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10 Comfortable Korean-style Bedroom Ideas

10 comfortable Korean-style bedroom ideas via

In Korea, yin and yang are the two fundamental principles of how things come into being. Yin is the dark, passive, feminine principle that is in the earth. Yang is considered to be the bright active principle that gives life to all things.

The Korean bedroom style mainly consists of two types of colors- black and white. The black color represents masculine energy while white symbolizes feminine energy or natural elements such as water. More on that later, in the post, we are going to learn together 10 ideas on how to build a comfortable Korean-style bedroom. Include with a video and some FAQs

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Relevant Questions and Answers:

How can I make my room look Korean?

1. If you asked the straightforward question, “How can I make my room look Korean,” there are many possible ways to try to accomplish this.
Here is a list of ideas:
– Paint the room a different color
– Buy ornamental items such as tree branches and streamers
Create a futon and lay it across the floor or mattresses

2. The second thing that we would recommend is changing the color of your walls. If you have red and yellow paint in your house, switch them to green to make it more Korean-looking. You can also buy an air purifier if you live in a small room with lots of dust.

3. Korean bedrooms typically involve black walls and white furniture. They are known for their low-lit atmosphere with a focus on space and youthfulness.

4. It’s a straightforward process. For instance, you need to buy a Korean bedspread. Buy a small one, so you don’t have to go out and buy heaps of things. The cheapest place we found to buy the bedspread was in Daiso, which is an affordable store that sells all sorts of home decor items at low prices.

What is a Zen bedroom?

The “zen” bedroom is a term for an aesthetically pleasing bedroom to the occupants and enhances their relaxation. It often includes natural materials such as wood and raw stone, including other textures such as fibers or clay. You may find these bedrooms in Asia, which has traditionally been known for its serenity and peacefulness. Often, many Zen bedrooms are in open-plan spaces where they can connect with different parts of the house to increase harmony throughout the home.

Tell me how to build Korean Low-Level Bedroom Furniture?

Build a frame of 2x4s and 2x2s, using a leg for each corner. Mount 3/8″ plywood sheets on the frames with screws or nails.

Next is to use 1×6 tongue-and-groove pine boards to build the paneling on the frame. Be sure to layout all panels before installation so that joints will be concealed. And use finishing nails or staples every 6 inches along edges.

To finish installing carpet coverings over the paneling, then nail them down with finishing nails every 6 inches around all four sides of each piece’s base so that they will be securely attached.

How to layout bedroom furniture “Korean style”?

1. One of the main cultural differences in Korean bedrooms found in other parts of Asia is that the furniture is always placed against the walls. Bedroom furniture is typically installed with a frame that is attached to the wall with screws and plugs. These frames usually have spaces for storing clothes and for putting shoes on top. The space next to it, or next to the bed, may also be used for storing things like a lamp or alarm clock.

2. The bedroom furniture of Koreans is typically arranged simply and traditionally. The two main bed types are the Southern-style (which is common in Korea) and the Northern-style (which combines European and Asian influences).

3. The Korean furniture arrangement style is characterized by relatively high use of space with a large amount of vertical space and ample storage underneath the bed and visible from the bed. However, your modern-style apartment does not have enough space to accommodate this type of arrangement; therefore, it would be ideal for you to take out some or all of the drawers from your nightstand into one larger piece.

4. Basic furniture pieces of Korean bedroom style include:
– 1 Desk – this is where the computer should be placed, as well as a lamp, amongst other stuff.
– 1 Nightstand – this is where your phone and alarm clock should be placed. It can also be used for storing things like glasses or small accessories.
– 1 Dresser – your clothes should go in here. It’s good to have a shelf to store things like socks or underwear you don’t want on the floor.

What makes the Korean Bedding style unique?

There are many distinctive and unique differences between the Korean and Chinese Bedding styles. One significant difference is that Koreans prefer to sleep on their side, while the Chinese prefer to sleep on their backs. The Korean bedding is typically much bigger than the Chinese bedding, and there are a lot more decorations throughout a Korean bedroom than in a typical Chinese bedroom. In traditional homes, only one person sleeps on the floor at night, while in modern homes, there can be up to three people sleeping at night. Both countries have an idea of good luck tucked under your pillow, and it was once thought that if you slept with your feet pointing south, this would guarantee good luck as well as health benefits.

Tell me the difference between traditional Korean bedroom interior and Korean modern bedroom interior style?

Traditional Korean Bedroom Interior:
-The traditional Korean bedroom is characterized by the presence of a sleeping mat (or ondol). These sleeping mats are made of clay and heated through the pipes.
-The bedroom owner sometimes includes small boxes on the walls where jade and other decorative items are displayed. This makes it possible to separate the room’s different areas, such as the living area, bathroom, and work area.
– A traditional Korean bedroom has a traditional straw-filled mattress placed beside the doors, near the stoves for heat in winter, or against the worn walls of a home. Traditional mattresses are laid on top of wooden boards with insulation and a thin layer of straw to provide comfort.

Modern Korean Bedroom Interior:
– Modern bedrooms are often accompanied by a bed, which is also used for lying down.
– The modern bedroom interior also includes smaller boxes on walls that feature printed textiles and larger furniture pieces such as couches and beds that fit into nooks in those boxes with ease.
– A modern bedroom is designed for complete privacy and often includes materials like wood flooring, stone flooring, polished wood cabinets/closets, metal furnishings/bed frames with matching external fixtures, well-insulated windows with blackout curtains/blinds, or solid drapes that can be closed when necessary.

List Entries:

10. Paint the Walls with a Light Neutral Shade

If you want to carve out a chic bedroom that you usually find in Korean dramas, try painting your walls with neutral colors. This way, you can get a cleaner and more spacious look. Besides, these hues will be the best color base for your furniture and décor.
White is also one of the neutral colors that you can try. Furthermore, it is renowned for making a small room look bigger and airier. As a result, you will get a super cozy sleeping space.
If you think white is a bit dull, you can opt for ivory or light beige instead. These colors offer you a calm and warm impression rather than a hygienic look. Since they also belong to the family of neutral hues, you can pair them with any furniture and décor of your choice.

9. Invest in Pastel Color Bedding

A Korean bedroom tends to be minimalist. Thus, you need to forgo any sophisticated décor, such as a carved headboard, ruffle bed skirt, and canopy, and opt for a simpler one instead.
Picking the right colors for your bedding can also play a significant impact. A Korean bedroom usually uses pastel colors since they provide a warming and soothing effect to your bedroom. This way, you will experience better sleep.

Opt for plain bedding with pastel color to enhance the minimalist look. If you think it is boring, you can pick the one with simple patterns.

Anyway, since there are many different shades of paint, it’s essential to consider factors such as the color of your furniture, too, including the type of wall paint you’re using (i.e., oil-based or water-based), and the sheen level.

8. Simply Hang Sheer Curtains

Natural light can make your small bedroom feel more open and airier. It can also make the room look brighter.
To gain as much natural light as you can, try installing large windows or skylights. Unfortunately, you may need to compromise your ultimate privacy, which will not be fun.
You can still obtain much natural light without sacrificing your privacy by hanging sheer curtains. Besides, most Korean bedrooms enjoy the filtered light passing through the translucent curtains because it looks romantic.

7. Shove the Bed Against the Window

Do you notice that the favorite layout used in most Korean dramas is to place the bed under the window? By doing this, you can get as much natural light as possible during the day. When night comes, you can lie on your bed while enjoying the glittering stars in the sky.
However, feng shui principles consider it as a lousy layout since it can lead to anxiety. Well, that is not necessarily the case. To solve this problem, you can just invest in a roller shade to cover the window.

6. Opt for Dim Lights for a Cozy Atmosphere

A Korean bedroom tends to be cozy. You can obtain the coziness by installing dim lights. Besides, dim lights can help you feel more relaxed and wind down gently. The warm glow produced by the lamps is conducive, which allows you to sleep better.

5. Layer Your Bed with a Duvet Cover

The weather in South Korea is cold sometimes. Thus, Koreans always try to make their bed as comfortable and warm as possible by layering the mattress with a duvet cover.
Pick a duvet cover that comes in pastel colors and minimalist patterns to obtain the Korean drama vibes.
A duvet cover is not only used to keep you warm when you curl up snuggly in your bed. It also makes the mattress feel softer. More importantly, the duvet can help you style your bed better.

4. Furnish It with Wooden Furniture

If you want to style the bedroom like in a Korean drama, you need to consider purchasing light wood furniture. A wooden table, desk, and shelves, for example, bring natural elements to space without overwhelming your room.
Maintain the natural look by not painting the wooden furniture. First, You can just seal it with polyurethane to make it last longer. In the end, you will get a super cozy bedroom by keeping the natural hue when you combine it with dim lights, beige or white walls, and pastel bedding this way.

3. Opt for Low-Level Furniture

Like many other Asian bedrooms, a Korean style usually uses low-level furniture. For this reason, you should invest in or make a platform bed. It would be better if you also used a low desk with cushions.

In general, the furniture measurement is to have an arm slung over and around the back of the lounge, and it should be fixed in place.

2. Keep It Simple

Keeping things simple in your bedroom is essential if you want to make it look like the one you see in Korean dramas. Bear in mind that less is more. Thus, you only need to use the pieces of furniture that you need, such as a bed, desk, wall-mounted shelves, etc.
Although you have to keep things simple, it does not mean you cannot embellish your bedroom with decorative items. Hanging one or two posters of your favorite boyband or girl band, for example, or macramé wall hanging, can significantly impact your plain sleeping space.

Lastly, Number 1. Lean a Full-Sized Mirror against the Wall.

A full-length mirror plays a crucial role in every bedroom include in the Korean style. It helps you double-check your look before going to the party or work.
To follow the style, instead of screwing the mirror to the wall, you had better lean it. By tilting it against the wall, your bedroom will get an insta-worthy look. Besides, it can also reflect the light, making space appear more spacious than it really is.


Korean style is characterized by the use of bold, bright colors and a sense of simplicity. It uses the natural colors of each item in contrast to each other with many glossy surfaces. It is highlighted with an emphasis on clean lines without having to be too severe and abrupt. The result is a more subtle, relaxed feel that aims to maintain balance and harmony in the room’s aesthetic.

So, these 10 comfortable Korean-style bedroom ideas are indeed inspiring. Besides, they are easy to copy, tweak, and upgrade. Well, if you can’t go to South Korea, at least you can bring the vibes to your home, right?



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