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12-Bedroom Interior Trends For 2023

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the fascinating world of interior design and bring you the hottest trends for 2023! You’re in for a treat if you enjoy spacious living and luxurious comfort. In this article, we’ll be exploring the captivating world of 12-bedroom interior trends. From opulent master suites to cozy guest rooms, get ready to be inspired by these stunning designs that will leave you daydreaming about your dream home. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and embark on this stylish journey together!

FYI, we’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2021, 2022, and 2023 here, to help you style the most relaxing bedroom! Get ready for some serious R&R with these 12-bedroom interior trends for 2021. If you read the list beyond 2021, consider the next ideas and additional elements to add to whatever home décor trends you follow or will follow later. For more detail, follow the reference.

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Relevant FAQs and Answers:

What is bedding style trendy in 2021?

On the bedding style timeline, it can be seen that by 2021 there is a shift towards more eco-friendly materials like bamboo (include by choosing futon). Additionally, the average person sleeps for more extended periods and spends more money on sleep therapy and light therapy. This means that there is an increased focus on how people’s bodies feel during their sleep time.

What is trending in bedroom sets and styles popular in 2021?

Trending bedroom sets and style in 2021 is a modern minimalist design. The colors are more muted and neutral, with no bright reds, pinks, or purples. The furniture has a simple, clean design with no appointments. The colors of the bedroom sets are light wood tones like maple and white, beige and black, and gray and black. The beds are futons or duvets with colorful pillows. They are not very decorated for a woman’s room but have accent pillows similar to the bedding in the living room. The smaller nightstand is on the left side of the bed instead of the right side.

Another trend is that the television will be placed on the right side of the bed. The bedroom set will have a slim table and an entertainment unit with a TV, bookshelf, and a lamp or two. The entertainment center is set on top of the TV instead of under it. The walls are white or gray. The carpeting is dark wood tones with light beige or white rugs in the bedroom instead of plain brown or tan. The bedding has solids for the main color in the duvet and accents such as pillows.

There is also a trend for changing the look of the bedroom interior design by mixing styles between contemporary and classic as well. This is done by switching out lamps and nightstands, adding a dresser, and changing nightstands to desks. Also, instead of having bookcases throughout the room, they have one or two tall bookcases with a dresser. The TV will be on top of these shelves but still out of reach for children to grab onto.

What are bedroom furniture trends for 2021?

The bedroom furniture rates for 2021 are predicted to be up to date with its trends. This means that bedroom furniture such as night tables and bed frames will be contemporary, match well with the interior design in your room, and come in a modern color scheme. The current estimate is that these bedroom furniture pieces should cost somewhere between $5-70 within these five years.

In terms of style, the emphasis will still lie mainly on matching or complementary colors for most pieces while sticking tight on modern looks and lasting styles. Modern-day looks such as industrial or traditional will make up most color schemes available for most items like night tables, desks, dressers, etcetera.

Bedroom furniture design has undergone an evolution over the last few years. Today’s homeowners are looking for sleek lines and beautiful accents to make their bedroom feel like a unique, stylish space. New finishes and new materials are making this possible, and new designs encourage homeowners to examine their options before choosing new pieces for their homes.

Many homeowners will mix old with modern and combine antique furniture with contemporary pieces or use wood finishes in unexpected places, such as on upholstered headboards or dressers.

What is the bedroom decorating style for 2021?

In 2021, bedroom decorating styles will revolve around the use of dark colors. People will still be using splashes of color, but they will not dominate the environment. Lightly stained wood will still be popular, but the stain shades will range from dark to light. In addition, metallic finishes will be used for frames, trim, and other embellishments.

Bedroom furniture styles will follow the same trends seen in the rest of the home. The use of wood and metals will continue to grow as the year progresses. The use of large-scale headboards made from solid wood and a prominent grain pattern is rising. That goes for bed frames as well as nightstands and dressers. The key is finding a piece that has a unique grain pattern and style, so it sets itself apart from all other components in a room.

Are accent walls outdated in 2021?

As the housing market started to return in the 2000s, people shifted their attention back to real estate. When it comes to home decoration, improvements for property mainly stem from two places: what is readily available and what people are interested in. These improvements are typically seen as being in agreement with popular trends. As such, whether or not an accent wall is outdated will largely depend on how much it has been featured recently.

What is the latest trend in bedding in 2021?

According to a current trend in 2020, people are looking for bedding that is more than just a sheet. There is also more focus on the quality of the product being provided and not solely on its costs.

The interior design of a bedroom should at least be as beautiful as that of the living room.

In the past, having a good-looking room enabled you to make the most of your home’s functional features. It would also give an impression that you knew how to enjoy your living space, including what was comfortable and not.

With time, however, this perception has changed. The bedroom’s importance has shifted from being just another room in the house to a central part of one’s life. With this change, there are more important elements when designing bedrooms: first and foremost is functionality; while style is also needed, it will match other parts of how people live in these rooms.

The latest trend in bedding is the use of bedding with waterproof qualities. This is because an increasing number of people are being affected by the consequences of having wet, torn, or ruined mattresses, even pandemic. The mattress can cause an individual to slip and fall on the floor, resulting in further injuries and potential damage that leads to a risk for infection or contagious diseases.

This trend has increased because people have been experiencing injuries due to ruptured mattresses. This phenomenon has prompted more individuals to invest in comfort and style to improve their bedroom designs.

When a mattress is too old, it is harder to clean the beds, thus making it easier for dust mites to survive deep within the mattress. Dust mites damage the material and make one prone to allergies due to their fecal matter. This results in sneezing, coughing, nose running, and watery eyes that lead to sleeping disorders—something they don’t want to deal with during the Covid 19 pandemic.

What is the bedding color trend is in 2021?

The bedding color trend for 2021 is bright and joyful bedroom designs that will prepare you for a new day. These bedding colors can be found in many different styles, from contemporary to modern.

Textures and patterns play a huge role in the bedroom design trend for 2021. In addition, adornments such as rugs, pillows, throws, and window treatments are also considered.

The Bedroom Accent!
The accent shines with a bold pattern or color. When choosing your accent, you should keep these simple guidelines into your mind:

  • The first rule is to match the design of the room. If you have a contemporary space, then choose a bold color or pattern for an accent pillow on the bed or floor pillows on a chair facing the bed. Use a similar color scheme to pop your wall art visually.
  • The second rule is to make sure the colors and patterns are not overkilling each other. If you use a bold color to paint your bedroom, try to use solid colors for bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillows. What we should realize is that you don’t have to paint everything in your bedroom at once. Just paint the ceiling, and then upgrade your furniture one by one so that you don’t spend a lot of money at once.
  • The third rule is to avoid cluttering with too many accessories. It’s better to keep only a few accessories, such as photo frames, a small vase or two, and maybe a small basket or shelf if you really want to put something in it. The reason is that all these accessories will create visual noise within the bedroom space, which means some items will be lost among so many other things around it.

Modern Bedroom Design Trends For 2021: Fitting Out Your Dreams.
It’s easy to get caught up in the details of a room and lose focus on the big picture. But with a linear furniture arrangement and plenty of light, your space can be more functional and chic.

Here are some modern bedroom design trends for 2021:

Lighting: Use uplighters to give your space a soft glow. Your lighting of choice should be clean and simple, with not too many settings. This will make your room look fresher without outdated or complicated lighting fixtures.

Lamps: While clean and minimalist lighting is your ideal when choosing a light for your bedroom, consider lamps as an option for reading or reflections in your space. Shaded lamps are better than fluorescent light bulbs because they resemble natural light in brightness and softness. A simple lampshade does the trick without anything fancy distracting from the design of your dream room.

Wall colors: Choose natural tones; keep it neutral. Much of your room should be soft and neutral so that you can build there with color later on. If you’re looking for color or pattern in the interior design of your home, then go for asymmetrical design instead of pizzaz looking.

Flooring: Carpet is not a bad idea, but if you do not have carpet, then make sure to add texture or interesting patterns with rugs or area rugs. You can also enjoy the texture of the wood floor. Use wood textures near the bed instead of a mattress pad, but consider a wood finish if you do not like this option.

Also. FYI,
Style 2021 is the coming season. A few years ago, it was the 2020 season. That is because the coming season is always 10 years after the last season. Did you notice that?

This time, it’s the 20th season.
However, 5 years have passed.

In addition to that, starting today and in the next year or so, various changes will be made, including furniture pieces and changing motifs such as wallpaper and furnishing colors.

And now, let’s enjoy the latest interior trends for 2021.
The top 12 interior decorating ideas for 2021 are:

1. The interior designs will be rich with metal,  wood, or stone material.
2. The interior designer will use soft colors such as ivory and cream tones.
3. Sleek and elegant modernistic types of furniture will be advised.
4. The furniture design highlights natural materials like wicker, rattan, or wood, for example, to provide warmth throughout the home.
However, on a different side,
The bedroom will get more colorful and high-tech, offering the possibility to create a truly unique space for each person. Large-format prints, bright colors, and even neon lights will be used according to a user’s choice. Getting all your data from an app on your smartphone and the possibility of adding internet services and interactivity to your bedroom will also be available. The furniture will be merged with other electronic devices like televisions, media players, or lamps.
Even people will find a swing doubles as a LED light source when sleeping at night. It is because, in 2021, people still spending most of their lifetime indoors.

5. The use of marble patterns on the wall, floor, or other interior accessories that are contemporary in nature.
6. Combining the natural elements of wood with metal and glass to provide a modern, sleek look.
7. The furniture designs are minimalist such as mobile sofas that can be moved around easily.
8. The Furniture will be using primary colors such as light green, yellow, or red, for example, to provide some contrast towards the neutral colors used in the interior space.
9. The furniture is designed to be as functional as possible in nature. Such as a storage solution with built-in hidden storage compartments.
10. The use of modern lightings such as LED-based lighting, ceiling-mounted lamps, or wall sconces.
11. People are using lighting to create an ambiance in the interior space.
12. The use of minimalistic artwork in nature.
These interior decorating ideas are not limited to the bedroom alone and in other rooms within a home, including bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, etc.

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12. Transform your bedroom into a calming sanctuary

This 2021, we want you to sink deep into your bed and find a relaxing abode within your bedroom. Interior designers have made it a point to focus on the elements that can affect the mood and emotions to bring about positive change.

While a crisp white room can seem light and refreshing, homeowners might also find the confines of white walls sterile and uninviting. Calm and muted hues like pale yellow, blues, and indigo can bring warmth and serenity into space.

Interior designers are also looking into bringing softness into bedrooms by eliminating harsh angles with drapery and curtains. Calming textiles and plush upholstery can also bring about a soothing environment. Think of it this way, a peaceful space can feel like a warm, enveloping hug!

Subtle elements that promote tranquility are plants. Adding potted plants not only provides a reassuring reminder of the great outdoors but also promotes a healthier interior atmosphere.

Designers also emphasize the importance of incorporating natural light to support the circadian rhythm while uplifting the mood. Sheer curtains are a great way to celebrate the glow of a new day. Artificial soft light is just as important – it’s functional, promoting a subdued mood.

11. Choose the Japandi Lifestyle

Choose the Japandi lifestyle
Image: Pinterest

As we focus on relaxation and serenity this year, we also eliminate any unnecessary distractions at home. Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. The Japandi style finds the perfect balance of beauty since both are founded on the minimalist approach.

As with other approaches based on minimalism, homeowners who want to adopt Japandi should understand that it’s more of a lifestyle rather than a style trend. 2021 should be all about finding beauty in simplicity, muted colors, and raw textures.

Japandi is all about embracing simplicity to forego all worldly distractions. This is meant to create a serene environment founded on natural elements.

10. Start A Mini-garden

2021 is all about encouraging homeowners to incorporate greenery and nature into their space, whether big or small. While we can’t step into the great outdoors just yet, giving plants a chance to thrive in your home can bring a fresh perspective to homeowners!

Plants instantly add life (literally) and warmth to space while also softening design features and elements. Not only do they provide visual relief, but plants have also been proven to offer just as many health benefits! Adding greenery to a room will improve air quality, decrease stress levels and improve the mood. It can also promote creativity and memory retention!

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9. Set the mood with a soothing color palette

As we prepare to take 2021 head-on, we should surround ourselves with the elements that promote a reassuring and calming atmosphere! Cool and muted color palettes in the bedroom can instantly help relieve stress and anxiety by calming the senses and opening up space.

Colors that feel like an inviting hug or a warm cup of cocoa are muted hues like soft grey, blue, green, and lavender. Darker shades of indigo and blue-grey are also extremely comforting.

We love how Behr transformed this light and open room into a tranquil abode with neutral jojoba-colored walls. Sage-green beddings, fixtures, and wall paint will be all the rage in 2021 for their soothing effects. Smoky off-white was used to give the space an added touch of contrast.

8. Expand your horizons with a Murphy bed

Does your space feel suffocatingly small? We are fans of multipurpose furniture because of all the promising opportunities for a bigger room!

If you don’t have enough space at home for a full bed, consider installing a Murphy bed! There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress surrounded by plush pillows. We love how this Murphy bed reveals clean white panels that give the room a fresh and open space.

The Murphy bed is also an excellent option for many individuals shifting to a work-from-home scheme this 2021. If you think you don’t have enough space for a home office, check out this bed that also transforms into a workspace.

7. Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom Idea

As we’ve mentioned, 2021 is all about decluttering both our personal lives – that includes our physical space – from unnecessary clutter and distractions. A Scandinavian-style bedroom is founded on simplicity and minimalism, and you’ll be left with the things that really matter.

A Scandinavian bedroom keeps colors to a minimum – it’s literally having a clean slate to build your lifestyle on. Scandinavian bedrooms are also about incorporating simple shapes and clean lines. Think about adding complementary elements in the sleek lines of your furniture and simple patterns of accessories and bedding.

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. The excitement is in adding nuance with subtle pieces, like textured materials and natural elements.

We also love how Scandinavian minimalism prioritizes functionality alongside design. Maximize your space efficiently with beautiful and functional pieces like a dresser, baskets, or a bedside table.

6. Make the most out of the many shades of grey


Grey is the perfect neutral backdrop for all types of accents. You won’t find a color that provides the same calm, sophistication, and class as the shades of grey.
You may not realize it, but not all shades of grey are the same. Most grey colors are mixed in with other colors that give off a cool or warm undertone. Which undertone you choose will have a huge impact on the overall feel of the space.

For rooms with minimal sunlight, opt for greys with warm pink, beige, and yellow undertones. Rooms with a lot of sunlight are more flexible to work with – you can go with greys with either cool or warm undertones.

What we love most about grey rooms is how well they offset wood, metal, and stone accents. The thing to remember is to work with balance. If you’re working with warmer timber, copper, and sandstone accents, go for a cool grey palette. For rooms with concrete, marble, and steel accents, warm grey undertones will work best.

5. Versatile solutions

As we’re all adjusting to the pandemic, there are a thousand ways we need to balance our home and work life. Like many professionals, you might find yourself with an unfamiliar work-from-home set-up.

You don’t have to downgrade comfort and your living space by living with the bare minimum. Go with multi-purpose furniture and elements that will make space work for you.

Watch how this functional and sleek bedroom-turned-home office efficiently uses the space with wall-to-ceiling storage and a Murphy bed.

4. Mix-and-match natural elements

Don’t you miss being out in nature? We’ve got the solution for you, bring in the natural elements in your bedroom!

We love how this organic bedroom makeover incorporated different natural elements to create a warm and inviting space. The designers used wood, rattan, and copper metallics that really stood out against the neutral backdrop!

The designers added patterned quilts and textured blankets to add some nuance to the beige and white room. They artfully placed potted plants, which perfectly tie the room together.

3. Go all out with Neutrals


We’ll say it again – neutrals are your best bet this year to achieve an ultimately relaxing space. We love how this room gives an exciting new definition to a neutral and minimalist style.

This feminine and intimate bedroom have subtle hints of industrial elements that give the room an unforgettable balanced look. We’re especially in love with the white textured walls that instantly add personality and nuance to the room.

The all-white walls, drawers, tables, and flooring are beautifully complemented by warm wood accents and shades of grey and pink.

The neutral base color is the perfect foundation for cool shades of grey, white, and beige, but it also goes well with warm shades of orange, copper, and pink.

2. Achieve the storage of your dreams

Start this year on the right foot by prioritizing long-term and intelligent storage practices! Watch how this closet makes everything easier with convenient and accessible sliding drawers.

This product will definitely give Marie Kondo a run for her money with its super convenient design that makes folding clothes faster and neater! You won’t have any more problems maximizing your wardrobe and drawer space.
[amazon box=”B08BZMKFWD”] We’re also obsessed with this sleek shirt organizer! Say goodbye to messy stacks – simply lift the dividers when looking for your OOTD. These multifunctional and durable wardrobe storage boxes are the perfect solution to keeping your bedroom neat and organized. They’re the ideal size for storing clothes, shoes, and any other trinkets you might have!
[amazon box=”B015ZWFKS4″]

Lastly, Number 1, When design meets function

Why go with boring ideas when you can have exciting solutions like this storage idea? Take inspiration from this modern cabinet by Filip Janssens – the design ingeniously features cracks that mimic cracking earth.

Like how we’ll power through 2021, we take inspiration from this designer that found a way to work with different elements, layers, and materials to create endless opportunities.


Create a place of solitude and endless possibilities with one or some of our 12 bedroom interior trends for 2021. Later, Check out the detail of our design and storage ideas provided in the reference section to help your home reach its full potential without unnecessary error during the process! Or these 15 Bonus ideas:

15 Trendy Bedroom Improvement and Decors for 2021:


From daybeds to straight-back chairs, cozy two-tone is taking over bedrooms. Consider the subtle hues, which are uniform in their warmth, and blend them into a neutral scheme (think stone or cream).


Trends change, but a room full of furniture still means there’s room for one high chair—it just won’t be in the front corner. For those who want to avoid a chair on display in their entryway, look for a mural instead (they’re an affordable way to create texture and interest).


For bedroom owners who want a little pop without veering into something too bold, bright white is the way to go. While it’s not dark enough to be considered “black” or “gray,” white will help create a calm mood. This is perfect for bedrooms that will be used for meditation or yoga as well.

If you’d like to go the extra mile and have your very own luxury spa-like retreat, then upgrade your space by having quality area rugs under your bed. This way, any spills or dirt on the floor can easily be cleaned by wiping it off with a sponge. Bedroom rugs are available in many designs and colors, so you’ll be able to find something that matches both the bedroom’s interior design and color scheme.

If you want to add a little color, soft pink is one of the best choices since it can somewhat neutralize bright whites or any other bold colors found in paintings or wall clocks because pink balances out everything else with its soothing effect.


If you’re seeking a place to entertain guests, consider creating a glam den with an upholstered ottoman—it’s cozy enough for two to sit and chat but also large enough for three or four to lounge on.


A large-scale image (of a person, place, or object) provides a focal point to the room, drawing the eye while still keeping things casual.


Walls are often framed by headboards or bedposts, but a jagged one is an inexpensive way to provide texture and interest without adding more furniture or wall decorations.


Brasserie tables and furniture shelving are cleverly designed pieces that add sleek style to your room while keeping things clean.


Nightstands aren’t necessary in bedrooms, especially since there are other places—like the floor or a nearby dresser—where you can place your phone or glasses.


There’s nothing chicer than geometric mosaic tiles that extend to the ceiling, which also dress up the room and add a clean feel.


If you’re looking for seating, consider a rustic conference table that is large enough to seat four but small enough to remain hidden behind when it’s not in use.


A wooden bar that doubles as a side table provide additional seating while creating a cohesive space with the other wood furnishings.


Lamps are practical additions to a bedroom, but they can efficiently be dealt with in other home areas—such as behind an armchair or on a side table—because they consume quite a bit of floor space. To save room, look for an adjustable lamp that is sometimes called a reading lamp or torchiere and can be moved to anywhere it’s needed.


For a clean look and easy-to-read time, consider a wall clock.


Another way to make a simple room look chic is by adding two shelves to the wall and filling them with books. A black lacquer finish adds dimension and contrast to the otherwise neutral furniture.


Mirrors are excellent for dressing up space—they can be placed on a dresser or behind an armchair—but they can also be used as practical mirrors for applying makeup or shaving.


11. and

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