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12 Space Saving Furniture for Kitchen Ideas

It is often difficult to find enough space in the kitchen for an open plan. But it’s not hopeless, there are many clever ideas on how to organize a tiny kitchen

If you want your small home cooking corner to be more comfortable and attractive, you can use these tips to organize small kitchens.
In this list, you’ll find ideas:

So, let’s get started with the list to turn your tiny home cooking space comfier, more attractive, sleeker, and, not to forget, more reliable.

While it’s true that the kitchen is the heart of your home, it can also be one of the most stressful places!
Organizing all your appliances, glassware, cookware, and utensils can be a real headache, especially if you’re dealing with limited space.

We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2022 that would probably still works great or at least Okay in 2031 or 2099 to help you save space in the kitchen! Start cooking with this 12-space saving furniture for kitchen ideas, and as always, follow the link pasted inside the reference to get more detail.

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Relevant Questions and Answers:

How can I save space in my kitchen? or What should I do to save space in my kitchen?

The way to save space in a small kitchen is by tucking your cabinets either under or behind upper cabinetry. Another option is to use an upper cabinet for storage by using a hanging pot rack. Another option would be to get rid of your dishwasher and opt for installing pull-outs on the side of the sink cabinet where you would have it stored. You can also hang up pots and pans from the ceiling if you don’t want them taking up counter space. Or you could still hang things from the ceiling but put them on hooks instead of metal, and finally, you could hang up items from hooks without using metal.

One thing, in case you need extensive kitchen transformation to optimize the valuable kitchen space you have, you may need to consider consulting kitchen remodeling contractors first. When done right, you could potentially save a lot more money and new improvement perspective that you probably haven’t thought possible before

What is the best layout for a small kitchen?

If you’re working with a small kitchen, one of the most efficient layouts to use is the L-shaped kitchen. The L-shaped layout allows for maximum counterspace and storage space while still allowing you to have a separate area for cooking. The L-shape also allows for flexibility in terms of where your appliances are located and how much counter space is needed on either side.

What colors make a small kitchen look bigger?

The color blue could make a small kitchen look bigger. The color red could also make a small kitchen look bigger, but it may distract the eye and take away from other colors in the room. Your best bet is to use both colors together, as they can create a division between your kitchen and other areas of the home.

How can I de-clutter my kitchen?

You can make one counter double-duty by doubling it up as a workspace and a cutting board. You can also add a paper towel holder to the counter’s far end to create that much-needed extra space. Maximize your cabinets by thinking vertical if they’re deep enough for that kind of storage.

How can I increase storage in my tiny kitchen?

If your small kitchen lacks space to store dishes and other cooking utensils, you may want to consider installing a pull-out shelf underneath the sink. This will allow for more use of the space under the sink for storage. Another method would be to find a tall cabinet or wall where you could hang pots and pans so that they’re not taking up counter space.

How can I increase the amount of counter space in my small kitchen?

A way to increase counter space in your small kitchen is by doubling up on work surfaces like a cutting board or workspace by adding another work surface over it, leaving less room for food storage. You can also add shelving units to nearby walls so that there’s more room for food storage. You can also use the walls for more storage by adding hooks to them.

How can I organize my pots and pans in my small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, one way to organize your pots and pans is by using a pot hanger. You could also put up a pot rack if you have enough wall space to do so or purchase additional cupboards that are adjustable so that they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

How do I get a pantry in a small kitchen?

If you want to know how to get a small kitchen pantry, you would need to look at your cabinets. You may have some large cabinets that are not being used or are deep enough for storage. You could also buy an adjustable cupboard and place it anywhere in your kitchen. There’s also the option of hanging up pots and pans from the ceiling instead of on-counter space, making more room for food storage below.

Where do you put a microwave in a tiny kitchen?

To put a microwave in a small kitchen securely, you would need to make sure to put it on an outlet close to the countertop. You could also buy an adjustable cabinet and place it near the counter, which will allow you more space for food storage.

How deep should kitchen drawers be for pots and pans?

How deep kitchen drawers should be for pots and pans depends on your style. If you have a modern or contemporary style, the drawers should be deep enough to hold vertically stacked dishes. If you have an antique or a retro-style kitchen, the pantry may be shallower so that you can store pans horizontally.

What are some excellent storage ideas for a small kitchen?

Some good storage ideas for a small kitchen would be adding an adjustable wall cabinet, which will allow more room to store food and other cooking utensils.

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12. DIY Kitchen Nook

12 . Kitchen nook DIY by simphome.comDon’t have enough space to have a complete set of chairs? Kitchen nooks are a stylish and minimalist way to share meals, even in a tiny kitchen.

We felt inspired with this Kitchen nook that the DIYer entirely made from scratch! According to The talented DIYer, if you want to copy the idea, first, started by outlining the desired dimensions onto the floor.

Once you’ve finalized the kitchen nook’s size and location, you can begin ripping the boards to their desired measurements. From here, attach the cleat to the studs at the point where you’ll secure the hinges. Make sure to work around fixtures such as pipes and heaters. Storage lids on the benches are also a great idea to maximize your space!

11. Get This Extendable Dining Table Idea To Action

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to give up on family dinners!
We love how easy it is to transform this classy table into an even bigger dining table for parties and accommodating guests.

A valuable piece of furniture to keep in the kitchen is a rolling cart, and for that reason, we recommend this luxurious and classy rolling cart from Winsome. With its two bar stools, it’s the perfect product for accommodating guests in a small space.

Save yourself the hassle of traveling to the pantry for ingredients with this convenient rolling cart. You’ll also save up on space thanks to its two drawers and generous countertop.

10. A DIY Foldable and Adjustable Woodworking Project Idea

If you are experiencing some difficulties preparing meals on your countertop, consider these life-saving DIY woodworking hacks. Nothing beats the ingenuity of simple and straightforward solutions!

We love the idea of maximizing drawer space all the more by extending it into a countertop. If you live in a tiny house or a mobile home, these few inches of countertop space can make all the difference!

This tiny kitchen also has an easily adjustable sink and countertop. This will give homeowners a comfortable space to do chores.

To complete it, consider adopting this movable storage drawer solution! Especially if you need a lot of countertop space, this simple adjustment can go a long way. For a more detailed explanation and preparation, you’ll need to start the project, follow the link inside the description.

9. Or Craft This Foldable Table Project Instead

Here’s a quick and easy solution for your small kitchen needs – a folding table complete with storage shelves!

While initially intended as a craft table, this convenient and lightweight table will be able to accommodate your storage needs. The table features two folding table sections with a fixed center. You’ll also love that the design is coming with two easy-slide storage shelves.

Order the DIY plan from Remodelaholic! It will only cost you around 15USD for the needed materials and the pattern.

8. An Extendable Dining Table and Chair Project Idea

This smart design will leave you awestruck! Though the design is simple, the product’s ingenuity comes through with how it can work seamlessly in a space.

This is a great option for homeowners who are dealing with a tiny kitchen area. Simply roll out the table and chair when guests arrive and reverse the process once you’re done with your business. Make the most out of your kitchen space by inconspicuously tucking them away as a side table or a footrest. Last, It also doesn’t hurt to know that this product comes with ultra-comfortable cushions that are easy to store as well!

7. Multi-functional Solution Option for your Storage Challenge

7. Apartment kitchen low budget by .Another product that we’re inspired by is the Miniki mini kitchen. We love that this small functional kitchen system is multi-functional, versatile, and flexible.

The brand offers the Miniki mini kitchen in a variety of models. You can choose between three different styles that can cater to a wide range of needs like storage, cooking, a sink, a dishwasher, a mini-fridge, and even an oven.

We also love that it comes in as many as 15 different colors. You won’t have to worry about finding a design that suits your style.

A great addition to your multifunctional mini kitchen would be this Rolling Coffee Pod Drawer. As many as 1500 reviewers rated the product an average of 4.8! The Nifty Rolling Coffee Pod Drawer is 15-inches wide and about 13-inches deep. That’s enough to store up to 40 coffee pods!

6. Go with Kenchikukagu

Thanks to the Japanese’s innovation, it might be easier to adapt to urbanization and tiny living situations. Thanks to Kenchikukagu Foldable Rooms, all essentials are made available through a collapsible mobile furniture set.

Kenchikukagu Foldable Rooms come in a variety of models to cater to different needs.
The Kenchikukagu foldable furniture sets feature a complete kitchen, a guest room, and a small office. The great thing about this innovation is that they’re easy to stow away, and they’re portable thanks to their compact size and wheels.

We love that you can have all your kitchen essentials (and more) in one complete package! You can find a sink, an induction cooktop, a stowaway table, storage space, ample counter space, and even a recipe holder in the kitchen compartment. The Kenchikukagu guest room includes a collapsible bed and a workstation complete with storage space, outlets, a desk, and lights.

However, Since the Kenchikukagu might be out of reach for many homeowners, we recommended you this affordable alternative as your next ever-reliable pull-out drawer!
This metal pull-out drawer is versatile and sturdy to handle a wide range of applications and challenges.
The smooth slide-out door and hassle-free installation make this product one of the most highly-rated on Amazon.

5. Tuck Away Your Washing Machine in the Kitchen

5. Washing machine in the kitchen by

Washing machines are definitely one of the trickiest things to fit in a tiny house. While it’s not that simple, we’re living for this space-saving idea of hiding your washing machine in the kitchen!

Especially if you have a lot of counter space with unused storage drawers, consider going DIY and install your washing machine in the kitchen. We love how functional the foldable countertop is. To transform your desk into a kitchen table like this in the video, equip yourself with detailed information that you can access by following a link inside the description.

4. Or Transform Your Desk into a Dining Table

4. White dining table by simphome.comWhen it comes to space-saving solutions, multi-functionality should be your priority. As simple as some designs are, the important thing is how seamlessly these could fit into your everyday routine.
This DIY table, for example, made use of different wood boards, plywood, nails, and wood glue. We love the simple concept of combining two desks to make a dining table! We love how the author treated the drawer slides and other metal hardware to finalized the product and completed the kitchen organization to a new level.

FYI, each desk was about 51-inches long, and each had a width of about 19-inches.

3. Craft This Folding Table and Kitchen set Combo

This folding table that is a combo with a kitchen set is a multi-functional one! If you’re ready to take on this DIY project, draw inspiration from this versatile piece of furniture.

We love how this piece of furniture can work well as a decorative table, and it also has generous storage space. You can easily fold both sides to accommodate many guests.

However, if this design is too advanced, you can call a friend to help you out with a simpler folding table by taking Foldable Support Brackets. They will help you complete your new DIY project easier, faster, and better. For this reason, we recommend a user-friendly self-locking hinges product from Mechwares.

2. Get A Kitchen in a Cupboard

2. Multifunctional cupboard IDea by simphome.comWe’re absolutely in love with this ultimate space-saving hack of Kitchen in a Cupboard! The free-standing kitchen design that contains all your cookware and eating essentials is perfect for small offices, apartments, and studios.

With this stylish design, you wouldn’t have to worry about tiresome cleaning duties as well! It’s incredibly easy to customize a DIY cupboard to fit your specific needs. Add some shelving, racks, and hooks to customize your cupboard space.

We also love how this idea can be the perfect solution to having a bigger dining space!

Lastly, Number 1 Get a rolling coffee cart.

1. Coffee cart by simphome.comA rolling coffee cart is a great way to save up on some valuable counter space. This DIY coffee cart, for example, is about 26-inches by 16-inches, compact and lightweight enough for easy use and storage.

You can also easily tuck it away into a corner when you’re not in the mood for a cup of joe or simply roll it out during early mornings and afternoon tea. We also love the convenient foldable leaf – it’s perfect for snacks and accommodating guests.


Some people choose to have a new kitchen nook. If you don’t have room for a full dining table, you might want to consider this option. A small kitchen nook can offer more seating and storage space than a typical bar area. Some people choose to have a new kitchen nook with the sink in it so they only have one cabinet underneath for storage.

Talk about how you can make the most out of your small house kitchen by using the walk-in pantry idea? You can make your own walk-in pantry by adding shelving in the door or along with one of the walls. This allows you to maximize the space that is available in your kitchen without having to use additional floor or wall space.

Finding enough space in your kitchen to fit all your essentials can be overwhelming. You have your cookware, dining set, utensils, and food supplies to think about.
Thanks to innovative and smart design, simple living in tiny spaces can now be made more comfortable. If you’re on a budget, consider one or some of this DIY space-saving furniture for kitchen ideas.

Thanks to all the nice and clever authors behind these helpful design and storage ideas compiled by Simphome, Long time or new DIYers can surely create a space that maximizes the space without compromising style and sophistication.


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