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125 Kitchen Makeover Ideas for 2022 and Beyond

Have you been thinking about the kitchen makeover project you have been meaning to do but just haven’t gotten around to yet? If so, it may be time to put other priorities aside and take steps toward remodeling your kitchen

33-46: Different kind of Opened wall mounted kitchen cabinet ideas, Shabby chic kitchen cabinet, Kitchen color ideas, etc.

33. Ditch the Wall-Mounted Cabinets

33 Ditch the Wall Mounted Cabinets Simphome
33.Ditch the Wall, Mounted Cabinets

For a busy person like you who needs to do many kinds of things at once, you do need an easy access to your storage. Therefore, just rip your cabinets off. You don’t need them as you keep opening and closing the cabinets’ doors which takes more time.

Investing on open shelves to store your spices and condiments would be better. You can get a super easy access when grabbing the spices you need. Besides, spices and condiments stored in clear jars add natural colors that perk your kitchen up.

Adding textural elements can also jazz your kitchen up. You can install mosaic-tile backsplash instead of white subway tiles which are in line with the tongue and groove paneling. The two woven bamboo planters hanging on the white paneling highlight the textural elements.

34 DIY spice shelves Simphome
34.Just Say NO to As Seen On TV Spicy Shelf Organizer..and YES to DIY!!! – Depending on the size of your cabinet, you can get 2-4 of these DIY spice shelves

35 Idea by by woodesigner Simphome
35. Open kitchen cabinet idea by woodesigner

36 Saved by Cristin Esparza Simphome
36. Hanging opened kitchen cabinet idea saved by Cristin Esparza

37 Shabby chic decor include kitchen Simphome
37. Shabby chic is really a term which is often used, but what does it truly mean?It’s lack of precise definition neatly reflectsthe styleitself – there are no ‘rules’ to shabby chic because there are with some fashions and fashions, it’s an eclectic number of designs, eras, patterns and themes. Itis a style, not really a fashion, reflecting its permanence and emphasis on quality and tradition, as opposed to a fashion which can be more fleeting.The term was initially coined within the 1980s, though the style certainly existed before that.

Its roots are in an ‘English Country Style’ where pretty floral prints are teamed with old furniture that has already served a helpful life, but still has much to make available, and an assortment of crockery – none that perhaps matches, but all ones have a very sentimental attachment to its owner, often previously being passed down over the generations, or acquired for a couple of pence in the flea market or jumble sale. This quality of ‘re-purposing,’ as the green movement calls it, are at the heart of Shabby Chic style in Cottage decor. It can take some time to find the hang of considering something due to the potential, instead of its practical use. However, each home decorator masters like that of investigating furnishings, amazing things can happen with this type of decor.

38 A family home in Brunswick Simphome
38. A family home in Brunswick, cleverly designed with energy efficiency in mind.

39 A Vintage Style industrial storage kitchen cabinet idea Simphome
39. A Vintage Style industrial storage kitchen cabinet idea

40 a combination of reclaimed Aroostook County Maine potat Simphome
40. Storage solutions that are functional AND beautiful? Yes, please! These charming provincial floating shelves are made using a combination of reclaimed Aroostook County, Maine potat.

41 Colorful kitchen Simphome
41. Let’s Change the Color.

To give your kitchen a lively lift on the cheap is by repainting it. And, of course, white has always been your go-to color as it opens up your space as well as making it visually larger. This kitchen looks more terrific after being repainted. White beadboard paneling covers the kitchen island. New backsplash is also installed to make the kitchen look fresher. Two elegant pendant lights also hang over the kitchen island, illuminating the gray granite countertop.

42 Alyssa Rosenheck Photography Simphome
42. Alyssa Rosenheck Photography via style me pretty. there’s been a real focus and importance placed on kitchen lighting fixtures of late and the trend definitely has been leaning towards pendant lighting. it used to be that a lot of kitchen lighting was recessed but not anymore.

43 Berson–the architecture Simphome
43. Is this fab-u-lous or what?! The colorful kitchen resides in a Greenwich Village townhouse designed by Brian Sawyer and John Berson of Sawyer | Berson–the architecture

44 Photos Marco Antonio Simphome
44. With cheerful colors, practical materials and generous desks, these kitchens invite you to linger. Written by Zizi Carderari E Simone Raitzik | Text Letícia de Almeida Alves and Simone Raitzik | Photos Marco Antonio | Illustrations Carlos Campoy Visual Report Juliana Hamacek

45 Fully integrated kitchen Simphome
45. Fully integrated kitchen while living.
Only a high bench delimits the environments. The tall cabinets with apparent metallic structure left the atmosphere relaxed. Jeh Aidan Project and partner

46 1 Nomadic Bohemian home of Magdalena Luszcz of Red Poppy Vintage Simphome
46. Today we’re so excited to share a look inside the magical Nomadic Bohemian home of Magdalena Luszcz’s of Red Poppy Vintage . Magdalena grew up in Nowa Huta – the easternmost district of Krakow, Poland. The neighborhood was built in the 50’s for steel mill workers and was full of tall cement flats that were carbon copies

46 2 Galley kitchens are aptly named for the small kitchens found on ships Simphome
Bonus: Galley kitchens are aptly named for the small kitchens found on ships. Basically a hallway lined with cabinets and appliances, galley kitchens can come off as dark and uninviting, making you want to order in rather than spend any time cooking your meal. But if your galley kitchen is the dreariest space in your house, Follow one of these 15 ideas Written by Casey Watkins.

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