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10 Gorgeous Small Futon Ideas for Small Space or Bedroom 10 Small Futon Ideas for Small Space or Bedroom Featured

Originally, a futon is a traditional Japanese mattress that you can lie right on to the floor.
It is quite practical and space-saving as you can fold and hide it away in the closet when you are not using it.
Apparently, the practicality of futon has made it grown in popularity.
As the time goes by, the futon has evolved into a thicker, plusher mattress that can be folded into a couch-like piece of furniture.
Are you interested in purchasing a futon?
Hold it! Check out these 10 gorgeous small futon ideas for small space or bedroom list first so that you know what amazing things that your future futon can do.

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List Entries:

10. A Small Futon Turns into a Loveseat | Housely

10. A Small Futon Turns into a LoveseatIf you live in a studio apartment which has limited space, you have to downsize your furniture as it the apartment won’t accommodate it. For this reason, investing in a futon can be your greatest bet.
The futon will help you get the essential pieces of furniture that a comfortable home should have without conquering so much space. A futon coming in a single-sized mattress can be turned into a loveseat that you can use to lounge on or watch TV. When bedtime comes, just unfold the armrests to get a twin bed.

9. Top It with Mattress | Overstock Top It with MattressA futon is renowned for being space-saving and efficient. However, it still has a few drawbacks. One of which is its comfort.
Some futons are not comfortable enough for you to sleep. If you are looking for the ultimate comfort, I’ve got a smart and an inexpensive solution for you.
Many people add a mattress topper to a regular mattress. Surprisingly, you can do the same thing to your futon to make you feel more comfortable when hitting the sack. You can just slip a mattress topper right inside the futon cover. You can also layer the futon with the mattress, and cover them all with a fitted sheet to hold everything together.

8. Give Your Futon a Facelift | Delightfullynotedblog Give Your Futon a FaceliftSome people think that futon is nasty and dull. Well, it can be true. But it doesn’t mean you need to loathe it.
In fact, in the right hands and creativity, you can turn a nasty and tacky futon into a chic sofa bed.
How to do it? It’s very simple.
You just need to repaint the slats. We all know that paints are everyone’s go-to materials when it comes to do a furniture makeover.
Once you’ve painted the slats, purchase a futon or sofa cover. Or – even better – you can sew it yourself.
For the final touch, add some cushions, and you’re all set!

7. Put your Futon under the Bunk Bed | Santabarbaradesignhouseandgardens Put the Futon under the Bunk BedA bunk bed is the best solution for a bedroom with minute space as it allows you to have another piece of furniture underneath like a desktop for your workspace, drawers, or even a futon.
Having a futon under the bunk bed enables you to have a living room and bedroom at the same spot.
Besides, your friend can sleep on it if he/she stays overnight. Not only for adult. it could be children favourite choice too

6. A Futon with Storage Idea | Apartmenttherapy Futon with Storage

One of the common problems faced by a bedroom with limited space is clutter. It might also happen to your small bedroom because you want to keep all your favorite stuff, but you don’t have enough space for them.
The best solution to your problem is by making a customized bed frame that fits your futon perfectly.

Follow link to build a futon finished with a bed frame featuring built-in drawers that enable any guests to stash away books, clothes, shoes, and anything else.

5. Add your futon a Comforter | Overstock Add a ComforterLet’s make it clear. What do you usually use a comforter for? To keep you warm which makes you feel more comfortable, right?
For this reason, if you want to add comfort to your futon for your overnight guests, layer it with a comforter.
A comforter can be in the form of an airy lightness of down or an alternative that won’t be likely to trigger possible allergies. Whatever your choice is, layering your futon with a comforter will give an extra layer of cushioning that makes a significant difference.

4. Pallet Bed Slats under the Futon Pallet Bed Slats under the FutonThe versatility of wooden pallets allows you to have any kind of rustic furniture. One of which is pallet bed slats which can fit your futon nicely.
To make bed slats for your futon, you need to get several wood pallets. Next, stack them up to form the bed frame and headboard. Top the frame with your futon, and that’s it! It’s as easy as ABC.
The opening parts of the slats can be functioned as additional storage space. Or, you can add string lights in them to create a romantic ambiance.

3. A Foldable Low-Level Sofa Project idea | Decoration.Leadsgenie Foldable Low Level SofaThe best thing about a futon is it can be turned into a couch when it is not used. This is what most apartment dwellers have been looking for.
This futon, for example, can be used for several purposes. During the day time, you can fold and stack the futon to make a comfortable armless loveseat. When the night falls, you can unfold the couch to get a mattress with a headboard.

Don’t like the headboard? Simply unfold the headboard to get a futon.

2. Turn Futon to an Armchair | Lotokal.Nemlirentacar Futon to an ArmchairA twin-sized futon might be smaller. But it doesn’t mean it can’t serve a double duty. All you need to do is just making a frame of an armchair, stain it, and apply a couple of polyurethane to make it durable. Then fold your futon so that it can be functioned as the cushions of the chair. Find your detail inside description area

Lastly number 1. Futon with Adjustable Arms Idea | Lotokal.Nemlirentacar Futon with Adjustable ArmsSome people think that a futon will never be able to replace a comfortable couch due to the absence of arms. Well, that’s nit always true. Some futons feature adjustable arms that can be folded and unfolded. With this kind of futon, you can lounge on your couch snugly.
There are various kinds of futons that you can choose from. But one thing for sure. They are practical and space efficient.

So, These 10 gorgeous small futon ideas for small space or bedroom can be your inspiration for picking the right futon that could meets your need. Find your detail once again by visit link in hyperlink and see you again with more space saving ideas soon.
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