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When Is It Time to Change Your Home Appliances?

There is no universal duration all major appliances will last for. In general, you can expect most to last around 10 to 15 years or so. Take a closer look at the details for each major home appliance and consider purchasing a home appliance home warranty.


While your dryer can last you 13-15 years, your washer won’t last as long, generally breaking down at around a decade old. If your washer is dying and you got both at the same time before, it may be wise to replace both the washer and dryer together now.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Washing Machine

  • It is excessively loud during cycles.
  • It is leaking water on your floor.
  • Water doesn’t fill the drum.
  • There is excessive movement and shaking during cycles.

Clothes Dryers

The washer and dryer receive a lot of traffic in a week, especially in larger households. Because of this, the average life span is about 13 years or so. Be warned against keeping a dryer too old or one that is defective or broken, as both could be a source of house fires.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Dryer

  • Clothing is damp when it comes out.
  • There is a burning smell.
  • It produces excessive noise when in the cycle.


Almost every kitchen has a dishwasher these days, and often, the right models can reduce water usage. Their life span will depend on how heavily used they are. They last about a decade or less, particularly in households with a lot of people.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Dishwasher

  • Excessive noise during the cycle
  • Signs of rust
  • No longer getting hot water
  • Standing water after a cycle or leaking water
  • Dirty or spotty dishes after a cycle
  • Unsightly damage


Most refrigerators last as long as 13 years. Because of how critical your fridge is, you may want to get a jump on repairs or replacements when it starts to show signs of wearing down.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Refrigerator

  • Lots of noise
  • The back is hot when you touch it.
  • Visible condensation on the inside or outside
  • Food spoiling before the expiration
  • Excessive frost

It can be hard to ignore spoiling food. At the first sign, you should consider your options.

Repairmen can run into the mid-hundreds, and replacing this home appliance can be between a thousand and several thousand dollars. When getting a new fridge, remember to select an energy-efficient model, so you can save yourself money on electric bills.

Because of the cost of repairs, most people who notice these warning signs on a fridge that is over a decade old will start to seriously consider replacing it.

Oven Ranges

Another appliance that gets a lot of use in the home is your oven. The oven can last nearly 15 years, depending on how much use and abuse it receives. A new stove will cost around $700 to a few thousand dollars with additional installation fees.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Range

  • There are cracks in the top.
  • It is not heating well.
  • Control panel is not working well.
  • Thermostat or heating element is broken.

There are some repairs that are worth doing to an oven, while others will cost you nearly the price to replace the appliance. For this reason, many people choose to replace their range rather than get it fixed.

Other Things to Consider

The general rule many abide by is that if an appliance is in need of repair or replacement about halfway through its life span and the repairs cost more than half of the price to replace it, then getting a new one is the better option.

Remember to read your warranty plans carefully. Some places offer extended warranties, and there are times you will want to consider this, particularly in larger households. Higher-end appliances are good candidates for extended warranties. After all, warranties can pay for costly repairs that extend the life of your home appliance, or they may even pay for a replacement in certain circumstances.

Do not wait until your appliance is dying to replace it. If it is very old, it may not be running as well and is costing you more money. Or worse, it may be placing you and your loved ones in danger.

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