 1. Get Yourself Entertained and Rehydrated

Decluttering takes a lot of time, and it can be boring sometimes. Therefore, you need to boost your mood by playing your favorite music. This way, you will feel calmer and enjoy every minute of doing this chore. Do not forget to place a bottle of water near you. You need to stay hydrated and focused when decluttering your bedroom. This argument is worth your attention because when you are dehydrated, you may not be able to do anything else.

The idea of removing the clutter is not that easy if you are getting into the habit of keeping things around for many years. You cannot tell when your underlying attachment leads to ungrounded behaviors, so you need to remove these things with great care slowly.

Decluttering everything in your home can become overwhelming, so it will most likely be beneficial to break down your decluttering project into small manageable ones.

Other Relevant details, if you’re living in a couple. Relevant to our bedroom organization, you should probably take the follow these bite-size physiological details :

  • No 1. Be realistic- Do not express your frustration to her. The last thing you want is for her to feel attacked.
    Remove yourself from the conversation by saying something like, “I just don’t think we’re going to agree on this. Why don’t we agree to disagree?” Hopefully, she will understand and respect your position.
    If she insults or attacks you, she’ll realize that she can’t get a rise out of you and will back off. Above all, try to remember that you’re not the problem. She is.
    When you’re asked to do things against your principles or values, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Be firm and polite when communicating with your partner about what you need or want. Leave the room if it’s necessary, still speak politely and calmly but make sure you do it!
  • No 2. Act in ways that support your position
    If you’re in a relationship with someone who never helps around the house, do your best to act in ways that don’t remind her of your feelings. (this is called ‘acting as if’). For example, when you leave clothes on the floor next to the hamper, be sure to wear them again another time without comment. If you go clothes on chairs or in tubs when you take them off at night, don’t tell her about it.
  • No 3. Avoid leading questions
    Don’t ask questions that imply criticism or disapproval of her actions, such as “Why did you leave your clothes on the floor?” Instead, ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no response. Let her talk about her reasons for doing things the way she does. Remember to keep a neutral tone and avoid passing judgment on what she says.
    If your partner signs becoming defensive or aggressive, try not to let it throw you off track.
  • No 4. Allow her to work it out on her own
    You mustn’t try to rush into a solution. Even if your partner wants to discuss a particular topic, it might be best to wait until she’s ready. However, the more you give in and try to explain your position without challenging her ideas, the more she will feel challenged and defensive. Eventually, she may get so frustrated that she’ll agree with you on some issue or some action.
  • No 5. Try not to criticize her ideas or the way she expresses them
    Even if your partner brings up a topic you consider trivial, never react “negatively” because it indicates she’s feeling vulnerable about something important. As much as you dislike her attitude or your disagreement, try to remain understanding to help her feel safe.
  • No 6. Find out what she likes best in the world
    One of the best ways to connect with your lover is by making her feel special. Even something as simple as taking an interest in her interests can lead to a more intimate conversation.
    By delivering a compliment or a funny story about yourself, you’re helping to create an intimate bond between the two of you. It’s also crucial that you don’t do it at the expense of another important relationship with someone else, such as her family or friends.
  • No 7. Provide opportunities for her to be receptive and vulnerable
    If she’s willing to open up and share what’s important to her, it will deepen your relationship. One of the best ways to get her talking is by showing interest in her thoughts and feelings about a certain topic. This situation occurs because we feel safest when we share our feelings with someone who cares about us.
  • No 8. Show that you can deal with difficult emotions
    Revealing our vulnerabilities is not easy, especially if we’re feeling angry or insecure at the time. You must show her that you’re able to tolerate difficult emotions without losing your cool.
    Try not to criticize or talk down to her when she shares how sensitive, vulnerable or emotional she’s feeling. Instead, help her work through it by using a compassionate tone of voice and reassuring words.
  • No 9. Avoid sending mixed messages
    If you seem confused about what you should be doing in a particular situation, your partner might assume that you want different things from each other. If you keep sending mixed signals, your partner will feel confused and frustrated.
    If she’s expecting you to take the initiative and help out more, make sure you do it. If she thinks that you’re not willing to do anything differently even though she’s asked you numerous times, she’ll feel that her requests aren’t being taken seriously.
  • No 10. Be affectionate
    Acting lovingly towards her is an excellent way for her to see that you mean what you say. Even if you’re feeling ill at the time, this will help her to feel secure and protected. By occasionally kissing and hugging her cheek, you’re helping to establish a deeper emotional connection between the two of you.
  • No 11. Make sure that she doesn’t feel alone or isolated
    Even if you think her thoughts are ridiculous, ask her why she feels so strongly about it. Most people have an inner core of emotions that makes them want to express their opinions and beliefs. In some cases, she may even have a point.


Reorganizing your sleeping space may take quite a while. Thus, do not rush. You can implement these 10 messy bedroom DIY decluttering project ideas one at a time. Just enjoy the process.



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