10 Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Laundry room is one of the places that you often overlook. You might think it is not as important as the other rooms since you only come to it to do your laundry. Just because you don’t linger in the laundry room, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the mess.
How can you do the chore comfortably if your tiny laundry room is like a disaster area?
The first thing you need to do to get the ultimate comfort when doing your laundry is by organizing it.

Fortunately, I’ve summed up 10 small laundry room organization ideas that will hold the mess at bay.
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10. DIY Ladder Drying Rack
10 DIY Ladder Drying Rack via simphomeIt is important to keep the floorspace clean when it comes to a laundry room with limited space. Therefore, a common drying rack that takes up a lot of floorspace is not the best option. Opt for a hanging drying rack instead. Or you can make it yourself by repurposing a ladder.
To make this drying rack, you’re gonna need to get your old ladder, and cut it if needed. Sand the ladder thoroughly so you can apply the paint. While waiting for the paint to dry, you can begin installing the ceiling anchors.

If you’re not gonna attach the hardware into a stud, you’re gonna need to install drywall anchors by pre-drilling holes using ½” bit, tap the anchors, and screw the eye bolts into them. Now you can install eye bolts to the ladder, and add chains that suspend the ladder from the anchors.

9. Make Use of Containers
9 Make Use of Containers via simphomeWhat makes your laundry room look messy is you simply throw the soaps and stuff on the shelves carelessly. Try organizing the shelves in your laundry room so they will not only tidy but also visually pleasing.

You can achieve this goal by grouping things in some containers. Instead of simply putting your towels on the shelf, you can try putting them in a wicker basket which will incorporate decorative elements into your laundry room. Place the detergent and other laundry essentials in some clear jars and put on label on each jar.

8. Use the Space Behind the Door
8 Use the Space Behind the Door via simphomeThe door in your laundry room is not merely an entrance. It can be a perfect storage solution for your small laundry room.
The best way to use the space behind your laundry room door is by installing a few racks that host the cleaning essentials. You can also use over-the-door shoe organizer in place of wire or wooden racks for an instant and easy storage solution.

7. Use Every Nook and Cranny
7 Use Every Nook and Cranny via simphomeThe basic rule of a small room organization is using every single space you have, which means every nook and cranny counts. Now look around your laundry room to find more space that you can use to store things like the gap between the washer and wall.
You might think that this awkward space can’t do anything. Well, the truth is it can help you get things organized and hide the clutter out of your sight.
To perfect this idea, you will need to make a pull-out rack that fits snugly into this space. The first thing you need to do is measuring the space, so you can have your wood cut to size. Then, you can assemble the pieces and add four casters that allow you to pull the rack out easily.

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6. Invest in Multipurpose Cabinets
6 Invest in Multipurpose Cabinets via simphomeThis super small laundry room has turned into a cozy place to do the laundry thanks to this multipurpose cabinet. It fits snugly into this less-than-5-feet room.
This cabinet allows you to have all the things you need to do the laundry despite the limited space. It can also accommodate a washer and dryer at once without compromising the valuable space. It also features adequate storage space that you can use to store laundry essentials. And the most amazing thing about it is the pull-out ironing board.

It may be hard to find this cabinet in a home improvement store. Therefore, you’d better make it yourself. However, if carpentry is not your thing, you can always have it made.

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5. Get Cute Soap Containers
5 Get Cute Soap Containers via simphomeDoing the laundry is a real chore. You need to make it a little bit fun by decorating your laundry room as you please. Instead of investing in a mere decoration, you can opt for something that can jazz your laundry room up as well as organizing things better just like these cute soap dispensers.
They are actually mason jar beverage dispensers that you can get from supermarket easily. The clear glass finish allows you to see what’s inside and lets soap and softener add a few tints of colours to your laundry room. Don’t forget to make cute labels to complement the jars and prevent you from adding the wrong laundry essential to the washer.

4. Stack Up Your Laundry Baskets
4 Stack Up Your Laundry Baskets via simphomeIf you like to put your laundry baskets on the floor which makes your laundry room look untidy, now it’s time for you to save more space by stacking up the baskets. This laundry basket dresser will help you to make this idea become more epic.
To make this space-saving dresser, you’re gonna need ¾” plywood, ¼” plywood, 12 feet of 1” x 2’s, 2” wood screws, wood glue, wood filler, and casters that enable this dresser to be movable.

3. DIY Stylish Drying Rack
3 DIY Stylish Drying Rack via simphomeIf your laundry room is tight in space and – unfortunately – you are tight in budget, the best way to overhaul your laundry room is by doing a DIY project just like this DIY drying rack.
This drying rack is made out of poplar boards, pre-cut birch, and dowel rods that are assembled together and attached to a board using a hinge. You will also need one or two bracketed hinges or chains that will keep the rack at the desired angle and a sash lock at the top of the rack to keep it stay close to the board.

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2. Make Your Own Cubes
2 Make Your Own Cubes via simphomeGetting some chic cubes in a store can be pricey. So, why don’t you make the cheaper ones? You can make some stylish cubes out of plastic baskets or wooden crates, and attach them on the wall.

It is such an easy DIY project that won’t take up a lot of time and money. But the result will never disappoint you.

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1. Crib Spring Drying Rack and Wall Décor
1 Crib Spring Drying Rack and Wall Décor via simphomeRepurposing unused items that you can find in your storage room will help you salt away some money, just like this old crib spring that has turned into a cool drying rack. You will only need to paint the crib spring and get four chains to hang it from the anchors on the ceiling. To sweeten the look, you can add a wall decor by re purposing old washboards.

So those are 10 brilliant organization ideas for your small laundry room. They will help you keep things organized without burning a hole in your pocket. Happy trying!

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