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10 Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen design is a fascinating idea that has always been important. People often forget the importance of the kitchen and what it can do for our daily lives.

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This article will list ten trends of the recent kitchen designs full of charm and elegance while still being practical. These trends are perfect for anyone looking to update their home’s décor or redesign their current space within their kitchens.

The kitchen always plays an essential role almost every time. It is the source of family daily energy. More than that, every bite of food processed in the kitchen serves love, which is actually more meaningful and philosophical.

Aside from the scrumptious food made in the kitchen, you deserve a stylish cooking space in which you can cook comfortably. Thus, we have summed up these 10 kitchen design trends that will inspire you. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10. Natural-Black Dramatic Kitchen

Some people may think that black is the color of misfortune, mystery, evil spirits, and many other creepy things. Therefore, many people tend to avoid this hue when decorating a kitchen because it is a joyful space. Well, it is just a total myth.

The black color will give you a classic design that stands the test of time. It looks elegant and luxurious. To make it livable, inviting, and homey, try to add some natural elements.
You can pair black cabinets with gray marble countertops as the statement element. Also, a light gray backsplash will make the cabinets look standout.

9. The Curvy Edges

Nowadays, the kitchen has become a more multifunctional room. It isn’t just a space for quick breakfast preparation or pre-heat the food for dinner.

Its role develops as a place to calm and socialize, depending on the design you choose.
A traditional kitchen that typically features 90-degree angles offers a dynamic nuance rather than tranquility. The curved design, however, lends a more laid-back ambiance.
Moreover, a curved edge allows you to run a hand comfortably. In contrast, a 90-degree angle may be harmful to kids when they bump into it.

8. Herbs Garden Kitchen

Imagine plucking fresh herbs right off the plant to throw into your homemade cooking! As you know, it will create a joyful feeling. Therefore, cooking for the family can be more enjoyable and refreshing.
It doesn’t take much effort to make it happen. The idea is DIY-friendly. You just need to get a container to grow your fresh herbs. You can re-use the unused can or build it by repurposing some old wood boards. Paint the surface to make it look new!

Secondly, start to plant. Add a thick layer of rocks to the bottom of the planter to create some drainage. Then put in some mixture of soil and fertilizer. You can grow parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary, or other preferred herbs.

Don’t forget to label the plant. Write the names of the plant with a pen or marker. It helps you recognize the herbs.
The third step is positioning. A tip: it will work best to place the container in the area that gets direct sunlight.

7. A Well-Organized Pantry

Perhaps you don’t need to have a radical renovation for your kitchen for the upcoming new year. Bear in mind that the key is to make it more comfortable and helpful.
So why not start with organizing your pantry? It indeed can be a game-changer. As you know, it’s all too easy for the pantry to become messy. But sometimes, you are just too reluctant to declutter the pantry after cooking.

So spare your time to do it. Empty your entire pantry. Before beginning the organization process, clean it thoroughly. Throw away anything that’s expired. Make a categorization. Place the items that belong to the same group together. Moreover, if you want to make it more recognizable, labeling each item will help a lot.

6. A Retro Styled Kitchen

A retro-themed kitchen doesn’t mean old or boring. The style could add more style to your house because it pays tribute to the past.
To apply the retro theme to your kitchen, you just need to add some vintage elements. Displaying different pop-colored stuff and unique sculpture and installing open cabinets will work like a charm.

5. Filled-up Your Kitchen With More Natural Elements

Bringing a natural atmosphere into your kitchen will help you feel more comfortable. Many people think they can earn this ambiance by incorporating plants into the cooking space. It is unnecessary, especially if you do not have a green thumb. You can carve out a nature-themed kitchen by adding some elements such as unpainted wood, marble, and granite.

You can notice how natural elements have a significant impact on this kitchen. Wooden cabinets, shelves, and chairs add a bit of a rustic look. The rattan lampshades lend a distinctive charm of a traditional style.

4. The Industrial Vibes Kitchen Idea

Industrial style is a big hit nowadays. And indeed it’s also applicable for a kitchen. It’s pretty easy to achieve. However, you need to pay attention to some key elements.
Elements that construct an industrial décor are metal, exposed brick, iron, concrete, wood, and beams. Try to mix and match those elements evenly.
A charcoal paint finish or matte black is an excellent option for the need-to-paint area. The color will complement those elements to create a perfect industrial vibes kitchen.

3. Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen

A farmhouse-inspired kitchen might sound old and less attractive, especially those who adore the modern style. That is not always the case. The truth is a farmhouse kitchen creates a cozy and homey feel.

Moreover, you can also incorporate some modern elements into the cooking space.
A modern farmhouse kitchen is a combination of modern and rustic elements.

For example, you can have a woven bar stool representing the rustic element.
At the same time, you can add a modern touch through metal pendant lights.

2. Bring your favorite Tree Inside

Since the pandemic spreads enormously, we tend to stay at home. We miss going out a lot. This idea will eventually help you bring joy and freedom to your kitchen.
Have you ever thought to grow a tree in your kitchen? It might sound impossible. But, indeed, it’s achievable. It’s becoming more frequent seeing people have such thing in their house.

There are some types of trees you can grow inside your kitchen. One of which is the olive oil tree that has been the most popular. You can also try any huge-sized, low-light tolerant indoor trees such as fiddle-leaf fig, bird of paradise, Norfolk island palm, and so on. They can mimic the joy of going on a picnic in a park.

Lastly, Number 1. Open Shelving Styling Idea

All this time, open shelving has been more popular in any kitchen. It is practical and provides more space. You can place various stuff on it, ranging from cooking ingredients, cooking utensils, and even your collection of cutlery sets or dinnerware.

If you want to make it more attractive, try adding items that show your personal style.
If you are a book worm, pile up some of your favorite books on the shelves. A plant parent can place some small to medium-sized plants. The options are limitless depending on your creativity.
Those are 10 kitchen design trends you might have in consideration. They are pretty simple to do as long you get the critical element of each idea. Even better, some of them are DIY-friendly. Thus, pick up one now! And start the action!



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