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12 Minimalist Kitchen Optimization and Organizations

As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”
The same applies to clutter. We all want our kitchen to be clutter-free, especially our countertops.
For that reason, many homeowners opt for a minimalist kitchen design. To achieve that look, we need to optimize our kitchen and come up with more organized storage. has compiled a list of ideas to help you adhere to the minimalist aesthetic.

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12. Optimize Your Awkward Space with Some Lazy Susans12. Optimize your awkward space with some Lazy susans by

More often than not, trying to find the items you want quickly in a regular cabinet can be a challenge. Or you see what you need, but they’re at the back.
You need to move the front items or put them down on the countertop temporarily so you can access the things you want. Then you have to put them back and repeat the whole process.
It can be time-consuming and downright tedious. Here comes the lazy Susans to the rescue. They’re terrific rotating trays to have, especially in corner cabinets.
They replace a shelf space entirely. Although not for space maximization, lazy Susans will help keep your items organized and within easy reach with a simple spin.

11. Little Upper Cabinet

11. Little upper cabinet by simphome.comLittle cabinets are terrific space savers above the seldomly utilized gap above a sink. They allow enough room so you can bend over without hitting your forehead.
However, reaching for the items you want inside them can be tricky and even a bit dangerous. You don’t want those things falling on your head.
If you can find storage bins or baskets that fit each compartment to a tee, that would be perfect. They will allow you to organize the contents and easily access them whenever you need something or store them back.
That’s why these containers would be great for lightweight items like your plastic stuff so that you can lift them without much effort.

10. Organize Your Kitchen Easy Way

Here are a few nifty hacks for repurposing some organizer products you can buy on Amazon.
A lazy Susan made with bamboo can become a handy kitchen utensil rack. Predrill eight evenly spaced holes just inside the rim. Screw eight hooks with the ends facing outwards. Then mount the lazy Susan under a cupboard near your range oven. Find related Item below
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9. And Optimize it more with this Idea

You can use two AIZESI spring tension curtain rods as vertical dividers in a counter cabinet or cupboard to neatly separate your chopping boards, pans, strainers, and various trays. These AIZESI rods can help organize your spice drawers too. Lay them down horizontally, so the tops of the bottles rest on the next rod behind them. (Play the video on point number 10 if you haven’t done it already). Lastly, add hooks to all the pegs on a wooden accordion rack to hang your colorful mugs on a wall. Curtain Rod Product here

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8. Vertical Shelving For Your Awkward Space

9. Vertical Shelf by
Vertically positioned floating shelves and towel racks will help you organize your items scattered on your countertops.
It’s more convenient if they’re nearby within easy reach of the sink or your range oven. For example, you can use the bare side of a built-in refrigerator wall to install 2-3 floating shelves.
There, you can neatly arrange and quickly access your go-to items, such as your knife block, bottled ingredients, condiments, jars, coffee maker, and more. It’s also a convenient spot to hang a paper towel holder.
You can also use exposed counter ends to install kitchen towel bars.

7. Tray Divider Above the Fridge

8. Tray Divider Above Fridge by
That cabinet above the fridge would be a perfect spot dedicated to organizing trays and cutting boards.
Begin by measuring your tallest item and also the widest one. That way, all of them will fit within a vertical slot.
Next, cut 3/4” plywood for the vertical frame dividing the cabinet into two sections. Then cut two 3/4” plywood for the top and bottom of your tray organizer.

Use a router with a flat 1/4” dado bit to carve evenly spaced straight grooves on these top and bottom pieces. That’s where you’ll slide the vertical 1/4” plywood dividers. Use a jigsaw to cut identical notches at the fronts to grab the item you need conveniently.
On the right, you can add a couple of pullout shelves to organize other stuff.

6. Or if That’s Too Much of a Hassle, Get This Adjustable Large Stainless Steel Dish Rack

If you find the DIY project previously a bit too labor-intensive, you can get this modular and expandable stainless steel dish rack. It lets you drain your dishes directly into your sink so you can say goodbye to wet and messy countertops.

What’s more, you can attach wire racks for your knives, cutting boards, utensils, strainers, soaps, cutlery, paper towels, and more.
You can arrange the racks in any configuration you like and remove some of them that you won’t need. It’s made of stainless steel with a rubberized coating and is durable enough to last a long time.
Best of all, it lets you reduce clutter leaving you with more countertop space.
[amazon box=”B08G4DK4KY”]

5. Slide and Conceal your Spice Drawer

Sometimes, you see a picture or video clip that gives you so much inspiration but little by way of instructions. Take the case of this fantastic pull-down spice rack.
If a picture or clip doesn’t give enough info, you can get an equally excellent substitute like this slim cart from OBOR.

You can opt for this slim cart from OBOR on Amazon instead. It’s only 6.5” wide with casters, about 17.7” deep, and 37.8” high, including the top handles. It will fit snugly between a free-standing fridge and the counter next to it.
It has four railed shelves, including the top one. You can conveniently pull it out to serve as a spice rack or store other condiments and larger bottles.
[amazon box=”B07QQW57LC”]

4. DIY Wire Utensil Rack Idea

5. DIY Wire Utensil Rack by

A Remesh sheet and some small s-shaped hooks can serve as a wall rack for your various kitchen utensils.
Many contractors use Remesh sheets to reinforce poured concrete. You can repurpose it as a unique DIY kitchen utensil rack.
Use a bolt cutter or an electric grinder to cut the mesh to the dimensions you want. Apply a primer and paint it black and wait for it to dry completely.
Hang it on your kitchen wall on at least two anchors so it won’t tilt. Use as many s-hooks (preferably black) as necessary to hang your various kitchen utensils.
It’s a minimalist rack that’s simple to replicate, will organize your utensils neatly, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets. BTW, You can get a Remesh sheet on Lowes or Homedepot.

3. Scandinavian Drying Cabinet Idea

4. Scandinavian Drying Cabinet by simphome.comIf you don’t want a dish rack on your counters, you can convert the small cabinet above your kitchen sink into a minimalist Scandinavian drying cabinet concept.
You’ll need to disassemble a folding dish rack made of bamboo that you can find on Amazon. Remove all the extra pieces. Then cut and sand the primary large, medium, and small grill pieces until you get their basic rectangular shape.
Next, cut the cabinet’s bottom out, line the interior with redwood backing, and add support slats at the bottom to hold the largest grill. Be sure to waterproof all the new wood with boiled linseed oil.
Then position the medium grill horizontally on the bottom left corner and screw it to the backing. Place the large bamboo piece at the bottom and make sure it’s aligned with the medium one.

Finally, place the small one to the right of the large one.

2. Custom Pullout Shelving Idea

2. Custom Pullout Shelving Idea via 1.jpgPullout shelves are a terrific solution to organize the things in your counter cabinets and cupboards. The great thing about them is that you don’t have to squat down, search, and reach for items like regular shelves.
You pull the shelf just like a drawer, and it will slide right out. It makes it easy to find and grab the item you want quickly. You then slide it in, out of the way, and out of sight when you close the doors.
2. Custom Pullout Shelving Idea via Simphome 2These shelves also have rails to prevent things from sliding off while in motion. You’ll notice in the example that the rails have a tapered design. That allows for double sliders so it can carry heavier loads.
2. Custom Pullout Shelving Idea via Simphome 3They’re very versatile, and you can mount one using both sides of the cabinet or one on either side. That makes them the ideal storage under sinks to avoid the drain pipes and maximize the odd space.

1. DIY Plate Rack Idea Heaven Made

1. DIY Plate Rack via Simphome.comBuild this DIY plate rack that also functions as a decorative piece. The parts are assembled with 1-1/4” pocket hole screws and brads.
Cut your desired pattern using a jigsaw on the lower level of two 33” 1×6” sidings. Next, cut a straight line 4” from the straight edge of the remaining upper levels.
Attach the 1” x 6” x 22” bottom shelf and a 1 “x 4” x 22” backing below it. Attach two 1” x 4” x 22” shelves at midlevel and the top.
Then add 1” x 2” x 22” trim to all the shelves that will serve as rails. Drill six evenly spaced 3/8” holes on the bottom backing and glue in them 3/8” x 2” dowels.
Finally, stain the wood to the color you want.


For homeowners who go for a minimalist kitchen design, they love the simplicity, elegant lines, but most of all – the minimal clutter.
Our surroundings affect the way we feel. A cluttered kitchen can negatively affect our mood and make working in the kitchen an ordeal.
That’s why we need storage solutions to minimize objects on our countertops and hide and organize as much as we can.
Not only will that help us maximize the space and minimize clutter, but it will also help us achieve that minimalist look that we love. Lastly, for more minimalist design ideas for your home and related inspiration, visit your loyal list maker website,


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