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10 Small Bedroom Interior Trends

It’s tough to fit a complicated bedroom layout in a tight space like a small bedroom. These ten small interior trends can make your tiny room feel bigger and more luxurious without sacrificing style or personality.

A few things first:

  1. Paint your ceiling white. White is an excellent color for a small space because it can turn the room appear bigger (when done right) by reflecting light and making the ceilings seem higher. If you’ve got a high ceiling in your bedroom, go ahead and paint it white to make it look even taller.
  2. Go with a wall of built-ins or shelves rather than an armoire or dresser. In smaller bedrooms, built-in closets are a great way to maximize storage without visually taking up too much room.
  3. Opt for monochromatic paint colors similar in hue and value for extra visual depth in your small bedroom design palette.

The bedroom is not only the place to get a good night’s sleep but also a safe haven that enables you to relax and be yourself. Thus, the interior has to be breathtaking and makes you feel comfortable.

However, carving out a comfortable and striking sleeping space can be complicated, especially in a small room. It does not mean it is an impossible mission, though.
We have summed up these 10 small bedroom interior trends just for you. They are practical and suitable for any sleeping space, including the tiny one. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Small Bedroom Interior Trends
10 Small Bedroom Interior Trends Poster

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List Entries:

10. Think of What You Should Get for Bedroom

Interior trends for the bedroom keep on changing, and it is perfectly normal. Creating a snug and warm environment would be easy if budget and space weren’t issues.
Unfortunately, a small bedroom, along with the budget problem, forces you to be wiser when decorating it.

However, having the latest interior may not always be the case because it means that you have to change it once it’s no longer popular, and that will be a waste of money.
Thus, before designing the interior, you need to consider what you really need because comfort is your ultimate goal.

Relevant details:

    It is an architectural style that creates a sense of verticality in the room. It also increases the space and emphasizes the height above the bed while at the same time conveying a sense of luxury and height. It is typically used in Asian homes and can be seen in many examples of interior design.
    Depending on what you are interested in, you can decide to put paintings or pictures to add or give titles to your favorite pieces on show. The key is to have it done professionally for the best results.
    Adding light and other decor items can add bright colors, striking patterns, and look more appealing than your small room. The lighting should be warm as it will be of great help in relaxing.
    You can also use different textures and patterns to make the interior design look more attractive and not overwhelming. The ideas should reflect your personality while also providing a cohesive look appealing to the eye.
    The color scheme you will use for your bedroom interior is another crucial aspect that you want to consider to achieve the appearance you want and make it comfortable, too.
    The right furniture will create a more restful and cozy atmosphere. As for accessories, you can use something innovative or unique to help make it memorable.
    Adding wooden furniture to your bedroom can add warmth and coziness to the room. However, you should make sure that the design is classic enough to blend with other design elements in your home to not stand out too much.
    You can do away with prints on the walls and opt for decorative artworks or pieces instead. This idea gives you a chance to be creative and add something different and attractive. With this, you can ensure that your bedroom will look good and stand out from other bedrooms.
    If you have a small bedroom, the best thing to do would be to keep it simple. It helps bring out the room’s natural feel, so you do not get overwhelmed with various elements. Natural elements such as wood, metal, or stone might just bring in a nice touch to your interior design as well.
    If you want to transform a boring bedroom into something more exciting and attractive, you can use accessories. At the same time, make sure that the accessories you choose do not cause tension in your bedroom because it is already small.
    You can opt for various beds and chairs to keep things interesting and unique. For instance, instead of using a mattress that has an all-white design, consider using one that has a vibrant color scheme or pattern on it to make the interior design look more appealing.

9. Find the Concept

When designing a house, the limitless choices will likely overwhelm you. The same things happen to the bedroom. Bedroom interior trends entail successful experiments, including the combinations of colors, lighting, and decorations to carve out a certain ambiance to the space.

With thousands of choices that you can come up with, you might have the desire to try them all, which can be disastrous. Instead of creating a relaxing place that appeals to your eyes, you might end up making a haphazard look. Therefore, finding the right concept is necessary.

But you don’t have to install the latest craze if you are not really into and it’s just a temporary trend that will soon change with another one.
This bedroom, for example, adapts the minimalist style, which is quite popular today. The use of less furniture saves some space and makes the room look more stylish.

Relevant details:
1. The walls are painted in a light neutral color to create a spacious feel.
2. Simple beddings and accessories in all-white finishing is an easy way to bring out the bedroom interior trends, but adding details with patterned throws and rugs would make it more interesting.
3. A vertical walk-in closet is practical as it saves space and provides a lot of storage.
4. To balance the vertical strips, hang a rectangular mirror at right angles on the opposite side of the closet to increase the visual size of the room and create a focal point.
5. The hanging pendant lights are suspended above the bed to illuminate the entire space and provide a cozy feeling.
6. A simple bookcase is an excellent place to display special items, but hang it on the wall to save more space.
7. An ottoman can be used as a nightstand or even as extra seating in case of guests. And you can use it to lean up against.
8. Wooden floorboards are timeless and easy to maintain, so consider installing them throughout the bedroom instead of carpets or rugs.
9. The white walls and wooden flooring create an illusion of a larger space.
10. Combining the vertical shelves and the mirror creates a narrow balcony that appears to be bigger than it is.

8. Be Mindful with the Storage

Storage is one of the essential elements in every room, including the bedroom. It helps you to hold clutter at bay.

Besides, it can also act as a part of decorative items that spruce up the space.
Aside from cabinets, storage comes in various sizes and shapes. One of which is floating shelves.
The versatility of floating shelves allows you to explore your creativity and imagination.

You can have simple designs made of wooden boards. If you want to add a rustic look, you can try applying a well-worn finish. Anything will do.

Other ideas to max the storage space of your limited bedroom area:

  • 1. Utilize the floor space.
    One of the best ways to save space is to store the commonly used items on the floor, like shoes and clothes. Of course, you can
    make your bedroom look more attractive by adding some elements different from these types of storage spaces. The only thing to do is choose a style that suits your taste and personality.
  • 2. Use built-ins.
    If you have enough space to spare, take advantage of it as another storage unit. The advantage is that built-in shelves, cabinets, and drawers are usually locked into the wall or the ceiling. So, they are fixed and do not take up unnecessary space on top of your bed.
  • 3. Store things high.
    If you want to maximize the storage space of your bedroom, then you might want to consider installing shelves and cabinets in a place that is under the ceiling, like the ceiling fan or light fixtures. This way, the items will be hidden from view but still readily available. It is also a good option if you lack space.
  • 4. Combine!
    Stain-resistant shelves are also known as “black steel” as they are challenging to stain, tear or mark. Some of them have built-in doors that provide easy access to your seasonal attic storage items or linens without disturbing your bed (or without blocking the headboard).
  • 5. Turn into a workroom.
    You can use a small bedroom as your design studio if you have a small bedroom. Use this space to beautify yourself by doing a minor makeup touch-up or style-tweaking, or use it as your home office.
  • 6. Put things into baskets.
    Baskets are the best way to keep things neat, organized, and out of sight. They are better than boxes in terms of storage because they can be closed, and the items will not fall out of the top. You can find baskets in plenty of stores, such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • 7. Use a paint palette.
    This idea is a technique used by professional artists and designers to see the placement of colors, textures, and patterns in any design. It is a grouping of several colored objects displayed in different places. It allows you to organize everything in a way that suits your taste and style. Also great for any fastidious room decorator! Just use your imagination—go crazy with it!
  • 8. Put things on display.
    This idea works best if you have too many things sitting around your room that require attention but are not used daily (say: decorative items). Reposition them into a neat arrangement that will make your space look more inviting. Hang some pictures on the wall, elevate a few bookshelves, and have a small side table. This step will make your bedroom look lived-in, welcoming, and more inviting.
  • 9. Use the existing things around you.
    If your room lacks storage, look around and see what is already there. Such as a bedside table or an entertainment unit. You can use these things to create extra storage spaces by finding durable materials that can serve as containers for the items you want to keep handy (for example, natural wood or reclaimed wood).
  • 10. Install a simple DIY system.
    If you have no budget to get an expensive wardrobe, do your DIY. Create a unique storage system that looks impressive, is easy to use, and is entirely accessible. You can invest in a few pieces of wood, a few bolts, some thumbscrews, and perhaps some curtain rings or shower rings. By the way, curtains can also be used to create extra hanging space!

7. Build a new Wooden Panel as Divider

Interior designs are not only about the visual appeal but also practicality. The items you use to decorate the room have to be functional, too, just like this wooden room divider.
This room divider makes a great interior and decoration.

It divides the room nicely, and when you add some more panels, they make a thin wall. It’s much simpler and easier than building a concrete wall. You can put some curtains on it to create some privacy so that you can rest well when the night comes.

If the space can still hold it, you may add one or two big vases or some paintings on the walls.

To build your simple bedroom divider, you could:

  • Step 1: Get all the things you need to build this room divider, made of wood, nails, and a hammer.
  • Step 2: Choose the wood based on your preference. In this case, they use wood that can be found easily in Amazon as they wanted to make it as cheap as possible. They chose a small set of woods that cost them $6 only because there’s nothing wrong with cheap woods.
  • Step 3: Pick any design that suits your taste and layout the design on the wall. The great thing about this divider is its simple design. It has no complex details but still adds lovely accents to the room.
  • Step 4: Start constructing the room divider. They just nail the wood blocks to the wall in a simple pattern that anyone can easily do.
  • Step 5: Arrange some rocks on the lower part of each block and then continue to build your room divider as you wish.
  • Step 6: Install some shelves to enhance the usefulness of this wooden room divider.
  • Step 7: Add curtains on this wooden room divider to be more private.

6. Apply White Tone

Like many other small bedrooms, it’s unnecessary to bring lots of things in as it would turn the bedroom overcrowded or just look unsightly. So, it’s okay if there’s only a rug and curtains behind the bed.

The bed comes in a pretty good design, which is a standout. White is certainly a color that makes your room brighter. This tone will always be popular because it has some kind of soothing effect.
White seems to go together with neutral tones or wooden elements. It has an impression of simplicity and a clean look.

5. Pot Some Plants

The bedroom might be small. Still, you can find an excellent way to adorn it. Tiny plants in pots have been on trend because they purify the air and beautify the space.
If it’s not an issue to create a place for each plant, just like what you see in this picture. It would make a lovely interior on the wall. But if not, there are other options such as hanging shelves or a vertical garden for small space.

Relevant DIY instructions you can try:

  • Step 1: Draw or paint the desired shape on a piece of paper.
  • Step 2: Cut out the design with scissors.
  • Step 3: Glue them onto your preferred surface, such as a wall, using the small pieces. Apply clay to places you do not want to paint before painting it.
  • Step 4: Using mineral oil and a sponge, rub it evenly until shiny.
  • Step 5: If you still have some remaining clay pieces, apply paint in that area and let dry for 24 hours.
    After you are done, continue to repeat steps 1-4 for other areas where needed, such as window sills or even woodwork that needs coating for them to have a roughened surface.

4. A Circular Mirror Idea

Some people love to see their reflection in the mirror. Thus, they put one in their room. However, others are not really into it. Some might feel uncomfortable seeing themselves in it while lying in bed.
Even so, a mirror makes a nice additional interior for small bedrooms. And, of course, the shape and design can help decorate the room. This room has a strong sense of monochromatic theme.

3. A great Choice of Color

Aside from the furniture you choose, the color scheme is another thing that should come into consideration. It helps you define the interior design
you are trying to carve out.

If you want to create a coastal-themed bedroom, the combination of white, beige, teal, or turquoise will be your best bet. You can go with navy blue for a more nautical look, though.
A minimalist bedroom will stick to a neutral color palette, such as white, black, pastel, or gray. If you want to go bolder, black will be great. However, it will make a small bedroom look boxed in.

2. A Timeless Wooden Interior decor idea

Many say simplicity is king. Yes, that’s utterly correct, and that’s what this small bedroom is trying to show you.
Interior trends aren’t always about how expensive the thing is, but its value. It doesn’t need to have many ornaments. Keeping the essential is enough.

This bedroom looks stunning and straightforward with a wooden interior from floor to wall. For those who are into wooden architecture, this room would dream. It’s comfortable and warm and has a high value for that.

Relevant instructions:
1. Choose a good door (With a double glass window)
2. Choose a carpet in an attractive color that can create a calm and pleasing atmosphere
3. Choose a bed (With a simple headboard)
4. Choose a table and chairs (Light color, simple style)
5. Choose a lamp (With an attractive shape and solid material)
6. Choose wall paintings in style (In elegant colors) or pastel tones (To unify the atmosphere of the room)
7. Choose little things to make the room look more advanced or unique
8. Choose a small folding table with two adjustable chairs. You can place it at any corner of the room
9. A wooden bed stand, lamp, mirror, and nightstands are essential items on this lovely wood interior design ideas
10. A pretty and simple rug is enough to add something special to this bedroom’s style
11. A curtain in an appealing color can add the right moment of comfort to your bedroom’s interior design
12. Simple lighting can make your bedroom’s interior more elegant; choose a chandelier with a dimmable light bulb

Lastly, Number 1. Give a Nice Touch to the Ceiling

A sturdy house is nothing if it is void of beauty. It is one of the many reasons a simple touch would have a significant impact, as it can change a small detail to appear better.
The ceiling and wall have a pale look. This hanging lamp sparks a smooth touch with its round shape.

If the wall and ceiling had a brighter tone, it would look much nicer.
you could remove the plaster to give a more natural look. The glossy finish would not flatter the living room because of its harsh lighting. However, the lamp will act as a beautiful accent and bring this room’s look to the next level.

When possible, you can also:
~ Add a new Color Elements
~ Paint the walls, Add wallpapers
~ Painting the furniture (Add a new color or Use Marble, wooden material)
~ Add new accessories to make the room seem larger (Use glass table or Wooden Table)
~ Add new lights (put a Hanging Lamp to lighten up the room)
~ Add plants or hanging plant baskets for green accents

The lighting and furniture are some of the most critical factors that can assist you in improving your current bedroom design. Change of colors and textures will also help to get an easy way to change the style of your bedroom.

Things you need to add into your considerations are:

  • No 1. Glass top dressing table
    A simple dressing table with a glass top and classy finish will give you an elegant feeling in your bedroom. Glass top dressing table is a perfect solution for placing makeup and other items efficiently.
  • No 2. Nightstands
    Nightstands are helpful to keep all of your stuff in one place and not find a hiding place for everything. Choose the best design nightstands to create an excellent bedroom ambiance.
  • No 3. A Mirror desk
    The mirror dressing table, desk, and mirror vanity table are perfect solutions for your bedroom decorating needs. Decorate them with excellent wavy glass and a fancy mirror dresser to create a chic look in your bedroom as well as a fantastic view with it.
  • No 4. Wall arts
    You can also use wall art to enhance the room’s personality by providing a beautiful visual diversity to the space. Take a look at your bedroom walls, whether it needs a bit of artwork or a splash of color. You can frame wall art pictures and posters to bookends and candle holders.
  • No 5. Floating shelves
    For bedroom design, floating shelves are one of the best options for display and storage items. The hanging wall shelves are perfect for maximizing your bedroom space since you can set them up to suit your needs. Whether you want to use it as a display shelf or as extra storage – these types of shelves will be valuable additions to your home decor style as well as help complete.
  • No 6. Rectangular shelves
    Hanging square shelves or rectangular shelves are great pieces of furnishing that You can use to store small items and accessories. A hanging wall shelf is a stylish option that you can use to display and store your collectibles, souvenirs, gifts, and treasures. It will also provide more space for storage in your bedroom.
  • No 7. Folding chairs
    For the look of comfort and luxury, the folding armchair is a good idea for you to add to your bedroom design scheme. You will experience easy versatility with folding armchairs as they are portable pieces that you can easily remove or install in any room.
  • No 8. Improve your TV set
    A mirror TV can be one of the best additions to your bedroom design scheme. They are perfect for getting the most out of your space while incorporating practical details. A mirror TV is suitable for any living room, master bedrooms, guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and every other room in your home.
  • No 9. Selections of Artworks
    Artwork is an essential element when you’re planning a bedroom design scheme. It will give an artistic appeal to the entire room and provide a stylish decor for you to appreciate every day when you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. The artwork used in these bedrooms usually focuses on wildlife, still life, landscape elements, and more abstract images that have their meanings.
  • No 10. Decorative rugs
    A bedroom is made even more elegant with a beautiful oriental rug. Choose the perfect rug to create a rich, warm, and inviting feel. Natural fiber rugs such as sisal and jute suit your bedroom design scheme. They have a natural look, making them perfect for rooms that only have hardwood floors or tiled floors that are completely polished. Next, pay attention to your:
    10.1. Wall Treatment
    10.2. Window Treatments
    10.3. Shelf Placement
    Depending on your preference, you may choose to make your shelves near your windows or door, or you may choose to make them near the wall farthest from the window, so you don’t get too much light in the room from it.
    10.4. Wall and Ceiling Finish
    The most essential thing while placing the shelves is to make sure that they are placed where you want them. Ensure that the shelves don’t block the light coming out of the windows and doors. If you do, it’s best to either move them or make a space for them at the backside of your window. Or door so that it does not block any light from coming through.

These 10 small bedroom interior trends will keep changing over time, but some ideas would stay popular as they have their own charms that last long. So, which one is your favorite?



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