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10 Ideas How to Design Eco-Friendly Bedroom

It’s not for a random reason why people choose or move on to a green lifestyle. These days, people seem to be aware of the bad effect of global warming. It triggers them to design eco-friendly bedrooms. An environmentally-friendly bedroom is not only indicated by the number of chemical substances used but also by the person involved in the project. We are connected by a single planet and we need to help each other to keep our planet less hostile for the next generation
More about that later, In the video we are going to help you how to get a better life using renewable ideas and products for your bedroom. This is ten ideas on how to design an eco-friendly bedroom by Check out the pasted link inside the description area.

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10. Bring Greenery to Your Room

10. Bring Greenery to Your Room by simphome.comEvery aspect of eco-friendly design could be any feature that isn’t harmful to the environment. Upgrade your furniture with something that’s comfortable and has a good effect on your house.
You can start by bringing some greenery into your room. They can help you get rid of bad air quality. Besides, they indeed make your bedroom look much more attractive. Try decorating your bedroom with Gerbera daisies, lavender, and jasmine that produce a pleasant smell too.

9. Eco-friendly Paint Idea

9. Eco friendly Paint Idea by simphome.comThe idea of an eco-friendly style also includes using green products. When painting your walls, environmentally-friendly paint should be your prioritize. It’s a part of completing the steps required.
Non-toxic paints can be a great alternative to alleviate thousands of chemical substances mixed in them. They can cause some allergies and nasal-related problems. That’s why natural paint is on demand.
Consider using low VOC paints that are kid-friendly. This one is optional, though. Applying limited color to your walls could make your room look much more peaceful and simpler.

8. Eco-friendly Lighting

8. Eco friendly Lighting by simphome.comUsing less-energy electronic equipment in your bedroom means you have a determination to really create an eco-friendly habitat in your house.
The most common electronic device would be the lighting. It can also be the thing that consumes lots of energy. A bedroom can have several light bulbs around the bed, including a fan depending on one’s preference.
You can turn off the lighting and unplug any electronic equipment when you’re about to leave the room to save some energy. Installing natural products is highly recommended.
You can have a computer or a TV in your bedroom. Some suggest using second-hand products as a way to reduce the amount of energy waste. Be sure to purchase them at a reliable store as not all second-hand products are good.

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7. Wooden Bed

7. Wooden Bed by simphome.comThe bed is obviously the bedroom’s soul, and nature provides the best material for creating non-harmful furniture.
This bed has a straightforward form that helps minimize energy consumption or material. Quality sleep is all you need. Therefore, a complicated bed design won’t be necessary here. You can also include a rug under the bed. Do not forget to opt for a bed that is free from toxic material and isn’t harmful to the environment.

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6. Eco-Friendly Pillows

6. Eco Friendly Pillows by

Duvets, pillows, and pillowcases are part of the eco-friendly stuff you will stay with. Besides, you even touch them every day or night. As they would have direct contact with you, you should be looking for natural material the pillows are made from.
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5. Eco-Friendly Mattress

5. Eco Friendly Mattress by The bed or mattress is one of the essential things here. You need to make sure that the mattress is from sustainable material. Otherwise, you need to replace it. Many beds have plastic-related materials, which leave harmful footmark to the environment.
Here are some environmentally-friendly materials you can use when opting for a mattress, including cotton, hemp, wool, or bamboo. If you buy the bed and mattress from a different store or place, make sure the size is right.

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4. Eco-Friendly Curtains

4. Eco Friendly Curtains by simphome.comCurtains are not just the things that block the sun and give you some sort of privacy. In an eco-friendly bedroom, they can be more than that.
In the winter, the temperature will be likely to go down. As a result, it will be chilly in your bedroom.
To overcome this problem, you can make the curtains thicker by giving another layer to keep the temperature stay warm in your room. It means you already save some energy and cut down on the electricity bill, right?

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3. Repurpose Wooden Bookcase

3. Repurpose Wooden Bookcase by simphome.comAs a part of campaigning or doing an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with repurposing old stuff in your house. The aim is to reduce unused materials as much as possible.
This bookshelf for example uses everyday items you can find around in the neighborhood. The steps are also pretty easy.
First, Go gather two milk crates and then sand them. Choose sturdy ones. The next step would be to put braces to join them, and it’s done. Painting the bookshelf isn’t necessary here since you’re making a piece of eco-friendly furniture for your bedroom.

2. DIY Eco-Friendly Furniture Idea

2. DIY Eco Friendly Furniture Idea by simphome.comPlants or greeneries would need boxes or pots. You can either purchase or create them yourself.
When you want your greeneries or plants to be in a box, this idea could be a good reference for you.
This idea is still one of the best ways of showing that you care about the environment by recycling wasted items around the house.
First, Measure how big your pots are, and then cut wood to create the frames. Assemble and secure them with screws.
Cut some legs for the bottom parts, and attach them to the frame with nails or screws. To finish, you can sand them to make them look nice. Put them where plants would thrive.

Lastly, Number 1. Opt for Eco-Friendly Flooring Style

1. Opt for Eco Friendly Flooring Style by simphome.comMany people replace their old floor styles with sustainable ones for some good reason.
People didn’t really aware of the toxic substance found in the old-fashioned flooring that bonds them. Yes, it’s a hazardous substance or adhesive used for laminating the floor.
Bamboo tiles can be one alternative to your new green living lifestyle, or you can also try slate tiles instead. Although they do not share the same cost, you’re one step ahead of keeping the earth safe by choosing eco-friendly products.
10 ideas to design eco-friendly bedrooms aren’t just a move to make you look cool and all. It’s a fact that you want to live a better life and care about the environment.



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