10 Small Kitchen Styling Ideas (2)

Most women dream of having a spacious kitchen. Unfortunately, some of them can’t afford one. Instead, they have to be satisfied with the space available.

Don’t worry if you have a small, oddly shaped kitchen. With some ideas we have collected, you can make your kitchen look stylish. Whether you want to build your kitchen from scratch or renovate an existing one, give a try to one or two of 10 small kitchen styling ideas. You will be surprised to find how your cooking space looks and feel. For more detail, follow the link provided inside the reference and description area.

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10 Small Kitchen Styling Ideas

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10. Task Lighting

10. Task Lighting by simphome.comLighting not only brightens your workspace but also adds some style to it. With proper lighting, your countertop would be brighter while giving the room a more modern touch.
If you do your food prep on the island, try to mix recessed down-lighting and hanging light. Pendants will do the job nicely. For your under cabinets, get task lighting to properly illuminate the countertop.

Strip lights are a versatile choice for lower cabinets, while puck lights are recommended for the countertops. Another way is installing sconces over the worktop. It will help your meal prep and cooking more efficiently and at the same time, it allows you to grab things or read recipes easily.

9. Add Floating Table or Desk

floating desk ideasHaving a long and narrow kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t have a unique dining space.
This picture, for example, shows that by simply using a floating table and seats, you can infuse a rustic style into any white kitchen room. This beautiful table will upgrade your kitchen and you can fold when not in use.

You will need a plywood board, hinges, L-brackets, screws or nails, and stain to make this table. Once the materials are ready, find the studs behind the drywall for nailing the floating desk.
After that, mark the points for three brackets – left, center, and right. Then, place the timber above them and drill in screws to secure it. Now you have your dining table in your small kitchen.

8. Wallpapered Your Ceiling

8. Wallpapered Ceiling by simphome.comWallpaper is back into style during the last years. But, have you ever thought of applying it to the ceiling? It will indeed give your kitchen some impact. Today’s wallpaper has various patterns, from floral design to modern geometric. With the right choice, you can elevate the space for a dose of style. There are some things to prepare before you decide to adopt this idea. First, the ceiling should be conducive to wallpaper. It means that the surface is smooth, clean, and structurally intact. Second, select the right type of wallpaper that will make your project less of a drag.

FYI, Wallpaper comes in traditional or removable type. The former requires you to pre-glue it, while the latter is as simple as peeling and sticking it on the wall. Both have different durability and patterns available. That brings us to the third consideration, which is when will you remove the wallpaper.
The traditional type will age well and good for long-term use, while the removable one is easier to peel off if you want to change the design.

7. Flexible Storage

7. Flexible Storage by simphome.comOne has to be creative when it comes to hacking small kitchen storage. Having them flexible is something you need to try. Wire panel shelving will give you the freedom to adjust the height, add in or take away shelves, or even adding a wine rack. Metal wire shelving comes with an aesthetic feature that would not be compromising its function. Since it is open shelving, you can find and grab any items you need easily.
The best thing is, there are many affordable sizes and configurations available that you can fit or squeeze in your small kitchen. Moreover, this kind of shelving is suitable for renters because it doesn’t require much drilling into the walls and can be easily taken apart and reassemble when the time to move comes.

6. Simple and Clean Kitchen Concept

6. Simple and Clean by

Keeping the kitchen simple and clean is a way to convey the minimalism concept. To acquire that, you have several steps to follow. First, install the lighting fixtures several feet away from the stove, such as above the sink’s kitchen island. That trick will prevent the lamps from collecting grease and grime from your cooking.

Second, build the cabinets all the way to the ceiling with minimal design with a flat front. Third, choose the induction cooktop that is easy to clean and makes your cooktop free from grates. Fourth, avoid using open shelves because they need high maintenance – cleaning up the dust and dirt or arranging the items in them. In short, if you can follow all the instructions successfully, you will acquire easy to clean and low maintenance kitchen that would make your cooking time more enjoyable and less stressful.

5. Modern and Sleek Kitchen Idea

5. Modern and Sleek by simphome.comIf you opt for a modern kitchen, this idea might be best for you. The kitchen in the picture uses a custom made hood and cabinetry.
You can see the modern design from its flat and sleek surfaces. The room has little ornamentations with minimum hardware. This kind of kitchen often uses man-made materials like laminate, ceramics, or molded plastics.
You don’t need to change the entire room to make one. You can just replace cabinet doors with frosted glass, sleek laminate, or wood veneer to gain the look. The point is you need to select the right furniture which has angular and flowing designs.

4. Clear the Wall

4. Clear the Wall by simphome.comA stylish kitchen doesn’t always have to be full of furniture. Clearing the wall from cabinets or shelves and showing the brick wall could create a cleaner and sleeker kitchen look too. However, without cabinets and shelves, your countertop will tend to be a mess quickly. Therefore we have compiled steps to make your cooking space less cluttered.
First, remove every item from your countertops. Second, choose appliances that you use most such as coffee maker, toaster, microwave, or cooking tools. Third, find a permanent home for them that is convenient for you. Fourth, store other items elsewhere, for instance, in the room nearby.

3. Add Cozy Nook

3. Add Cozy Nook by simphome.comHave you thought about having cozy seating in the corner of your kitchen? A new hanging spot that you can use to pour over recipes while enjoying a cup of warm milk.
First, find a spot near the window or in the corner. Then, decide what kind of seating you will have, whether you use a rug with scattered cushions or a building bench for permanent use. Last, consider having a table nearby so you can set down your cup.

2. Add Chalkboard Panel

2. Add Chalkboard Panel by simphome.comAdd personality by adding a chalkboard panel to the side of your refrigerator, behind the door, or cabinet side. It is useful for listing grocery you need to buy or things you have to do and makes your space more unique and versatile. One thing, you can recycle your unused picture frame to follow the idea too.

You only need to prepare hanging strips and chalkboard liner or paper.
In general, after removing the old photo, replace it with chalkboard paper and then make sure you properly stick the paper to the frame. Later, you can install it on the wall, or cabinet door using hanging strips if necessary.

Lastly, Number 1. Style It with Color

1. Style It with Color by simphome.comKitchen styling needs careful planning. Before ripping and rebuilding your kitchen appliances, you should decide the vibe of your vignettes. One thing, your personality will affect the color design significantly.

FYI, Neutral tones will comfort your eyes, but pop color contrast will make more impacts. If you consider the modern style, know that the modern design starts with two principles; contrast and balance. But remember, it often banishes visual clutter to create sleek lines.
Also, a modern kitchen commonly uses neutral colors with contrast. To trick it, balance the difference by applying another shade of color.
Last, consider where you will apply those hues. Start with the cabinets because they are the focal point. Don’t forget that the color you choose will affect your productivity. Vivid colors, such as red and yellow, can make you more spirited, while blue and green will make you feel calmer and more focused.

So, kitchen styling is easy if you carefully plan and execute the ideas. There are always more options to fit your kitchen and your personality. Styling the room can be as easy as changing the lighting or renovating the entire space. So, don’t hesitate to copy one or two of the ideas in this video. Watch again and find your style among the 10 small kitchen styling ideas.



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