10 Kitchen Cleanout to Declutter your Mind

Every so often, your kitchen can be a focal point for your dwelling. So, it is normal that you want it to be the space you adore. One of the ways to get it is to have a clean one.

Even if you feel that it is pretty clean, simple things may surprise you in refreshing your space. Learn how to grab it with this 10 kitchen cleanout to declutter your mind. Ready, get set, go! And later after the video ends, head on to the reference area if the following video can’t give you enough detail you need.

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10. Clean Woodwork

10. Clean Woodwork by simphome.comWhen you go for white, ensure you frequently wash your woodwork to bring it back to its original state. In this case, you can use lemon oil and vinegar to polish it. Let us show you how.

First, get a spray bottle and fill with 1-part lemon oil to 1-part white vinegar. Spray it onto a dry microfiber cloth; use it to wipe down your cabinets, islands, pantry doors, and baseboards. It leaves both a lovely scent and shine.

How about an oven rack? Soak it in a bathtub full of water and some power detergent. Leave it for about four hours or more and wash it with clean water. Done

9. Dirt-free Dish Rack

9. Dirt free Dish Rack by simphome.comIt is where you put clean dishes after you cleanse them, right? So, you may think you can neglect it. It is just the opposite.

You have to ensure it has no dirt. Thus, you do not put clean dishes in a dirty dish rack. Once again, let’s thank vinegar for its numerous benefit.
Just spray it onto your metal dish rack and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. You get a fresh look in seconds.

Tip: Leave your dishwasher empty before going to bed and feel the differences.

8. Extra Stash

8. Extra Stash by simphome.comIn the kitchen, it’s like you need endless storage. We will solve your problem post-haste. Instead of a one-sided cabinet, you can double or even triple it.

A swing-out pantry with two or three extra layers is just unique for your visibility and access. You can store your most-used spices in front, and then the rest is for baking supplies and foo.

The good news is you can tailor its width and length based on your requirements. You get a clean look and reachable items.
Tip: Keep it harmonious with the surroundings.

7. Least Knives

7. Least Knives by simphome.comFactories want you to purchase as many knives as possible. Some of us even own a big old set with different kinds of carving, paring, bread, fillet, cleaver, probably with some scissors, and a steak blades package.

The problem is, how often do you use all of them? Not much, we bet. The truth is, you only need two decent knives. They are a chef’s and a paring knife. Get rid of the others.

How about steak knives? Well, we rule them out. They are not real, and they are just silverware.

6. Repurpose Your Island

6. Repurpose Your Island by simphome.comAnother clean and extra storage solution for your cooking spot, a kitchen island can be so advantageous. You can add some shelves beneath to put your most-needed items.

Next, utilize wooden crates to store vegetables, cans, and probably, recycling. There you have it. You can still use your island for preparing meals without moving too far from your parking area.
Tip: Install some casters for more mobile wooden crates.

5. Put Things Back

5. Put Things Back by simphome.comIt is time to scrutinize your daily habits and think about where you put everything back. Leave your way of storing items dimly; you need to place your items near to where you use them.
For example, place glasses next to the fridge. Then, mugs stand beside a coffee maker and a tea station. Cutlery and dishes sit near the dishwasher. Cutting boards and knives are close to the prep counter, and the list goes on.

It seems reasonable, sometimes, we have changed our habits, yet our cleanout hasn’t changed with them.

4. Spotless Counters

4. Spotless Counters by simphome.comWhen you walk into your kitchen, you want to see a spacious site on the counters. If you have a free area and less clutter, it makes a space cleaner. That’s the point.

Chuck out some stuff, and you will have a vacant area to put canisters or electric can opener. The final goal is to make room in cabinets for several items that are out on countertops.

If you have more open space, it provides you a tranquil ambiance when you look around the kitchen.

3. Three Resolutions

3. Three Resolutions by simphome.comYou insist on keeping some things because of memories or for Christmas. You do not like them, but they are there, herd your cupboard. You have three options.

The first step, you can throw them away. If it does not please you joy, discard them. As simple as that. You may take their photos for a reminder, then donate them and make others happy. Next, turn them into décor. You know what to do, right? Lastly, store them.

Does it sound easy? Terrific! Workers at the donation center will be more than happy to accept your pre-loved items.

2. Fix Your Fridge

2. Fix Your Fridge by simphome.comDo your tiny bottles in the fridge door like to tip over after you open or close it? No worries, we have the answer. You can tidy those naughty containers with a six-pack.

You will be able to keep all of your condiments under control. When you can hold and organize them in the fridge door, you wipe out one of your problems.

Tip: You can make your six-pack with cardboard.

Lastly, Number 1. Polish Your Range Hood

1. Polish Your Range Hood by simphome.comPeople know, a range hood is a grease magnet, and there is nothing you can do to change it. Consequently, dust catches on overtime, and the surface gets more challenging to clean with regular sprays.

What should you do? One of the best kitchen stove cleaning tools is vegetable oil. Wipe your range hood down with it. Take a few drops of it, and spray it onto a cloth or paper towel, and then rub the surface gently. You will see the grime goes in an instant.

Congrats! You made it to the end! You’ll love your kitchen when it is super neat and clean. We hope you find peace there.
One more, when you do cleanouts, you need to be ruthless and honest. Do not embrace things that you have not used in a year. Do you have any ideas to add? Share them!



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