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10 Unique and Clever Closet Door Ideas

Closet doors are the final frontier in the house. They provide a glimpse into what you have in your closet, allowing for some unique designs. This list has ten of my favorite clever, unique, and fancy ideas to liven up your wardrobe.

Uniquely designed closet doors can be great additions to add personality to your space. Whether you are building your own closet door in a barn style or just adding a set of wooden doors, they can transform the room into a space that feels very special.

So, change things up through the following 10 unique and clever closet door ideas. Let’s get started and complete more than a dozen closet improvement ideas published in the channel; this list is also brought to you by Simphome.

The unique and awesome Closet Doors
10 Unique and Clever Closet Doors Poster

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10. Bifold Closet Door Ideas

The bi-fold closet door comes with a traditional design that consists of pairs of panels. These types of doors can instantly add some sort of style to your bedroom. More importantly, you can make them yourself, which is cheaper and more convenient.

To make bi-fold closet doors, you will need some boards or a pair of unfinished hardwood interior bi-fold doors. If you choose to make it from scratch, you will also need hinges. Do not forget to include poplar planks, wood filler, wood glue, paint, and hardware on your list.



  1. Measure the area where you wish to install the closet doors.
  2. Cut the panels that you will use for the doors. If there are too many, you can save some for future projects or replace damaged ones.
  3. Cut poplar planks into half to create runner boards and stiles, which are pieces of wood that frame door panels together. Glue them together with wood glue all around, including the edges and corners. Make sure that they are well-secured using clamps or tape to make sure that they dry well.
  4. After the doors are dry, fill any imperfections or holes with wood filler. When it is dry, sand it to have a smooth finish.
  5. Add the hinges to the door panels using screws and washers.
  6. Paint everything you have prepared to give your closet doors the look that you want.

9. A Sliding Closet Door Idea

A sliding door is a perfect option for limited footage. This type of door allows you to move it sideways rather than swinging outwards, which may take up more space.
If you happen to have a minute bedroom and want to free up some space, consider making a sliding door. It would be better if you had a soffit already.

However, if you do not have any, you can build it by connecting two 2x6s, then attaching them to the wall above the doorway. This way, you can hang your sliding closet door.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Purchase a pre-made sliding closet door from a hardware or home improvement store. Measure the opening where you will install the door, and buy a slightly larger one than that size. Alternately, you can buy a simple white-out panel and paint it with your preferred color to match the room’s color scheme.
  2. Frame your doorway using 2x6s or anything close to that size. If you have a soffit, it should be easier for you since you can just mount the sliding closet door above it. Otherwise, if not, you also need to create an additional ledge before securing the door to your wall studs above it.
  3. Use a level to make sure your door is flush with the ground. Also, make sure that it does not protrude from the wall.
  4. Attach the pre-made door to the type of sliding closet doors you have chosen using screws or nails. If they do not come with this feature, then you can use a hole saw to drill a hole on one end of your door and screw in a track for your sliding door hardware. Do this on both sides of your doorway so you can slide your door either left or right.

8. A Closet Door Idea With Mirrors

The addition of mirrors to your closet doors is advantageous for finding the perfect thing to wear without seizing extra space. There are three options to make up this idea.

  • First, hang one mirror in a corner.
  • Second, purchase mirrored glass doors to install as the closet doors, and third, mount your mirrors on your closet doors.

Before jumping into the idea, think about the size. Large mirror panels will look perfect on sliding doors, while the smaller ones will suit the bifold doors.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Measure the length of a mirror panel. The panels should be about 1/10th the width of a door.
  2. Using a dry-fit, locate your closet doors’ track and screws or anchoring plates, which are plates that your slides attach to.
  3. Drill pilot holes in each side of one of the anchor plates and screw in your curtain track using 3-inch screws or nails. In the same way, drill pilot holes on the other side’s plate and screw in a second curtain track just below it.
  4. Measure your closet doors’ width and subtract 1/10th from that measurement to get a measurement for your mirror panel.
  5. Cut your mirror panels down to that measurement.
  6. Glue and clamp them to the sides of your closet doors.

A Shoe Rack For Closet Door Idea:
It is a bonus. Depending on how you choose to install a shoe rack to your closet door, you can place the shoes inside or outside the closet door or simply add a rack above a closet door. When installing a shoe rack above a closet door, ensure that the slats are strong enough, so they do not break when too much weight is applied to them.

7. A Double Closet Door Idea

Doubling the closet doors is a good idea for roomy space. This way, the larger doors will make the closet space looks more impressive. There are some steps to install these kinds of doors.

  • First, mount the doors on hinges and join in the center.
  • Second, get the center handle and swing the door outward.
  • Third, provide enough space for the doors in front of the closet. Make sure they will not block the foot traffic.

If you have a home either in traditional design or in the modern one, this closet door will just work perfectly.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Purchase two single closet doors. If you want to put double closet doors, cut them in half and join the center using hinges.
  2. Measure the space, and determine what kind of closet doors you want to place on either side of your existing closet door.
  3. Connect the two closet doors by drilling your holes and adding hinges for one side of both pocket doors.
  4. The next step is to purchase and mount either a single or double closet door lever that will enable you to open and close the door quickly by pulling out one lever on either side of the doorjamb on both sides of the panel that connects both rooms.
  5. Next, mount the doors on hinges to the closet door frame. This step should be easy, depending on how you have already installed the doors in your home.
  6. The final step is how to open and close your new door. Mount a single or double closet door lever on either side of the jamb of the connecting panel and slide it onto either closet door to make it work.

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6. A Curtain Call Idea

Have you ever tried to use a curtain for a closet door? This closet door design is called a curtain call. White is usually a good color to choose to conceal your closet. It looks simple and can add a natural look yet a sweet feel for the bedroom.
Believe it or not, a curtain works fantastically to hide a cluttered closet as well as add extra space.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Once you have found a four-inch rod in your closet, drill holes in it for hanging your curtain. Use a clockwise turn for a curtain rod.
  2. Once you have made sure that the curtain is hung perfectly to the rod, use a curtain sheer to your closet door and pull it open. You can tuck the edges into the rods or at the ends of the rod for a clean look.
  3. To make sure that nothing gets caught in your curtain, add hooks to both sides of the rod where the ends are attached to supports at either end of it.
  4. The final step is to get double-sided hooks and attach them to the rod for hanging clothes. Then, use the hook to hang your dresses or other clothes on it.

This closet door design is fantastic because it only requires the use of a curtain. Why? The curtain will be used as your actual closet door if you want this kind of design in your home. From the outside, it looks like a regular curtain while inside. It works like a closet door that can hide all of your belongings. The only thing you need to do is get double-sided hooks so you can hang clothes on them whenever required.

5. The Welcoming Entrance

If you have a glitzy walk-in closet, try to add a pair of frosted glass doors to present a dramatic and welcoming entrance. When the closet doors are closed, they will keep your belongings discreet while still letting plenty of light pass through.
Look at the picture above! The things are stored well and covered by the doors. When you see it, it seems there is nothing inside.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Decide the dimensions of the opening. Dividing the closet into two will allow a couple of coats of a high gloss finish paint or stain to be applied evenly.
  2. Cover the hinge with several coats of matte finish spray paint, making sure to leave a gap at least 1 inch wide to allow for airflow.
  3. If your door is made from wood, apply a primer and let it dry for approximately one hour before painting or staining it as well as possible.
  4. Once dry, apply your desired color coat which you can find at any home improvement store.
  5. On the back of the door, measure 2-3 inches from each corner, depending on how large you want your squares to be.
  6. Screw the trim into place at each mark you have made.
  7. Apply high gloss spray paint or stain to give your creation that shiny finish!
  8. Play with light and shadow
    When it comes to an entryway, most of us want our closet doors to look grand and significant when they are open but modest and hidden when they are closed or when we enter our room.

4. The Barn Door Idea

Can you add both elegance and sophistication to your bedroom? Why not?
Barn doors are parts of the modern farm chic interior design of a house. Raise your space with a bamboo or bamboo barn door along with the gray finish that will work well. Pick up slide hardware to give the door or wall a suitable accent.

If you have minute space or even no space for the door to open whatsoever, barn doors are a great option to take. You can also add many décor styles ranging from traditional to rustic choices. To make the doors look more appealing, paint them in any color.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Paint the barn door to look like a sleek and elegant piece of art.
  2. Apply a gray finish to the wood part to make it look polished and sophisticated.
  3. Add hardware to sliding barn doors for easy opening and closing operation.
  4. Display large mirrors to make the closet look bigger and brighter than before!
  5. Use strong and durable doors to create enough space for your things.
  6. Install large and magnifying mirrors to help you see your things more manageable.

3. The Cute Closet Doors

The cute closet door comes into existence to suit the taste of both children and adults. This model offers an extra benefit: the functionality of a message board where you and your children can explore your creativity.
You have several things to consider when creating such cute closet doors like the one you see in the picture.

  • First, trim out the sliding doors in pink to match the color tones of your pinky bedroom. Paint the doors yourself so that the room will look bolder.
  • Second, allow your children to have fun by writing their to-do lists, taking notes, and drawing on the boards.
  • Third, paint the closet doors the colors of your choice. You can also use stencils to create some designs.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Paint a pinky wardrobe.
  2. Attach a mirror to the door for a more fashionable entrance.
  3. Install a small bulletin board on the inside of the closet doors for your children to use as art supplies and writing space.
  4. Allow your children to decorate the messaging boards as they wish and enjoy themselves as they create their own personalized set of drawers, cubbies, and shelves!
  5. To keep the room clean, remove storage items immediately before your child uses them!
  6. Choose a style that’s fun and allows your child to create their drawer system.
    The last one is the most simple and easy to make, but still handy storage space. For such a set of doors, you can go with doors already mounted in your closet and just paint the exterior with the color you like.
  7. Choose a door that has no handles or handles that will not obstruct your view when you’re using it. You will preserve the look and feel of this set of closet doors by applying a coat of primer paint before painting it.

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2. The Closet Door Idea with Decoration

To refresh the style of your space, adding decoration can be a great idea to try. This picture shows accordion doors designed modernly by the translucent light along with white frosted squares.
Though this feature lets the light be more mesmerizing, it keeps providing visual privacy.
If you are interested in this type of closet door, opt for real wood faces, heavy-duty hardware, and back-door hinges because they are the elements that make your closet doors more durable.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Measure the doors and the door jambs.
  2. Cut a sheet of 1-inch thick MDF, and place it over the door opening, flush against the wall.
  3. Mark a line across each side of the MDF to make a cut mark from the front top to the back bottom of your desired finished door height.
  4. Cut along those long lines with a jigsaw or circular saw, remove excess material from around the marks with sandpaper, and clean up all edges with sandpaper as well.
  5. Remove the sawdust and primer with a damp cloth.
  6. Paint it white and let it dry completely overnight.
  7. With a utility knife, score the MDF with a simple cut down either side of the door opening about an inch from each end of the opening, and then pull off any extra material that may be sticking out past each mark.
  8. Apply wood filler to the area and let it dry overnight before continuing to glue up your doors using Wood Glue and Wood Stain, following this tutorial:
  9. Sand the whole thing down with 220-grit sandpaper.
  10. Apply several coats of paint, including paint to stain to create a distressed look, follow the tutorial’s instructions, and then apply a polyurethane topcoat for durability.

Lastly, Number 1. A Wood Sliding Closet Door Idea

A wood sliding closet door is just an excellent option. It is also one of the most popular closet doors since they can match most of the home’s interior. Look at the one flat wood panel square door presenting a classic appearance.

The doors are made from African mahogany that offers a natural dark brown color. But you can also choose other wood types as you wish. No doubt, wooden sliding closet doors come with various attractive wood materials.
However, you should update wooden doors regularly to refresh their look because woods can be outdated and old. Simply painting and varnishing them will be enough.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Measure the door width and height.
  2. Cut a sheet of 1-inch thick MDF using a circular saw to cut down two sides of MDF, one side for the bottom panel and the other side for the top panel.
  3. Put a piece of wood under it to ensure that your door won’t fall when you sit on it from time to time. It is instrumental but dangerous if you can not sit on it from time to time while you are working in your home.
  4. Draw a line along the longer side of your door panels and cut along that line with a jigsaw or circular saw using a guide rail to avoid any accidents for your best interest
  5. Sand the door panels so that they are even with each other, and put them inside the closet’s opening slots.
  6. Fasten the screws to secure the door panel into place.
  7. Now, you can apply some wood filler under it or put some boards on it to make your wooden door stronger and prevent it from falling anytime soon.
  8. If you wish to stand up your sliding closet doors before painting, apply some paint on top of them but do not attach anything yet because doors are not entirely attached yet.
  9. Varnish your sliding closet doors, and you’re done.

What are the other doors you can choose?

There are many types of closet doors you can choose from, even though those ideas mentioned above are some of the most popular ones.

For instance, a sliding glass door closet is an excellent choice because it’s very lightweight and easy to slide. It’s also perfect for small spaces since it does not take up much space.
But make sure to use wood materials for this type of closet door or buy some heavy-duty hardware to hold your sliding glass door closet safely. If not, you will have a hard time opening them when there’s something on the track.

Also, sliding barn doors are charming, although you might need to install tracks to place them in properly. You can also choose wooden sliding barn doors to create modern, sophisticated spaces using the designs in the picture. On the other hand, if you like unusual closet doors like folding panels or drawers, they can be great options for you.

However, folding panels are used in the closet and the living room because it takes less space and adds interest to your room.
As types of closet doors come in various options, make sure to choose one that suits well with your budget and space.


So, that’s it. All the best closet doors ideas are presented above. These are all creative and very inspiring for you to choose the right one among them. We hope you liked them all.
As you can see, most of these closet doors ideas are straightforward to realize. If you want to install these features in your house, try to think about which one looks good on your home design, then go for it!

Choose the best bathroom door that suits your taste and the purpose of having a new door in your home. The doors may be simple, but they still bring something new to minimalistic modern decorating styles while effectively using small spaces.
In the end,
Closet doors are the first thing that you may notice when you want to grab your outfit. They have to be functional and appealing. Thus, try these 10 unique and clever closet door ideas for a fresher and better look.



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