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333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs

You need bigger ideas to deal with that unfortunate situation when your kitchen is small. In the long list of more than two hundred ideas, you will find your options or ideas to mix, match, upgrade, or leave behind. If the latter is eventually your option, keep scrolling this page until you find relevant lists that mostly comes with awesome video you can proudly share with anyone who has to deal with a situation like yours.

No.121 – No.150 Creative small kitchen hacks, DIY Projects, and DIY Storage ideas
This 4th page will talk about 30 ideas that covers small kitchen hacks, Do it Yourself Project list directed to small kitchen space owners, and DIY Storage ideas for limited kitchen property owners.

121.Functional Kitchen

121 Functional Kitchen via simphome com

When you move to a new house, the kitchen arrangement is sometimes awkward and not satisfying. With an oversized island in the middle, you could make the space more functional and pretty. The basic rule is that the sink, stove, and fridge should be in one continuous line. As for the over-sized island, you could remodel it by making spaces for throwing garbage. The idea is to simply wipe the leftover foods or vegetables literally under the table. To make things prettier, you could coordinate the color of the kitchen and island countertop.
121 216 Functional Kitchen via simphome

122. Forty five picture inspiration how to choose a kitchen island

122 45 picture inspiration how to choose a kitchen island via simphome
In this list we present you many ideas in photos about how to choose the best cooking island to get a beautiful and practical kitchen.

123. A Functional and Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs

123 A Functional and Inspired Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs via Simphome
Islands are integral part of kitchens. They are usually placed in the center of your kitchen, and are functional elements that supply extra counter space and storage. Kitchen islands are also the focal point of the kitchen design. Follow link to get 44 extra ideas.

124. White and Gray Cabinet Makeover

124 White and Gray Cabinet Makeover via simphome com
When you purchase cabinets form the store, they usually have similar colors. Lighten up a bit with white and gray tone. Ask for a cabinet transformer while visiting the store. It covers almost everything that you need.
124 2 White and Gray Cabinet Makeover After via simphome

Starting from the top cabinet, you need to take off the doors. Apply a layer of deglosser solution and apply the first white coat immediately. Let it sit for three hours and go for the second layer. Repeat the same process to the bottom cabinet.

125. A Family Command Center Ideas That will Help You Organize Like A Pro

125 15 Family Command Center Ideas To Help You Organize Like A Pro via Simphome
This Family Command Center ideas assist You Organize sort of a Pro-Word to Your Mother journal A family command center could be a excellent thanks to organize a busy family! These DIY family command center ideas can assist you organize and keep track of your mail, calendars, kid’s prep, backpacks, and college papers!. A family command center could be a excellent thanks to organize a busy family! These DIY family command center ideas can assist you organize and keep track of your mail, calendars, kid’s prep, backpacks, and college papers! Get your house and life organized for back to high school currently with these ennobling family command centers for your room or office! I like this concept by Fine Home Building. Follow link to find 14 extra ideas.

126. Kitchen Refacing

126 Kitchen Refacing via simphome com
It includes replacing the cabinet door with different style. In the process, there will be no kitchen re-setting. It is pure improvement for cabinets only. You could choose the model that you like. The first step is to purchase the suitable cabinet doors.
126 218 Kitchen Refacing via simphome
Don’t forget to buy the paint with similar tone, because you will need it to repaint the body. Unmount the old door, and paint the body first. Then you could install the new cabinet doors.

127. Exotic Apartment design With a Sense Of Nostalgia

127 Amazing Apartment With a Sense Of Nostalgia via Simphome
One of the amazing apartments in Sydney is the Vicky’s Apartments. Admittedly, it is one of the gorgeous homes that you will ever get.

128. Charming Molding.

128 Charming Molding via simphome com
If you already fall in love with your current cabinet, add molding to upgrade the look. It will not remove the original beauty of the cabinets. First, you need the molding wood, which you can easily get in the store. Then take your ruler and start measuring. Make sure you mark the area where you want the molding to be attached. Try to arrange the molding and glue it once you are satisfied with the result.
128 219 Charming Molding via simphome
Last, repaint the cabinet doors and enjoy!

129. Addition of beadboard backsplash & corbels to kitchen cabinets

via lovelyfamilyandhome
129 Addition of beadboard backsplash and corbels to kitchen cabinets via Simphome

130. Fancy Range Hood

130 Fancy Range Hood before and after via Simphome
If you have built in stove, then you will have a range hood installed, too. It helps for cooling down the stove, as it functions as the fan. Most of them come off with a trim design. Upgrade the look with another trimming trick! Like always, you need to remove the old molding. Sand the wood and create a trapezoidal shape sketch. Cover the mark of old molding with paint, before attaching the new molding and bead board wallpaper.

130. Luxury kitchen design.

130 2 Fancy Kitchen ideas via Simphome
Fancy Dutch Blue Ceiling and Shades offset by Cream and Yellow. Sweet molding and glass cabinets.
130 220 Fancy Range HoodRemodelando la Casa Kitchen with open cabinets via simphome

131-140: DIY Projects

131. Downsize the Kitchen

131 How To Downsize And Organize Your Kitchen via Simphome
The first thing you should consider in decorating small kitchen is focusing on the function of the room. Get rid of unimportant things you rarely or even never use in your kitchen. Just keep only important things you usually use every day. This is aimed to free more space for more important things and activities you usually do in kitchen. You can use the spaces for keeping basic cooking appliances, microwave, refrigerator, single sink, and stove.

132. Smart ideas to help organize your kitchen pantry

132 Clever ideas to help organize your kitchen pantry 35 ideas via Simphome
When designing your kitchen pantry, its not always about aesthetics, its more about practicality and functionality, pantries help you to keep organized.

133. Open It Up

133 Open It Up via simphome
The next useful trick to make your kitchen looks larger than its actual size is by creating open area in the room. Instead of putting all the kitchen stuffs on overhead cabinets, you can leave the top space of cupboard as open storage. This trick will create better organization of kitchen stuffs and makes the room looks more spacious. You can also choose to use spice holders, pot racks, shelving, and magnetic knife for your kitchen.

134. Open kitchen shelf by Shanty-2-Chic

134 Kitchen Renovation Where to find all the goodies via Simphome

135. Mix and Match the Materials

135 Mix and Match the Materials via Simphome
To trick small kitchen space and makes it look larger than it should be, you can mix materials to be applied in the room. You can try the idea to mix metals and wood and then combine them with other surface materials. But just keep in mind that whatever materials you combine, you have to make sure that all should be in same colors to create harmony and makes the room looks less “crowded”. Source by Mix and match kitchen.

136. Kitchen cabinet idea saved by Doitdecor

136 Sweet White Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea via Simphome

137. Look Into It

137 Look Into It via simphome
The next tip you can try to create larger impression for your small kitchen is by letting the stuffs visible. You can use incorporating glass for the cupboard so you can see through the objects kept inside. This will help you to create spacious impression of your small kitchen. Glass tabletop can be good choice. Instead of choosing wooden door, you can also pick glass kitchen door to give impression of visual expansion to the room.

138. A Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with 22 extra ideas

138 Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 23 ideas via Simphome
Your kitchen cabinets do not have to be white! Explore 23 gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet ideas and see the suggested blue kitchen cabinet paint colors.

139. Light the Kitchen Up

139 Light the Kitchen Up via Simphome
The selection of right lighting can affect the impression to every interior design, including kitchen. To give visual expansion to your small kitchen space, you can consider to picking up hanging pendant lights. Not only that kind of lighting can give spacious impression to the kitchen, but it can also beautify the room. Pick up incandescent hanging pendant lighting which comes with more yellowish colors and then hang it underneath of the kitchen’s upper cabinets.

140. Trending topic: Five Kitchen Trends deserve your Consideration


If you are thinking of tackling a kitchen remodel or kitchen refresh this year, then here are some kitchen trends for you to consider! Open Shelving “Focal Point” Kitchen Hoods Wall of Windows Above the Kitchen Sink Persian & Oriental Rugs Patterned Tile Backsplash Open Shelving Love them or hate them.
140 Trend Alert 5 Kitchen Trends to Consider via Simphome

Light the Amazing Shelves.

If it is not possible to own a wall for display, find another way to spice up your kitchen. Ceiling shelves might be your savior. The first option is to paint the inside with bright color, more vivid than the outer frame. During the day, it will be an art to see the cutlery, plates and bowls stored inside a color box. This scenery will fade during the night. Thus, you could install small lighting at the top ceiling inside the shelves. Follow hyperlink for more detail.

141- 150: DIY Storage ideas for small kitchen

141. Add Shelving to Your Backsplash

141 Ideas for Your Kitchen Backsplash Tile via simphome
The first storage idea for small kitchen is adding shelving to your backsplash. Backsplash usually gives new nuance to your kitchen. Actually, backsplash is also good spot to create shelves. By using glass or woods, you can add mounted shelves on your backsplash. It will save spaces in your kitchen. Shelves on backsplash can be used for storing some kitchen utensils, such as plate, glass, and many more. It will also make you easier to grab kitchen utensil you need.

142. Marrakech Design Dandelion kitchen tiles

142 Marrakech Design Dandelion Kitchen tiles via simphome

143. Add a Plate Rack to the Wall

143 Add a Plate Rack to the Wall via simphome
If you have a small kitchen, you just need to know main trick for saving space in your kitchen. The main trick is using wall area to create useful rack or shelves. The example is plate rack. On-the-wall plate rack is solution to save spaces in your kitchen. It is also the best way to use wall area as storage for storing plate. With on-the-wall plate rack, your kitchen will look tidy.

144. The 1890 house had “all its integrity

,” say its owners: stained-glass windows, a monumental staircase, fine woodwork, and even a dumbwaiter. But it needed their loving restoration.
144 1 1890 house kitchen ideas via simphome

144.(2). Secret Compartment Cabinets

– From kitchen workstation designs to compact armoire kitchens, the YesterTec design company has space-saving ideas for compact kitchen projects.
144 2 Secret Compartment Cabinets via simphome

145. Squeeze in Floating Shelves

145 Squeeze in Floating Shelves via simphome com
You may often see floating shelves in kitchen and other room. Actually, floating shelves is the best way to save spaces in your kitchen. For you who have a small kitchen, you can try this idea as soon as possible. You can create floating shelves of various materials, such as wood, iron, and other materials. Use your floating shelves for storing kitchen utensils, such as glass, plate, jar, and many more. Extra 18 ideas waiting for you behind hyperlink.

146. Few Awesome Tips on Improving Your Kitchen

Those are Actually Useful and I think works.
146 5 Awesome Tips on Improving Your Kitchen Those are Actually Useful via simphome
Want to boost the general atmosphere of the room, however don’t recognize how? Confused by the ocean of potentialities that the decorations are? Don’t recognize what color to color your kitchen? need to grasp what accessories to buy? Don’t worry. we have a tendency to square measure here to assist you with all of your decoration desires.

147. Add cabinets Above the Window

147 Add cabinets Above the Window via simphome
You may feel so frustration when having so many kitchen utensils but don’t have enough storage in your small kitchen. Don’t worry because of it. There are still many ways to create storage in your small kitchen, such as adding cabinets above the window. Yes, area above the window can be used for adding cabinets. Finally, you can use cabinets above the windows for storing various kitchen utensils. It will make your kitchen looks larger and more elegant than before.

148. Here I have some of the most Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

to Welcome 2019 (17 ideas).
148 Some of the most Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Welcome 2019 and beyond

149. Make Your Countertop Double-Duty

149 Double duty counter top via simphome
Other recommendation for you is making your countertop do double duty. You may use your countertop to prepare ingredients for cooking. How about countertop that can be storage too? For example, you can create countertop which has an integrated bowl. It can be used for storing some ingredients. the ingredients will not spread or fall. Finally, you can save little space in your kitchen. Source

150. A Functional and Inspiring Kitchen Island

Idea and Design.
150 Creative Functional and Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs via simphome
Islands are integral part of kitchens. They are usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, and are functional extra that provides extra counter space and storage. Kitchen islands are also the focal point of the kitchen design. Here are some functional and inspired kitchen island ideas

151-160: Creative wall storage ideas for small kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen always leaves homeowners with kitchen wares arrangement dilemma. It’s a matter of knowing how to trick out the cabinets, drawers, island, wall and even the back of the pantry door. Consider all these potential spots especially your wall then you won’t have to worry where to stack your cooking accouterments.

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