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10 Unique DIY Bedroom Dresser Makeover

Everybody has at least one old dresser at home which perhaps is already dusty and ugly. Due to its durability and usually monotone style and colour, many people pay no attention to their dressers. However, since you are here, it means you are looking for a way to makeover your dresser and give it a much better look, so here are 10 Unique DIY Bedroom Dresser Makeover we’ve prepared for you.

Same as previous drawer or closet makeover ideas published in this blog, this list is presented for you by Simphome. 10 Unique DIY Bedroom Dresser Makeover Featured Image Pinterest
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10. A Lego Themed Dresser makeover idea | DIYprojects Ideas2live4 Lego Themed 3Give your dresser a totally different look with this Lego themed idea. It is quick and easy to make. Basically, you just need to take off the dresser handles then screw some pieces of one-inch thick dowels forming A Lego circle legs. Next, paint the drawers with the different colours of Legos. Once it’s dried, it’s done. Lego Themed 2
Besides to give a similar look to a Lego, the dowels serve as the drawer knobs so you do not to add more handles. The colourful drawers will also bring cheerful to the room which has the tendency of being monochromatic. Lego Themed 1

9. Wallpaper your Dresser | BHG Wallpaper the Dresser

Are you looking for an easy way to revive your tired dresser? Well, besides painting, you can use wallpapers. It is inexpensive and offers various patterns and textures that you can choose to beautify the dresser as well as the room.
Before installing the wallpaper onto the drawers, make sure the surface is flat and clean. Next, cut the wallpaper in the drawer size then attach it carefully while making sure there’s no air bubble left. For better result, repaint the dresser to match the wallpaper.

8. Half Bench Dresser Project idea | Grillo-designs . Half Bench Dresser

Wouldn’t it be better to have a bench and dresser in a single furnishing? Now you can make it happen just with a little modification to your dresser.
First, take all the drawers out then cut out the top. Follow the drawer size to decide the size of the bench you desire. Take the top cut and use it as the bench seat. One thing, You probably need to add more supports to make sure the seat is sturdy.
Next, using 1x4s, cover all the uncovered sides of the bench. The last, paint it with colour you please for fresh look.

7. Switch your Drawer Pulls with Rope | Meandjilly Switch the Drawer Pulls with Rope 1
If you love to add an ancient look to your room, try changing the drawer pulls with ropes. It is indeed a simple makeover but will give texture and unusual view. It is combined with stained wood dresser which accentuates the natural touch and ambiance. Switch the Drawer Pulls with Rope 2
The distressed paint also gives rustic look that you can beautifully share in social media.

6. Use Baskets Instead of Drawers | Onecrazyhouse Baskets Instead of DrawersDo you have an old dresser without drawers? Or the drawers are just too exhausted to work as it used to? Replace the drawers with a series of baskets instead. This is a clever idea that might help you to revive the storage space as well as giving a new look and texture. You can replace all the drawers with baskets or just replace some which are no longer in a good condition.

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5. Build Waterfall-Style into Subway-Car-Look Dresser | Searosecottage Waterfall Style into Subway Car Look DresserAt first sight, nobody would have guessed that this is actually a dresser. Inspired by Boston Subway Car, this waterfall style dresser was transformed into a cute subway-car, yet it won’t be able to take passengers because it functions exactly like another dresser.
This dresser makeover is not as difficult as you might think because all you need to do is to paint it. For the base colour, white is used on the top till the middle and gray from the middle to the bottom. Next, make the body of the busway using green colour. Last, don’t forget to create the mirror and some details that you can add as you please.

4. Stencil the Dresser with Raised Texture | Arayofsunlight Stencil the Dresser with Raised TextureIf you are wishing to turn your flat dresser into something unique with texture, this stencil makeover idea is for you. With textured powder, stencil, and some paint, you can make the texture which just looks like the part of the drawers. It tricks your eyes as if the textured was carved.
Begin with mixing the powder texture with a dark paint colour. Next, grab your stencil, put it in front of the drawer, and spread the mixing powder over the stencil. Repeat it until all the front drawers are covered. Leave it overnight or till it’s totally dry then paint it. After the paint dried, grab sandpaper and lightly sand the stencil texture so the texture will pop up. The dark colour of the stencil will create a wooden-like look when the paint is distressed.

3. Décor your dresser with Cracked Mirror | Marcandmandy Use Cracked MirrorWhat would you do if you accidentally break the mirror? Without thinking twice, you probably would collect the pieces then throw them into the trash can, wouldn’t you?. Whereas you can use the broken pieces to give your dresser a new look. They will create unorganized mosaic pattern which will give unusual look to it.
The method is, first, spray the dresser with silver paint and let it dry. Next, glue each piece of the mirror onto the face of the drawers. This however is dangerous, so make sure to use glove for the sake of your safety.

2. Have Fun with Chalkboard Paint | Sewwoodsy Have Fun with Chalkboard Paint 1If you often get mad when your kid makes an art on the wall or somewhere they shouldn’t, you must steal this awesome idea. Using chalkboard paint as the front layer of the drawers allows your kid to express their mind and feeling through writing or drawing. They surely will love this. Have Fun with Chalkboard Paint 2So first, you need to give the outdated dresser a light sanding. Remove the drawers and paint its front with chalkboard paint. Next, move to paint the dresser with a colour which contrasts the chalkboard paint. It will take time for the paint to dry but once it dried, the kids will be so excited to write on it.

Lastly number 1. Make Textured Ombre | BHG Make Textured OmbreOmbre colour is always pleasant to look at but it has been too usual. Thus, in order to make it less usual and add more interest, you need to add some texture to it, just like this one.
Like to get another ombre colour, the area is firstly divided into three sections. The very top will be the lightest shade while the bottom will be the darkest. The middle will be the transition, so you need to mix the two shades together.
Next, cut some woods into square and rectangle with different thickness to create the blocks. Last, paint them the same shades of the dresser then attach them to the dresser.

Thus are 10 Unique DIY Bedroom Dresser Makeover you can copy. Choose the style you love and match the colour with the design of your room. Good luck!

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