10 Mid-century Modern Bedroom Décor Ideas

Mid-century modern has never failed to impress anyone. Its simplicity and elegance look is too mesmerizing to miss. Maybe that’s the reason why you end up here. You are endeavoring to carve out this style in your bedroom.
Here are ten mid-century modern bedroom décor ideas with their charms to bring the middle-of-the-90s vibes into your current house or old home. For more detail, go to link as always. Let’s start the count down.

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10. Invest in a Bed with Tapered Legs

10.Invest in a Bed with Tapered Legs via Simphome.comThere are so many elements of the style born after World War II that will make you fall in love, one of which is tapered legs. The round and slender shape will always have a strong connection to the mid-century modern idea.
That particular feature gives a simple trick to play with your mind, and it will make you think the furniture is floating.
Also, it can be an excellent way to craft a visually more expansive and roomy space.

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9. Go for a Bold Accent Wall

9.Go for a Bold Accent Wall via Simphome.comTry to look for an object or a platform that can be used to add a sense of mid-century modern idea into your room. That media should be an opportunity for you to fill what’s missing from it.
This bold wall, for instance, is another option that is added to the room. The accent wall will bring your memory back to the glory of the 70s era. Its unique pattern of the jagged look was popular back then.

8. Try This DIY Nightstand with Storage

8.Try This DIY Nightstand with Storage via Simphome.comThis piece of furniture can improve your mid-century modern design at some point, and you definitely shouldn’t miss it. Here is how to make it. And yes, it’s simple.
First, get the wooden top and legs stained with wood stain and a foam brush. Second, tape off the wood and spray the feet with gold.
After that, lay the cake pan upside down and put the angle plates, and mark with a marker. Then, install the plates with nuts and bolts.
Next, spray the pan and plates with any color you want. Lastly, screw the legs into the plates, and you’re done.
• 16×2″ Cake pan
• 18″ Round wooden circle
• 3 Waddell 16″ taper legs
• 3 Angle leg plates
• Drill and 11/64″ drill bit
• 12 – #10-24×3/8in. round head screws with nuts
• Wood stain
• Foam brush
• Pen
• Montana Gold spray paint in Shrimp Pastel
• Optional: Gold spray paint (for feet of the legs)
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7. Add Greenery

7.Add Greenery snake plant via Simphome.comOther than furniture, greenery would also be an additional thing to add to your bedroom. Not only does it add aesthetic beauty to your space, but it also completes the mid-century modern look for sure.
You should give this idea a try, and here are some plants to consider, including monstera, fiddle leaf fig, prayer plant, snake plant, ZZ plant, dragon tree, and umbrella plants.
7.Add Greenery Indoor via

Each plant requires extra care. So, be sure to pay attention to their needs as well as their maintenance to make them thrive.

6. Put Those Greeneries in a Stylish Plant Stand

6.Put Them in a Stylish Plant Stand via Simphome.comGreenery inside a home needs a suitable space to grow. It should also be prevented from kids who might accidentally knock it off. This picture gives you an excellent example of how to protect it by manufacturing a stand.
Mark the boards by using a plate. Use a jigsaw and cut along the lines. Create smooth edges by sanding them. Apply a base layer before painting the wooden circles. Get the square dowels stained.
Decide the bracket connection points by marking on the dowels. Screw the brackets. Drill and screw the white shelves from the bottom.

5. Incorporate The Geometric Patterns

5.Incorporate in Geometric Patterns via Simphome.comGraphic patterns can be said to play a crucial role in picturing mid-century modern style here. Those geometric motifs blend in with the tones in this room, producing excellent harmony.
Natural lighting makes them even brighter and spreads a vibrant atmosphere. Keep the room clean and straightforward is another crucial point you should have in mind to get the vibe of the 1950 era.

4. Makeover Your Dresser for a Mid-Century Modern Look

4.Makeover Your Dresser for a Mid Century Modern Look via Simphome.comSpread a sense of mid-century modern design to your dresser by giving it some makeover by applying some tones such as bright hues to earthy colors or wood with natural finishes.
Natural and artificial materials are often found in the post-war style, too, including modern prints. Those elements help picture what mid-century modern design looks like.
These instructions below will guide you to redecorate your furniture that can improve the sense of the design mentioned previously.
Collect the dresser.
Sand down any rough areas and paint them.
Attach the tapered legs.
Set them up and sand the bottom and legs as well. Once it’s dry, install the knobs. There you have it!
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3. Give Your Old Wardrobe a Second Life

3.Give Your Old Wardrobe a Second Life via Simphome.comDuring the years, furniture may get torn by time or the weather, and it makes it look not very interesting gradually. Giving new skin to your wardrobe sounds like a good idea.
This hexagonal modification will give your old-fashioned wardrobe a new life. You can either DIY or custom-buy them. Then you can stain them with decided colors as seen above, or you can have a go with other colors as well.
Draw some sketch on one of the doors to get a picture of what it would be like.
After that, you can start gluing each of the hexagon pieces down.

It’s recommended that you use a clamp as those pieces may warp because of the moister of the glue. Repeat the same proses once it finishes. To wrap, apply some Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil.
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2. Blend It with Natural Materials

2.Blend It with Natural Materials via Simphome.comWood, with natural finishes, would look good on any design as long as it has the right concept applied.
The mid-century modern idea has also depicted the use of wood finishes in its implementation. Bright color and space with little accessories leave simplicity, producing a timeless look.

Lastly, Number 1. Combine Earth Tones and a Splash of Vivid Color

1.Combine Earth Tones and a Splash of Vivid Color via Simphome.comEarthy tones are natural. They make a perfect cover in this room. Airy and levitating, this space shows many aspects collected from the mid-century modern design. The charm that this room gives is what makes it feel so alive.
A wide wooden panel leaves a warm feeling when combined with the sheer comfort derives from the bed and chairs. It looks spacious with plenty of natural light coming from the window.

If you feel like decorating your bedroom with the same theme, We are confident the ten mid-century modern bedroom décor ideas would be an excellent choice to start with.


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