How to Prevent Stains or Damages to Your Clothes When Doing the Laundry

According to statistics, a single household annually spends about 4% of its household budget on clothes and related services. Thinking about this, you can definitely say clothes are one’s investment. Fortunately, you can cut costs and maintain the condition of your clothes if you know how to launder properly.

Here are some handy tips to prevent stains or damage to your clothes when doing laundry, whether at home or at the wash & fold services near Prospect Park.

Read the Clothes Wash Label

It is important to read the wash label at all times. Always pay attention to the labels as it guides you on washing the clothes properly. If it says dry clean only, ensure that you do that. The fastest way to damage your clothes is not following the wash label instructions.

Familiarize Washer and Dryer Setting

You have to be familiar with the washer and dryer settings to set the appropriate cycle length, speed, and water temperature for certain cloth fabrics. Shorter length cycles are better for delicate fabrics and less soiled clothes. Meanwhile, longer-length cycles are ideal for heavily soiled garments and bulky loads.

Meanwhile, cycle speed is the speed and force at which the laundry load is spun and stirred in cycles. You have to set the washer and dryer to a delicate cycle for clothes with embellishments and delicate fabrics. Meanwhile, if the clothes wrinkles easily, the best choice is to set the load cycle on a permanent press.

Use Cold Water More Often

Coldwater is the most preferred option. It is good for the clothes and the environment as well.

Today, using cold water is suitable as the washer design and laundry detergent formulation advances. Moreover, cold water helps laundry services and households conserve energy.

However, this tip is an exemption from some stains. There are stains that should be handled with warm water. It is best to read more about how to manage stains on clothes.

Apply the Right Dryer Setting

You have to set the dryer setting to the appropriate one for the loaded clothes. The ideal dryer setting for your regular clothes is the permanent press. Permanent press only releases medium-heat, which is not damaging to your regular clothes. It even reduces wrinkling.

However, if you are washing delicate clothes, you should use the tumble dry or delicate setting. It prevents your clothes from shrinking.

Close Zippers and Clips

Culprits for scratching and ripping on clothes are clips and zippers. Before throwing your clothes or bras in the washer, ensure any zippers or clips are closed. Loose zippers and unclipped bras will not only damage the clothes it can scratch the drum and door of the washer.

Final Thoughts

It is a waste of investment if your clothes are stained or damaged. Remember these tips unless you are a seasoned laundry expert or rely on laundry delivery service. Paying attention to your clothes when doing laundry prevents stains or damage.

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