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10 Complete Insta-Worthy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Many out there want to get their hands on an instagrammable bedroom but don’t know how to get a head start. Well, We want to provide you with some ideas that we hope will give you the inspiration and guidance that you can take to make your room look as good as it can be.
What next? You might be wondering. Well, let us get you started in the right direction to make your room look as good as you want.

How about colored walls?

If you want your bedroom to stand out from the rest, We suggest that one of the most significant features for your bedroom would be having a colored wall. You have probably seen many Instagram pictures that feature bedrooms with colored walls, which is genuinely a big deal. The kind of wall color that you choose will depend on how much attention it will attract or how well it fits in with the theme of your bedroom.
What else?

Check out these next 10 Insta-Worthy Bedroom features and decors by the Simphome include with a relevant video, FAQs, answers, list, and resource section

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Relevant FAQs and Answers:

How do you style a bed on Instagram?
  • Step 1: Get The Perfect Cushions

The first step is getting the perfect cushions for your bed. Not only do you want cushions that are cozy and comfortable, but you also want items that can be decorated to give off a certain aesthetic. Think about all the different designs you can get creative with. What kind of fabrics are your cushions out of? How come they complement the rest of your room?

Leather Cushions: Leather is by far our favorite type of fabric when it comes to decorating my bedroom. It may be pricey, but it’s an investment worth making as it adds a particular classiness to any room.

Bed Textiles: Bed textiles are another great way to add color to your bed. You can choose from a massive range of fabrics and styles, whether it’s a comfy duvet or a luxurious bed rug.

Throw Pillows: Use throw pillows to add color and pattern to your bed. It is lovely how adding these little details can completely change the mood in your room.

Decorative Pillows: Decorative pillows are perfect for giving off a vintage look. If you’re looking for something more modern, why not give them a unique twist? All you need is the right font and finish.
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  • Step 2: Add A Pretty Lamp

Espresso lamps are perfect for adding a warm glow to your room. Not only do they look amazing, but they also have a way of helping you get more restful sleep.

  • Step 3: Keep It Light With A Nightstand

Nightstands can play a huge role in transforming the look of your room. We love how these items give off just the right amount of light and not too much to distract our attention from the beauty of our bed.

Next, choose suitable table lamps, and they will not only give off a certain kind of vibe, but they’ll also help you get rid of any darkness in your room.

What if you’re really into old Hollywood? If so, you have to add some decorative elements to remind yourself of the good ol’ days! Swarovski crystal is one example you can take to give off this glamorous vibe. Just like with everything else, all you need is a little imagination and creativity.

  • Optional idea no 1: A mantel ceiling
What is a mantel ceiling?
In a new or old-fashioned bedroom, the mantel ceiling is above the fireplace or on an existing fireplace. This is a popular design element for bedrooms and lavish master bedrooms alike.
  • Optional idea no 2: Turn it to look like a cabin
What can I do to make my room looking like a cabin?
You can get a big wooden bed if you want something that looks like an authentic cabin. You can also put a lot of cool pillows on it if you want that extra fancy look. Then add some cute curtains and posters on the walls if you want!
What about my bedroom? And how do I make a nice one out of it?

Let’s say your room is not very big, so be sure to get a nice bed blanket for only about $5 if you are very tight on money.

How do I make my house Instagramable?
  • Step 1: Don’t be gross.

“The thing about making your house Instagram-worthy,” says Carly Zinderman, co-owner of interior design company Trestle & Wing, “is that you don’t want a lot of clutter. It makes it look cluttered and dirty. Also, make sure there is nothing on the walls and no knickknacks or books out on the bookshelves.”

  • Step 2: Be nice to trees.

“Real plants in real pots are always nice,” Zinderman says. “A poinsettia plant is always a good one because it will be really bright in December. I have a poinsettia plant that I got two years ago to use in my pictures. It’s incredibly healthy and looks good even when I don’t water it. If you want to go fake, almost any type of ivy is good. The leaves look magnificent and lush, even without water.”

“When it comes to bedding, duvets are always a nice choice because they look so warm and cozy,” Zinderman says. “But I really like the company Hotel Bedface -The best Damn sheets on the internet-, [which has] these beautiful white linen covers. And they come in a small and large size.”

“You also want to make sure everything in your room is very clean, so make your bed and put all of your clothes away,” Zinderman continues.

Put your drawers together as much as you can to make it look uniform.

  • Step 4: Find the proper lighting.

“I like light wood,” Zinderman says. “It looks really warm and tropical because I’m in California. But if you’re in the Midwest, white or something similar would be better. You want to make sure there’s nothing dark in your room that could ruin a photo.”

  • Step 5: Put your phone down.

Many people use their phones to take their pictures these days, but Zinderman says that it looks sluggish. “If you’re going to take a picture of your room, put the phone away and use a camera,” she says. “I like mine because it has a timer, so I can set it down and go stand by the bed.”

  • Step 6: Practice good decorating hygiene.

“If your sheets are not clean, that’s a huge problem,” Zinderman says. “The same goes for the kitchen; it should be spotless. And if you want to take a picture of your kitchen décor, make sure there is nothing on the counter. That’s just rule number one in real estate figuring out how to sell something.”
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How can I make my bedroom look nice for cheap?
  • Step 1: Decorate the Room

When decorating a room, it is essential to consider the time and money you spend on the task. So, we suggest that you begin with the basics: buying a good bed and matching nightstands or dressers. You can add other decorative elements later on.

A good bed is an absolute must-have because if you will be spending 8 hours every day in your bedroom, then it makes sense that your bed should be comfortable and practical. These days, there are beds available in literally every shape and size for every budget and every style of decorating (so long as it’s not really modern). So, it just depends on what your bedroom needs are. You can buy a bed and everything else on the net, or you can go shopping at a department store (or in-person, of course).

Before buying bedroom furniture, make sure to read the reviews. And know your budget!

  • Step 2: Cleaning and Organizing Your Room

Cleaning is one of the most important things you can do when decorating a room. The quickest way to get rid of clutter is to have one place for everything and everything in its place. To make your room look more organized, try getting rid of duplicates (like bookshelves). It is better to have a bunch of smaller bookcases, rather than one big one. When it comes to decorating ideas for the bedroom, try not to clutter up space because this will tone down your decoration’s “magic effect.”

However, when you are on a budget, it is hard to afford so many bookcases. In that case, you can simply add some shelves to your existing bookcase and use them for storing CDs or baskets (in which you can store items from your closet).
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  • Step 3: Bed Side Decorations

Bedside decorations are an essential part of any bedroom decorating ideas for the bedside table. The decorations are there to give the bedroom a kind of personality, to make it more distinct.

Here are some ideas: putting framed pictures of you and your loved ones on the nightstands will give your room a nice homey feeling. You can also place some candles or a vase with flowers on the nightstands (especially if those items are next to a mirror). This will make your room look more romantic and cozy.

If you want to know how to decorate a bedroom on a budget, We suggest that you start by cleaning it up well and organizing it neatly. This way, even if you use very few decorations, everything will look nice.

Other ideas for decorating your bedroom:
• Make sure your room has a lot of light. Dark colors on the ceiling and walls make the room look smaller, so you should use lighter colors.

• If you are short on space, try getting a bed with storage space underneath it. The bed will only take up as much space as it needs to.

• Add some plants or artworks, and hang a mirror or two to make the room look bigger (more like an illusion than anything else).

  • Step 4: Instant Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Most people agree that bedrooms are where you can express your personal style sharpest and most directly. There are many ways to do that, and here are some bedroom decorating ideas for you to try out:

• Use some smart storage solutions. Don’t leave any space unused, especially under the bed. You can also use shelves or a closet to store out-of-sight items.

• If you need more light in your room, some attractive lamps are available online or in stores. For instance, wall sconces look slick and simple in a modern bedroom.

• The bedding can set the tone of the bedroom. You can go for a very simple look, but don’t forget to use some nice decorative pillows and bed covers.

• Art is great in bedrooms, but other than some nice paintings or prints, you might want to consider buying a poster that will add some color to your walls.

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How do you make a room aesthetic at home?

The first thing to do to turn a bedroom look more aesthetic is to focus on the paint color. You can use neutral colors for the whole wall and decorate it with hanging objects. With a simple touch of décor, you will be able to create a relaxing bedroom that everybody can enjoy.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to achieve an aesthetically appealing bedroom. However, certain features will no doubt help create the perfect place. One of them is the proper paint color scheme… a look from which no one could possibly complain!

What is the Protagonist’s color?
Protagonist color is a color that is considered to be a focal point in a specific interior. The main idea is that the color will draw attention to itself, and it should nicely match with the rest of the room’s colors.

A protagonist’s color helps build a nice overall look even though it’s not that bright or flashy.

And what is secondary color?
Secondary color plays a vital role in the creation of a “complementary color scheme.” The main idea of this scheme is to create a balanced and harmonious look across different areas of a room. In other words, you want all areas to match nicely with each other.

Examples of secondary colors :
Protagonist color: Brown
Secondary color(s): White, Orange, Taupe, Yellow.

What is complementary color?
Complementary colors are two opposite colors on the RGB wheel (like purple and yellow).

One important factor contributing to your bedroom’s aesthetic value is color selection for walls and other surfaces. One of the most effective ways to achieve a soft appearance and feeling is probably a combination of light-colored walls, white furniture, and accessories.

Not alone, white provides a relaxing ambiance that makes you feel comfier and safe. It also makes your bedroom light-hearted and bright.
White is a highly versatile color that gives any interior plenty of possibilities in terms of design ideas. However, if you are not interested in all the other options that come with it, you can easily choose a shade from different hues to make your bedroom look better. For example, you can use pale shades like cream or gray to add some softness to the room’s atmosphere.

Having a white-painted bedroom is something trendy these days. However, choosing this neutral color does not limit your possibilities to achieve an exciting look. Therefore, you could take the good old white and reinforce it with accents of another color. This way, the room will still look aesthetically appealing without being too aggressive. For example, you can include fuchsia or red furniture with a white-painted wall to give it a particular touch of elegance and warmth.

Moreover, these colors are bright and bold, making them perfect for creating spaces that feel fun and young. You can add different objects like ‘a trendy mood lamp’, ‘flamboyant artwork’ or ‘a unique pendant.’ These little details could make the difference between an okay or a cool bedroom.

Next, add some warmth with a little bit of red in the room. Red signifies warmth and passion, but also strength and energy. It is the color that makes people feel confident and assertive. This impact is undoubtedly something that you will want to have in your space. Therefore, you can use red accessories like rugs or pillows to add some spark to your room’s atmosphere.

This color will definitely give your bedroom a more cheerful appearance than it already has, making it suitable for spaces shared with family members or friends that like to create a vibrant environment at home.

How can I add warmth to my bedroom?

The easiest thing and probably the best thing to do for the first time to add warmth to your bedroom is to add curtains. But not just any curtains, because of the light that enters your rooms and makes you feel colder at night or during the day, it is best to get dark-colored or black ones.

Don’t worry about the gap between them because as time passes, they will cover it. Warmth: if you choose to keep these curtains closed and let them be your only source of heat during the night, they can really make a difference. Sure, you will have soundproofing on your windows, but when it comes to finding warmth in a bedroom, you need some insulation, and this is something curtains can give you.

How can I add color to my bedroom to turn it warmer and nicer at night?

Be careful when choosing the right or new colors for your bedroom because you should also be prepared to spend time adjusting them in the future when you do so. The most important thing to remember is that the new color should fit in with the rest of the colors in your apartment or house.

It can also be beneficial to keep a diary of what day it is and see whether you’re doing like putting on makeup, getting dressed, or doing something else while having these curtains closed or open if they are black ones. These simple tests will give you some ideas on how better to choose each color for your bedroom.

How can I make my room aesthetic for free?

The easiest way to décor the bedroom without costing any money is by using lights. Use a white string light in your room and hang your posters over it. Hang the light above your headboard or wall. This makes the room look magical and romantic.

How to get the string light for free?

When you go to the market for lights, you will get a lot of options. But before buying anything, ask the stall vendor about which one they will throw away. Chances are they will give it to you for free.

How can I add a crystal chandelier in my bedroom for free?

Crystal chandeliers are the most expensive décor items used in the bedroom. If you do not have so much money to buy one, then there is an easy way to make one on your own. Simply take a glass jar and use it as your chandelier by hanging colorful beads from it.

How can I make my room more calming?

If you want to have a bedroom that will calm your mood every time you enter it, the best way to do it is by adding some simple furnishings that will help boost the mood. The following are the 10 bedroom features you can make your own.

10. Use plant pots to add a natural look to an otherwise plain room
If you have a plain and boring bedroom, adding some plant pots or flowers can transform it into a beautiful place. By using natural decorative items, your room will look less empty and feel more comforting.

9. Update your mirror
Imagine how your room will appear if you upgrade your mirror with one that has more design and style. With accessories like this around, you won’t need to buy mirrors for every space in your house.

8. Try a wall mirror
Mirrors are essential because they add natural light and bring life to spaces. This is why you need to keep changing your mirrors with other designs that will make your room look different every time you enter it.

7. Make use of a sconce on the wall
Sconces are used to hold candles or lamps and can also be a great way to add some style and style to your room. Installing sconces on the wall can change the whole look of your space.

6. Use some cute items near the window for more light and features
5. Install a nightlamp
4. Install artworks near the window
If you don’t have enough room on your walls to hang artworks, you can install them on the wall by the window. If you are creative and daring, you can even think of doing something more interesting with them.

3. Install a chandelier, if necessary
2. Use pillows to add more features to your room
1. Use a comforter

You can achieve a quiet, relaxing, and peaceful bedroom by adding an entire comforter to it. The addition of a comforter in your room will make your room look tranquil and calm. It will also keep the temperature of the room warm and cozy at all times.

What you need to do next is these simple organizations:
1. Go through your bedroom and make sure that everything you own is in good condition. Dispose of items that are not used anymore or are old. Replace these items with new ones once you have found better options for them or when they become too old and worn out to be used anymore.

2. Take apart your bed and shine the wooden parts or replace them with newer wooden pieces that are more stylish and interesting.

3. Remove the curtains in your room and use other types of window treatments that will make your room look different.

4. Tidy up the space underneath where you store things like books, CDs, or shoes. If you decide to change the space, find a new location for these items that adds some attractive style to your room.

5. Select a theme that you want to stick within your bedroom so that you do not add too many decorations and accessories to it and because it makes it easier for you to maintain the look of your room at all times.

6. Choose a comforter that is nice looking and that complements the design of your bedroom.

7. If you want to stay on a budget when buying the comforter, you need to consider purchase duvet covers and pillows instead. This is a good idea because it will allow you to change the colors of your comforter when you feel like it.

Last. Ensure that all of the furniture pieces in your room are clean and shiny before you begin any type of decoration work. You can use any furniture polish or piece cleaner for this purpose or simply clean them with water if they are not too dirty.

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How do you style a bed on Instagram?

It is a fun question answer; here, we would like to share a few designer tips for you guys to impress your followers or friends by styling your bed with something special.

The first tip, if you want to put something on the floor, stick to an inspiration image and don’t forget that the big pieces – an armchair or large piece of art – should be placed at opposite ends of the bed, so they don’t cut across each other in the frame.

The second tip, try to go for a sleek look. So put away all of your “shopaholic” items before taking a photo. Keep what you really need; if you are willing to sell some things, you can do it later after your Instagram account attract more than 10 million fanatic followers.

And the third tip, don’t forget the lighting. If it’s dark outside, use a lamp or candles to get that romantic light in the evening or safer, the LED Flameless Candle. In doing so, your bed will look different, hazard-free, and more elegant too.

How can I make my bedroom look nice for cheap?

Have a nice bed, and you can add some charming pillows and blankets or even a nice rug. Then add some ornaments like a mirror of your beloved ones, cute things, or some old posters.
You can also just do the walls in one color only because it will turn your bedroom interior nicer or at least cuter when done right.

How can I keep my bedroom from looking messy?

First of all, you don’t want to have heavy furniture in your bedroom because it makes it look really messy. Instead, you should get some light pieces of furniture that could easily be moved around when things get messy, like pinning up certificates and such.
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How can I make my bedroom look more feminine?

The answer is easy, get some nice colors like pink, purple, rose red and even white. But try to stay away from orange and yellow because they are kind of boyish colors.

How can I get my bedroom to look more girly?

Add pink or purple paint to the walls! If it is a bright color, it is better. You could also add some cute stuff on your walls that could make your room look really girly, like a princess crown or maybe a cubby that says fashionista!

How can I take a good picture of my bedroom on Instagram?

You can only take a good picture if you have good lighting.
About lighting,

It helps create a certain mood that can make your bedroom interior feel more inviting and cozy to live in too.

The lighting scheme of your bedroom will be the final touch that will bring together all other elements and help you create that instagrammable bedroom you want to have.

For your bedroom lighting, focus on creating a relaxing environment that is not too bright or too dark for sleep or relaxation purposes.

List Entries:

10. Artwork Frames

A surefire way to make an attractive focal point in your bedroom and on your Instagram page that will make your followers fall in love with is to pick a feature wall.
Yup! You can do it in some ways: one of them is the gallery trend, which will not disappear any time soon. Frames are an instant way to stamp your personality on a space. It is the practice of using multiple photo frames for a decorated wall.
The key to choosing a piece of art is to figure out your overall aesthetic first and then select a piece of art that suits your taste. You can keep it simple for a more minimalist look. Another option is you can choose mass-produced work that looks great in your room.

Whether you are performing various styles or choosing to stick to one landscape painting, the key is to be consistent.

To get a luxurious look, you can place it in a geometric style, with the same size and shape. You can also position the frames in a large square neatly or in a mix-and-match fashion with different sized frames spread across the wall.

How to make artistic Artwork Frames for an ugly bedroom?

Step 1: Remove the most noticeable item in your room.

The most obvious item to remove is an ugly, mismatched frame covering a beautiful picture or piece of art. You can use another shot to cover the odd frame.

Step 2: Put an attractive frame around your mirror.

Your room instantly looks better when you put a nice frame around your mirror. You can also add a small mirror on the top of your large one to have more space to decorate.

  • How to turn your Beds More Comfortable yet still look attractive as a background or object for Instagram?

Step 1: Hide all the pillows on your bed. You can simply cover them with a blanket or put them in a box under the bed unless you use them in some creative way in your photo (e.g., as brightly colored flowers).

Step 2: Give your bed a nice, professional look.

Give your bed a soft-looking, elegant look by adding a thin comforter or nice sheets and some decorative pillows.

  • Adding Comfy White Footstool for Your Bedroom Photos?

Step 1: Put something comfortable and inviting on your footstool’s seat. You can use an old towel if you have one lying around.

Step 2: Take pictures of yourself using that footstool for black background or on a white background by using the same frame you used for the room’s mirror above. You can also place another mirror on top of your footstool if you have enough space to do so, then pose between them both.

  • Decorating Your Bedroom to Look Insta-Worthy?

Step 1: Give your bedroom a fresh look. Remove all the stuff you don’t need anymore. You can also use an empty closet, sofa, or anything else that is most likely to be empty for easy access (e.g., storing clothes while you make your home-styled photos).

Step 2: Put something soft and comfy on your bed that will not ruin your room’s overall cleanness, such as a white sheet or pillow set. You can also choose an old blanket with colorful and cute prints on it if you have one lying around.

9. Invite Nature Indoors with Greenery

The most Instagrammable decorations are those that require minimal maintenance while improving the air quality in your bedroom.
Plants incorporate a touch of nature and a pop of color into any room, and they are the easiest way to make your bedroom look stylish.
Whether it’s a small cactus on your window sill or a dangling plant hanging from the ceiling, adding plants can have a significant impact on your Insta-Worthy bedroom. Even a simple bed can look fabulous when paired with suitable plants and lighting.

Before you panic over the potential of air filters, we will let you know some indoor plants to keep alive. Some of them are aloe vera, English ivy, snake plant, jade plant, photos plant, rubber tree, and so on. These types of plants can be one of your list-to-grow indoors. Then you will have a green and lush-looking bedroom that makes space feel more fabulous.

How to use greeneries to turn a boring bedroom to look more instagrammable?

Let us tell you a story:

Sandra’s bedroom is so boring. She wants to make it look more instagrammable, but she doesn’t know-how. One way she could try to make it look better would be by planting some green plants in her room. When Sandra plants greenery around her room, she’s instantly improving space’s aesthetic and making her room seem more lively and inviting. Sandra is ready to start investing in greenery and can’t wait to get started.

What should she get first? Sandra sees over at the gardening store that there’s a special sale on plant bulbs. She quickly grabs a few packages, then makes her way home with them.

When Sandra gets inside her home, she starts looking for an empty container to put the bulbs in. The only one she can find is full of potting soil. So Sandra instead has them be planted in something more environmentally friendly, like an old yogurt container that would be easier to water and not break down over time like a plastic or metal one. Sandra doesn’t want to go out and buy a new one, so what’s she going to do? Sandra imagines that she could take the potting soil out of the plastic container and put the bulbs there instead. She also has some leftover wood from working on a DIY project a few weeks ago, so she decides to use it too.

Sandra puts the soil into a tumbler and washes it through until it’s clean. She then washes her yogurt container out, places her new aquatic plants into it with some extra soil just in case they need it, and places them down on her window sill. She also uses the tumbler to rinse off the wood. Sandra is happy with her setup and is ready to wait for them to start growing. However, she hears that it can take up to six weeks for bulbs to sprout, so she has some time on her hands during this time.

When Sandra tires of waiting, she looks at how muddy her soil was after washing it off in the tumbler and decides that she doesn’t need any more dirt in there. Now what? She could just put the planters back in the plastic yogurt container and put them back on the window sill next to her plants, but they aren’t stunning with them sitting flat on the window sill. It would be better with them standing up, like a vase.

Sandra decides that she’ll cut the wood and carve it into a stand for them. So she grabs her craft box from under her bed and starts to work on it. First, Sandra smacks the wood with a hammer to flatten out the sides of it. She then drills some holes in it for drainage, hoping that she’s doing this right because she’s not very experienced with this sort of thing and doesn’t want to end up killing her new plants by overwatering them or under-watering them.

When she finishes, Sandra places the plants back on the window sill and fills their planters with water and soil. They’re growing so quickly!

She takes another look at the wood stand and decides that it needs a better finish to make it look nicer. A couple of coats of paint and it should look good. Then Sandra puts her plants back in their planters to see how they look while waiting for them to grow even taller.

What’s this? She didn’t plant quite tall enough? Oh well, they’ll be fine for now. She’ll just need to add some more soil to their bottom before putting them back on her window sill. She isn’t too concerned about that because she has a lot of extra soil from other projects.

8. The Plaid Bedding Sheet

Are you one of the Korean drama lovers? Perfect! You’ve come to the right place. For those who are not into Korean dramas, don’t worry. This bedding style is still worth trying because the design is up to date and is fascinating for your Instagram page.

Korean drama-style bedroom decorations are always about attractive and elegant bed sheets or bed linen. One of the most widely used bed sheet motifs is the small square or grid motif in black and white or vice versa. The price for a set with local cotton doesn’t make you break the bank, and of course, you can buy it through online shops.

7. Create a Feature Wall

The best way to fill a wall that looks empty and plain is to use a feature wall. There are various patterns and styles to settle on from.
However, if your room already has patterned furniture and lots of colors and designs, you need to be careful not to overdo it.

A feature wall can be a sophisticated accent that grabs attention, but it will just seem like part of a big mess if there’s too much going on in the room. Match your feature wall color to an existing color in your bedroom, and it will blend seamlessly.

6. The Lighting Bedside Table

Lighting doesn’t just affect the atmosphere of a room with the atmosphere it creates. Actual lights can make excellent statement pieces and can fill in awkward corners and other empty spaces. A lamp on your bedside table makes an underrated decor and can add some dimension to a low bed frame. If you have space around the head of the bed, consider decorating it with lamps.

A small light shining in a warm color on your bed in a dark room will give your room a very cozy feel. To kick it up a notch, you can also select an Electric or LED Flameless Candle. It works unbelievably like the real one minus the burning sensation.
[amazon bestseller=”LED Flameless Candle” items=”2″]

5. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are often synonymous with outdoor barbecues or Christmas trees. Now, not anymore. The bedroom can also be the best place for some twinkling lights to make you feel cozy. This fairy light decorating style needs no explanation. These lamps add countless characters wherever you place them. They are a traditional design feature that creates a beautiful ambiance during the day and then practical for lighting at night.

The vintage industrial charm of the original Edison-style lamps, mixed with a hint of luxury and old-fashioned Hollywood style, is sure to add that magical factor to your bedroom.

4. A Floor Mirror

A full-size mirror can do a lot for your room. For example, they’re the key to choosing your right outfit (and taking it in a selfie, absolutely) and making sure you’re ready for the day before you head out.
But beyond that, they also help you open up a room, make your space appear larger, and reflect light to make things a little brighter too.
Plus, they come in a wide variety of styles that are perfect for showing off your personality. You can keep it neat and straightforward, try something bold and modern, or go embellished and flashy. Whether you use your full-length mirror as a vanity or find yourself using bigger mirrors for your makeup application and kiddie baths, the shape and size of a floor mirror will be just what you’re looking for.
And if you’d rather not empty your wallet to go for something too grand, there are plenty of affordable options that aren’t particularly adorable but still put in the effort to make their own unique mark on your space.

3. Wire Grid Wall

One of the most popular items for room decoration today is the wire grid. You may also recognize it in some marketplaces as mesh frame, ram wire, or netting wire.
The shapes and materials also have various kinds to suit your needs. In the past, people usually used the wire grid as a guardrail and a place for tools. Now the type has undergone many modifications.

2. A Wall Paneling

Have you ever stared at your bedroom walls and suddenly had the urge to grab a brush to update them with new paint or go all out with bold wallpaper?
Try this wall paneling idea. Wall paneling can add another dimension to your bedroom and set the tone of your overall aesthetic.
Plus, decorating your walls with panels is a great way to hide random imperfections or holes left in your picture frames.

1. The Dried Flowers

Don’t waste your money buying fresh flowers. Opt for dried ones instead. You can find flowers in different ways. It is up to you to see which one best suits your needs.

While a few years ago, flowers were not specifically trendy. At the moment, they are coming back in force. In a bedroom, it is effortless to stage them.

Dried flowers are frozen in time. They may not have the same vibrancy of fresh flowers, but they have a dark beauty that can be attractive differently.

If you use your bedroom as a space to hit the sack only, it might be time to redecorate! With these 10 insta-worthy bedroom features you can copy today, you’ll be able to add some character to your room and make it worth posting on Instagram over again.



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