10 Modern Laundry Room Ideas

Designing a house must completely cover the overall space. If you plan to carve out a modern style, you must thoroughly think about the layout and functionality, including the laundry room.
In this regards, a modern laundry room will turn the space into a clean and fresh looking zone. Here are the 10 modern laundry room ideas you can pick up to adopt. They will undoubtedly spring up your mind with inspiration and new perceptions. For more detail, follow the we provide exclusively for you inside the reference if necessary.

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10. Clothes and Pet Cleaning Laundry Room

10. Clothes and Pet Cleaning Laundry Room by simphome.comIf you live with pets, it will be useful to provide a laundry room that enables you to provide pet cleaning. It is an innovative idea to optimize your space effectively and efficiently.
This laundry room is usually painted gray and white, along with a washer stacked on its dryer. It allows you to save space. Furthermore, you can also provide a bed for your dog to lie on while it accompanies you to complete the laundry task.

9. Old Fashioned Meets Modern Laundry Room Idea

9. Old Fashioned Meets Modern Laundry Room Idea via .jpgMaximize your laundry room by adding cabinets just above the machine. Replace the shaker doors with curtains, making the space look like standard windows.
On one side of the wall, built-in shelves incorporate more storage solutions. They hold wicker baskets to store linen and other laundry stuff.
Top your washer and dryer with a wooden countertop that offers you ample space to work and to store other laundry essentials.

8. Conceal the Laundry Room

8. Conceal the Laundry Room by simphome.comNow you see it. Later, you will not find it, thanks to the sliding doos that hide it away. The door has the same color as the wall, and they stay flush, allowing it to conceal what behind it perfectly.
The closet in this room has ample space to hang clothes for drying. In other words, you do not have to worry about the rain that may ruin your laundry anymore.

7. Subway Tile Backsplash Accent Laundry Room

7. Subway Tile Backsplash Accent Laundry Room by simphome.comIf you want to have a fashionable and fun laundry room, try to use subway tiles as the backsplash.
It is one of the most favorite ideas for laundry spaces designed with all the textures surrounding them. Add wall-mounted shelves to store either your fresh laundered linen or laundry essentials. To get more storage for your dirty clothes, two wicker baskets would be sufficient.

Furthermore, to infuse a farmhouse style into the room, choose white subway tiles.

6. Add warmth to the laundry room with the right color palette

6. Add warmth to the laundry room with the right color palette by

What if you want to add such warmth to your laundry room? No worries. It is always possible to make your dream come true. This laundry room idea, for example, will be suitable for any modern house style because it offers clutter free perception and a sleek look.
While the laundry room’s white color represents its modern design, a white color palette will give a fresh and clean look to space. Other color options to consider are black and grey.
To make space look a bit sterile, use wicker baskets, wooden backsplash, wooden cabinets, and even small pots.

5. Soda Pop Design Idea

5. Soda Pop Design by simphome.comSoda Pop Design can be started by adding turquoise cabinets to let the space to feel fresh and clean. To complete it, pair the cabinets with modern brass hardware and a black-white patterned tile floor. Further, adding cubbies for the dogs or cat. This last suggestion is optional and if you can’t have any pets, you can repurpose the space for your detergent boxes or small plants.

4. Cadieux Design Idea

4. Cadieux Design by simphome.comCadieux design is in the list of modern laundry room ideas due to its authenticity. functionality, style, and simplicity. It is pretty simple to come up with this idea.
Firstly, go with the small white hexagon tiles to pop the bold blue cabinets. Later, add a black, white, and grey wallpaper on the far end to add a geometric element and brass accents to finish the space off. For more detail, go to

3. Fun and Modern Looking Laundry room

3. Fun and Modern Looking Laundry room by simphome.comHaving an efficient laundry room is everyone’s dream, especially for those who live in modern houses. First, You can start by adding some functional cabinets above the machine and the backsplash. By doing this, you can take advantage of the height in your space. Build storage right from the floor to the ceiling.
Later, add the touch of modern flair to the cabinet by removing the handles and knobs from the
doors. By doing this, you will gain an ultimate sleeker interior look.

Style your lighting and window treatments:
to carve out the modern effect, keep the lighting simple by installing the light fixtures fitted inside of the ceiling and hiding all of the parts. Next, choose modern window options, such as hookless curtains, shutters, and blinds. Later, look over the washing machine. Select one that is easy to load and unload.
Last, if you have a separate laundry room, where it does not blend in with your bathroom, it would be better if you store everything inside the cabinet. With this idea, you can manage your limited space better and you can hide it away too when you do not want to use it.

2. DIY Modern Laundry Room Reveal with Semihandmade

2. DIY Modern Laundry Room Reveal with Semihandmade by simphome.comHere we also have a semi handmade DIY modern laundry room. There are three tips to create this space. Those are enclosing the water heater and furnace, creating a folding surface and sink area, adding storages, and making a separate closet for more oversized items like bikes, winter tires, skis, etc.
Begin this DIY modern laundry room by stacking the washer and dryer against the wall. Build custom cabinetry along with the sink to the left side. Extend the old wall behind the washer and dryer and pull the sink toward a couple of feet. Add the gray-green tiles along with the wood cabinetry to make the space feel more modern, warmer, more straightforward, and of course, cleaner.

Lastly, Number 1.Modern Laundry Room In Basement

1.Modern Laundry Room In Basement by simphome.comJust because it is in a basement doesn’t mean you that can abandon the space to become tedious, uninteresting, and hunted. With a handful amount of dedication, you can have a basement laundry room that is secure and sound.

By following the link we already provided, you can access new space for folding, sorting, ironing, your laundry, or garment without anyone’s intervention. if you want, you can also slap it with coastal style too.  Simply add a clean carpet and paint the wall blue beside the necessary bright lightings you need to have in the room.

Overall, these 10 modern laundry room ideas are indeed a dream of everybody. If you plan to make it or take it for your own, remember to always keep it simple, realistic with your budget, but remains functional.



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